BLU HALF TAI O is a high-end Hot Pot restaurant focus on seafood, the project is located in the centre of Guang Zhou CBD area, surrounding around offices and businesses. Every commercial systems make time shows its tension here, tho the project orient as a business reception place. Designers hope to achieve emotional atmosphere in the space through rational planning, let customers release mood, enjoy delicate and leisure time.





The project divided into two levels, the overall planning follows the operation of restaurant, taking care of customers experience and ingredients. The floor designed to be Dine-in area and kitchen: the seafood pool set up at the entrance of restaurant, one side face to the doorway, the other one create a space let customers select ingredients at the internal conveniently. From the motion trend design, customers could be attractive from outside, and be able to find out the fresh ingredients at seafood pool and bar area immediately; kitchen connecting with the open kitchen, which mainly operates the processing of seafood, integrated with Dine-in area, make it easy for customer to see; follow the side way enter into the staircase, go to the second floor, its function is private boxes. According to the relationship of brand and restaurant orientation with seafood, we hope to connect the taste of seafood hotpot with experience of sea sedimentation by interior design. Making good use of the sense of space of two floors to achieve the design effect from”Sinking into the sea” to “Revealing the water”.



The theme of Half a sea needs to be felt by both the conscious and the physical senses. The large area of the first floor is given priority to with blue. Blue is quiet, water is ethereal and lithesome, a variety of blue in different materials and functions, combined with mild western-style delicate ornament, take customers to the mysterious seafloor of Atlantis, also the sunny day of San Torini. Let space immersed in rich layers of imagination.



The stainless steel modeling in irregular smallpox of wave, color process of changing color with blue, purple and green, with the absorption of backlight and dimensional color, create a dreamy Marine feeling. Walking among them is just like entered into the depths of the sea by chance, abstruse and luxuriant, present a kind of pure and naive aesthetic feeling.




The design of stairs extend to the depth of second floor passageway. Going gradually gradually far, the interior design gimmick has a slight change: the reflex relation between the stainless steel pipes with large area derailment and corrugated stainless steel smallpox, make the space appears another kind of wonderful undersea feeling, as if swim into a kelp forest; under the dim light, the undersea forest matched with delicate antique furnishings, just like the ancient ocean legend scene.





Open the door of box, exhaled a long breath, bright contrast emerges from the water: style of boxes is mainly simple and comfortable. The transparent floor-to-celling windows, the matching og furniture and brass decorations, antique tableware ans so one, together with the cob wall, all showing the ocean texture; The hierarchy of the whole space makes the experience of boxes seem either realistic or confusing, whether it`s back to the surface or another mystery.



The design of brand refined another strong contrast color: Orange Red. From the branding side, it means part of raw fish and cooked seafood, in order to supplement the enthusiasm and vitality which the sea blue lack of; and space uses this kind of orange red in the local elevation, furniture and props, contrast with blue, make the passion experience of space, rise to a kind of long sunset mood.





BLU HALF TAI O is like a mentioned but vaguely sea area. People‘s feeling to it is concrete: seawater, wave, seafood, tide. It’s also abstract: retro, futuristic, western, or boundlessness. We stripped away the usual experience of the sea, create an original imagination space of the sea, thus rise it to the aesthetic dimension.




项目地点:中国 广州











Project information——

Project Name: BLU HALF TAI O Seafood Hot Pot

Location: Guangzhou, China

Design Area: 450 Square meters

Start from: 2018.08

Launch Time: 2019.01

Design Group: DDDBrand Design Co.,Ltd.

Interior Design Director: Huang Xudong

Visual Design Director: Chen Cengrui

Brand Major Planner: Pancy Ho

Design Group: Jiang Rui, Chen Jiaming, Wei Xiaodong, Ji Jiale, Huang Yijian, Lin Yinbo, Chen Zhiru

Photography Copyright: Popo Chen, YanPeng Chen, Kim Huang, Angel

Main Materials: Stainless Steel, Marble, Craft Glass, Craft Paint, Cob Paint