Johannes Torpe工作室为Palæo设计了一个健康快餐连锁店,位于哥本哈根。他们从旧石器时代简单的饮食和生活方式中获得灵感,用皮革木材羊毛等原材料设计了一个空间,以便于将来扩张到其他地方。

Johannes Torpe Studios created the new design for Palæo, a healthy fast food chain in Copenhagen. Taking inspiration from the simplicity of the paleo diet and lifestyle, they designed a space using raw materials, like leather, wood, and wool, making it easy to expand to other locations in the future.

Palæo——Primal Gastronomi提供健康的快餐,专注于未加工的新鲜农产品,因此他们想要确保餐厅可以温暖和欢迎所有的客户,唤起丹麦人的“hygge”感(丹麦语,意思是通过环境和社交场合实现的舒适感)。设计分为座位区和更舒适的休息区,以满足客户的需求。

Palæo – Primal Gastronomi serves healthy fast food, focusing on fresh and unprocessed produce, so they wanted to ensure that the space would be warm and welcoming for all of their customers, evoking a sense of Danish hygge (Danish expression meaning cosiness achieved through environments and social situations). The design is separated into seating area, as well as cozier lounge areas to meet their customer needs.


With their goal of creating the feeling of hygge, they used a muted color palette and natural materials like leather, wool, stone, wood, and brass, which merge together to form a cohesive, comfortable feel. With the toned down scheme, it allows the colors of the fresh foods to take the stage.


Behind the bar, different workstations were created to signify the various stages of food preparation.