Buha|i|rest is the latest gastronomic hot spot located in a historical part of Budapest. It advertises itself as a stylish concept bar and a lounge for luxury dining. During the 20th century, the building had been the home to a textile manufacturer. The 1148-square-foot (350-square-metre) speakeasy is divided into a bar and more intimate lounge space.

“客户想要一个现代的空间,并搭配皮埃尔·詹内特(Pierre Jeanneret)在上一个项目中留下的老式椅子”、“带有戏剧性、Ins风和亲切的氛围。”

“The client wanted an ultra-modern space juxtaposed with a vintage chairs Pierre Jeanneret, which he left from the last project”. “With dramatic feelings, Instagram views and a friendly atmosphere.”


Most of the concrete arches and ceiling have been left in their found state. The floor tiles are reclaimed and materials are sustainably sourced. Clay-coloured leather cushions have been used to dress the bench seats. Throughout the restaurant, used the materials hand-glazed tiles, terracotta decorative plaster, and marble for wall and bar.


The surprise in this space is the huge sculpture of KAWS “Small Lie”, which is a great find for Instagram photos. Modular sculpture in the sofa area is handmade by local craftsmen inspired by Alexander Calder.





设计师:Roman Plyus


项目面积:350.0 m²


摄影:Roman Plyus