Hive, Studio Gang’s 2017 Summer Block Party installation, has opened to the public at the National Building Museum in Washington, D.C. Constructed from 2,551 silver-and-magenta wound paper tubes, Hive invites visitors to explore their senses in a series of dome-shaped chambers, each scaled to reflect a unique sound signature.

蜂巢是Studio Gang’s在2017年Summer Block Party中展出的的艺术装置,目前已经在华盛顿国家建筑博物馆向公众开放。此装置是由银色与洋红色纸管构造而成,蜂巢向游客发出邀请,希望他们在一系列的圆顶室内有不同的体验感,每一次结构形状的聚拢都是为了体现出独特的声音特性。


Utilizing structural paper tubes commonly used in construction as concrete formwork, Hive takes its form from the catenary physics that have inspired some of the world’s great structures such as the the Gateway Arch in St. Louis and Brunelleschi’s Dome at the Florence Cathedral in Italy, and vernacular buildings such as Musgum mud huts in Cameroon.

利用建筑常用的结构纸管作为混凝土模板,蜂巢是由激发了世界上一些伟大建筑结构(比如意大利的the Gateway Arch in St. Louis和Brunelleschi’s Dome at the Florence Cathedral以及喀麦隆的像vernacular buildings的Musgum mud huts)的悬链线物理学形成的。

The installation plays with scale in surprising ways, its colossal exterior presence giving way to enveloping intimacy inside. Sited within the expansive space of the museum’s Great Hall, the mountain-like forms can be inhabited from the ground level or viewed from above from upper-floor balconies. An oculus located at the peak of the three domes draws the visitor’s eye up toward the soaring ceilings of Great Hall, while the spiraling pattern of the stacked tubes creates a perspective bending optical illusion.



Inside, tubular instruments and chimes created by acoustic engineer John Tewksbury and percussionist Steve Bloom amplify sounds heard within the smaller chambers, resulting in a dynamic auditory experience.

声学工程师由约翰·特克斯伯里(John Tewksbury)和敲击乐手史蒂夫·布鲁姆(Steve Bloom)创建,管状乐器和钟声放大了小空间内听到的声音,从而产生了动态的听觉体验。

“Within the chambers, visitors are invited to explore how a structure can modify and reflect sound,” explain Studio Gang. “The whole structure acts acoustically like a clearing in a forest—some sounds are reflected back while others pass through the tubes, creating an intimate space within the large field of the Great Hall.”

Studio Gang解释说:“在会议厅内,邀请访客探索结构如何修改和反映声音。 “整个结构在声学上像在森林中的清理物一样起作用 – 一些声音在被贯穿通过的同时,其他的一些声音反射回来,在大会堂的大领域内创造了一个空间与声音紧密联系的空间。

Hive_at_the_National_Building_Museum._Photo_by_Tim_Schenck.tif_(2) Hive_at_the_National_Building_Museum._Photo_by_Tim_Schenck

The sensory journey continues into the visual; the outer surface of each surface is painted in a reflective silver, while the interiors feature a pop of pink inspired by the January’s Women’s March, which was the largest non-violent protest in U.S. history.


The installation will play host to a number of formal and informal events throughout the summer, including yoga classes, concerts, lectures and cocktail parties.


Daybreaker_at_the_National_Building_Museum._Photo_by_Tim_Schenck Daybreaker_at_the_National_Building_Museum._Photo_by_Tim_Schenck_(2) Daybreaker_at_the_National_Building_Museum._Photo_by_Tim_Schenck_(3)





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