Life is just 30,000 days, while work takes up half of it.

As a couch potato who may have to work until 80 years old, there is nothing to stop us from slacking off sometimes. But, if the office is more comfortable than home, it seems that working from 9am to 9pm 6 days a week is not so odious.

After all, a relaxed work environment is able to make the workers work more happily. The bosses must know that as long as the workers are in a good mood, they will have high efficiency more easily.





After the well-known company ASA Tile entered the Hong Kong market in the 1990s, the showroom and office space have been closely related to each other for better management at the beginning. With the need to upgrade the brand, the company expected to bring better product experience to consumers while also wanting to create a better working environment for the company’s employees.

In 2021, Oft Interiors help ASA Tile carry out a brand upgrade. This brand upgrade is divided into two main steps: one is the showroom upgrade, and the other is the office upgrade.

In the showroom design, Oft Interiors has built a new experienceof “lifestyle exhibition” for consumption.

In the office space,Oft Interiors  takes “socialization and sharing” and “compound and integration” as the new proposition of the space, so that workers can concentrate on work or loaf on the job.


With the emergence of the future office concept, the office become a community putting more emphasis on corporate brand culture, staff efficiency requirements, identity, organizational structure maintenance and business communication instead of basic office space. And the formation of the community requires a richer and more diverse office scene to carry.



The ASA office has an area of only 164 square meters. Although the space is small, the four core functional areas are still essential: public office, private office, meeting area and recreation area.

At the entrance, the designer used the company’s product, flower tiles, to collage the brand logo in graffiti style, fully showing the brand’s characteristics through the material.



Enter the front desk and you will come to the casual social area. The reason for setting the public activity area close to the front desk is that the designer has consciously separated the shared area from the office.

In this area, the designer used a physical space to create a community atmosphere. This space forms a buffer zone at the entrance, but also assumes the composite function of sharing, leisure, discussion and reception, enhancing the efficiency of use and the value of the space.


On the partition wall between the leisure and office areas, the designer breaks the dullness with a circular iridescent glass, adding more transparency and interest to the space, and in a vague way, allowing the space to be re-linked.


With this, the overall color blocking echoes the background of the leisure bar area, again pointing out the brand product attributes.




What is the most expensive thing in Hong Kong,a place where every inch of land is precious? It must be manpower and space. Therefore, office space needs to be efficiently integrated and utilized.

To double the value of office space is also one of the core of this design.



According to the spatial movement line, after passing through the social space of the first visual center, there is the open office area.

According to the work attributes and content of the employees, Oft Interiors used a unified design language and integrated office furniture so that the open office area also has a certain degree of privacy, which is conducive to enhancing work efficiency.


Then, the highlight of the space – the meeting area.It is vertically laid out on the side of the open office and social area, with black-framed narrow-edge glass sliding doors forming a meeting room partition system.


In order to maximize the diversity of the combination of functional sections and the value of space, the glass doors can be fully folded so that when they are all opened, the two points (areas) that are separated will be connected into a line (to maximize the functional area).


In this way, the two different functional sections of leisure and meeting can be more flexible and easily switch between formal meetings and party time.


Finally, in the private office area, the designer uses large glass windows to bring natural light into the room, and transparent glass doors to make the whole area more open.

此外,墙上还挂着1980年代美国街头绘画艺术家和社会运动者凯斯·哈林(Keith Haring)的涂鸦作品,浓厚波普艺术风格为办公室带来更具活力的视觉元素。

In addition, graffiti by 1980s American street artist and social activist, Keith Haring, hangs on the wall,bringing a more dynamic visual element to the office with its strong pop art style.



A positive, warm, open and inclusive office environment will enable employees to create value and a sense of belonging here. Designers should consciously create emotional value for users while satisfying functionality.

In this office, in the limited space, through the reorganization of modules, the designer amplifies the value of the four functional areas, eliminates the boundaries of the office, and finally achieves 1 + 1 = the third custom space, creating the future office new form, which not only makes the user more stable psychologically, but also plays a vital role in the long-term development of the brand!


项目名称:ASA Office




设计机构:Oft Interiors


设计团队:Yoyo Au



Project Name: ASA Office

Project Category: Office Space

Project Owner: ASA Tile

Services: Planning/Interior Design

Design Agency: Oft Interiors

Lead Designer: CM Jao / Ken Cheung

Design Team:Yoyo Au

Project Address: Hong Kong

Project Area: 164㎡