This project is specifically for the pop-up shop of “JIHEZHIZAO” owned by the EVE GROUP. “JIHEZHIZAO” is the M2C online shopping platform exclusively created for the EVE GROUP, thus providing fair prices for consumers, while supporting the extraordinary Chinese clothing foundries meanwhile.

许多我们日常熟悉的国际大牌例如Maxmara、Chanel、Dior 等都在中国有代工厂。这些工厂具备精良的工艺水平和优质的面料,但却受困于层出不穷的创意市场迭代,而只能面临严酷的筛选,生存状况堪忧。在50、60年代一辈人的记忆中,中国曾经有许多老牌纺织厂、代工厂辉宏一时。但随着经济迅速发展不能适应市场的巨大变化走向倒闭。在那个辉煌的年代,在这些工厂工作意味着一家人的铁饭碗和荣耀。而工厂的裁员和关张,也意味着一家人的下岗失业。随一个厂走完一生在那个年代很平常,更有一些工厂承载着一家三代人的记忆。

Many of the well-known international brands, e.g. Max Mara, Chanel and Dior, have their foundries in China. Though these foundries have excellent craftsmanship and high quality, they face a lot of ordeals in the market with the endless creativities. Consequently, they can do nothing but to undergo the severe market competitions, and their businesses are struggling.For the generations in the 1950s and 1960s, many old textile mills and clothing  factories were splendid at that time. Nevertheless, with the rapid economic development, those failed to adapt to huge changes, and consequently went bankrupt. In that glorious era, these factories signified the source of family income and the pride. The layoffs and shutdowns had a huge impact on families. It was prevailing that some people spent their entire lives in one factory. Even for some families with three generations, every member worked in the same factories as well.


收到甲方的委托时“大牌品质,工厂价格”,这是我们得到的唯一设计线索。而我们希望经过商业梳理,透过设计的手法,在更好吸引客流的同时还能够帮助这些本土工厂的记忆重回大众的视线,并提出MADE IN CHINA四部曲。第一部, “中国制造” 。在过去,MADE IN CHINA在世界的印象中仅仅意味着中国生产和一个小小的标签。而第二部则是 “中国质造” ,MADE IN CHINA 已经完成了大国制造生产的品质体现。如何通过空间直观的让消费者感受到产品的品质,以及工厂的场景感,成为整体空间的设计概念出发点。“逛店如看展”- 我们提出综合观感购物空间体验的SLOGAN,将纺织工厂里常见的传送带、线轴、裁缝剪等融入空间中。并配合甲方挑选辅料,在入口处设置亚克力辅料盒,以及产品说明拆解墙。

“Top brands qualities and reasonable prices,” as the customer instruction, is the only clue of design we have. By clarifying the business model, we use the design methods to attract more consumers, and also arouse public attention to these local factories, furthermore proposing four stages of plan “MADE IN CHINA.”Stage one, “Made in China.” In the past, “Made in China” represent a tiny label indicating the product manufactured in China. Stage two, “Quality in China.” In this stage, “MADE IN CHINA” has improved qualities comparable to those in international developed countries. The design concept of the integral space is based on the endeavors to make consumers naturally feel the good quality products and the ambience of factories.“Shopping is like visiting an exhibition,” the slogan we synthesize the shopping experiences integrating the common elements of the textile mills such as conveyor belts, spools and tailoring shears into the space. We decorated the entrance with the acrylic accessory box and the removable product wall.


The integral space is essentially decorated with the scaffolds. The regular industrial-style materials such as the polycarbonate hollow sheets and the PVC roller blinds are adorned on the façade, on which the neon characters are reminiscent of the signboards of the old factories.


The medium-sized partition walls are decorated with the regular logistic boxes, and the warehouse walls are decorated with the corrugated sheets. The display board decorated on the showcase indicates that products are sold here.


To create a conveniently accessible space, we built two movable fitting rooms with wheels. In order to decrease weight of the fitting rooms, we built the walls with canvas. Also, each tall cabinet has the corresponding product information.


The diverse tailoring shears are decorated on the display walls in the peripheral zone of the space. The consumers can rest, take photos, charge their electronic devices, etc. on the multifunctional chairs and showcase.


The entire space is decorated with materials that are environmentally friendly and have lower costs. The design scheme ensures completing construction in only 2 nights, including the primary structure, lightings, decoration, cleanings, product displays, and also can be used for second time.

中国质造,在精准对标甲方品牌相应消费群体的同时,试图用最原始低碳的质感,传达更有力量的MADE IN CHINA 态度,我们为中国制造感到自信、自强、自豪。

“Quality in China” precisely positions the corresponding consumers to our client’s products, while trying to express the attitude of “QUALITY MADE IN CHINA” with the most primitive and low-carbon textures. We feel confident, self-sustaining and proud of “Made in China” today.






设计团队: ISENSE DESIGN吾觉空间设计

委托方: 依文集团

项目完成年份: 2019

建筑面积: 150㎡

项目地址: 徐州苏宁


摄影师: 吕博