The best buildings are like this. We are deep in it, but we don’t know where nature ends and art begins.


“A leaf seeks the mountain” ——in the clear sweetness of a piece of tea, find the tranquility of the mountain forest



The project is located on the inner side of the commercial block in the old urban area. It is quiet in the noise, which is in line with the brand atmosphere as a tea space.

A quiet corner hidden in the city, with trees as the background and courtyards as the prelude, creates a landscape rhythmic shape and an organic tea garden in the city.

01 入口 Entrance


The project is located in hechai building protection zone, and the original buildings where the base is located are considered to be partially retained. Usually, when facing such buildings, we hope to reshape new architectural forms. However, history cannot be whitewashed. We have the responsibility to continue the history of a certain period of time, so that future people can see and feel the traces left by time at a certain stage, and experience the changes with the development of times and technology, The cultural connotation brought by the construction methods and aesthetic system in different periods. So what we need to do is continue, not destroy.


Based on the architectural design concept of “simplicity”, “lightness” and “thinness”, the overall architectural form is light, free, simple, flowing and harmonious with nature. Design seeks the harmony between man-made structures and existing structures in nature, helps people return to the original connection with nature, and liberates the shackles of the city on the human body.

02 院落 Courtyard


The design attempts to supplement the traditional architecture with modern methods and concepts, so as to create an unprecedented broad landscape in the site. For example, the facade of the building on the west side has been expanded, and the new floor glass covers the skin of the old building. The old history has been continued and new life has been obtained at the same time.


The new and the old, the history and the future, the inheritance and innovation, are all gradually integrated in this place and gradually experienced by people entering it.


In the preliminary survey stage of the design, we found two cedars facing the west at the junction of the new and old buildings, so we laid a Waterscape in front of the two cedars and put the entrance to the building here, finally forming a more interesting relationship. People are attracted by the new buildings and then go to the old buildings. For example, two cedar trees about the same age as the old buildings become the end view, and then enter the new buildings through the bottom of the rotating stairs, thus creating a very interesting behavior experience.

03 大厅 Hall


The top of the curve looks like an unfolded petal, free and light. The round steel column is both a structure and decoration. It is arranged on both sides with dense rooms, as if the outdoor woods are abstractly introduced into the interior, which is natural and interesting.

04 楼梯 Stair


The spiral staircase is like a portal between the old and new worlds, cleverly placed at thejunction of the old and the new.

05 卡座区 Card seat area


The top shape of the curve is like an unfolded petal, free and light. The circular steel column is both a structure and decoration. It is densely arranged on both sides, and it seems to introduce the outdoor woods into the interior abstractly, which is natural and interesting. The light glass facade and outdoor green shade, rhythmic columns and changing light and shadow on one side, each detail of the design is rooted in the natural context, so as to form a suitable design language on the ground.


The construction of green plant walls and the toilet area supported by white steel columns, the free flow of water, everything is so natural


“Freedom” is not a goal, but a means. The so-called freedom is to create more diverse buildings as much as possible, and change buildings into new landscapes with the help of the grasp of environment, nature and scale, so as to discover a new world.

06 平面图 Plan


The plane layout uses the waterscape space at the entrance to introduce the flow of people indoors, and then transition from the front hall to the hall. The indoor and outdoor levels and relations are too natural. The vertical traffic mainly connects the flow of people from the first floor to the second floor and the viewing platform at the top with the help of white rotating stairs.






项目地点:安徽 合肥 合柴







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