With the development of the brand, SEVENBUS’s footprint has spread all over the country. This time we are sharing the city flagship store of SEVENBUS Changsha, which is a new attempt and exploration for the brand.


▲打卡区,Photo zone

▲打卡区分析图,Photograph area analysis chart


Changsha has become China’s Internet celebrity city in recent years. When you walk to the streets of Changsha, you can always feel that the city is full of fireworks. Lively and enthusiasm is our first impression of Changsha. In such a city full of life, we are thinking that SEVENBUS should also have a different look to adapt to it.




In this design, we did not continue to use the space of the train theme. Over the years, SEVENBUS has always given people the impression of a young, fashionable and trendy brand tone. Combining with the urban culture, we hope to truly release this tone once. We decided to use street fashion cultural elements to create a space full of trends and fun.

▲座位区,Seating area


At the entrance, we added a wall to retain the original texture of the building. The rolling shutter doors and window openings have a sense of street substitution, and the surrounding transfer boxes also enhance the atmosphere. But this is not a restoration of a scene, but with the help of this foundation, we want to convey the youthful space culture, rolling LED screen, a storage box with the symbol of “Changsha” bundled, metal frame, transparent The brand vision behind the board and other content with a youthful attitude are embedded in such a street scene. It has formed a new landmark in Changsha where countless young people punch in and take pictures.

▲局部空间,Local space

▲座位区分析图,Seat area analysis chart


Entering the space, we broke the traditional seat, but made four square blocks in the space, thus forming a free movement line extending in all directions. Guests can also stay and sit in any place more freely. The top of the space and the bar fa?ade use a linked LED screen to scroll the brand symbols, which also deepens the sense of technology and fashion in the space.

▲周边展示,Derivative product display

▲空间细节,Spatial details


This design attempt is just the beginning for the brand, and SEVENBUS will bring you more possibilities in the future!

▲轴测图,Axonometric drawing