This project is located in Hangzhou Qianjiang Century City, a total of 200 square meters. The proprietor, Springfield pet Hospital, has a mature pet clinic in Liangzhu, Hangzhou. By running their business, they found that more and more pet owners pay attention to the hospital environment. Therefore, the proprietor approached us when preparing their branch, hoping that we could help them to build a new clinic with both professionalism and quality.



From a professional point of view, pet hospitals should be rational rather than emotional. However, as the users are sick pets who need more care, we believe that “harmony of hardness and softness” should be the theme of this space. That is to say, it can give warm care while showing professionalism of our studio.


The decoration of the space is mainly cream white and grey bean green.The warm tone of the micro-cement wall enhances the cozy atmosphere. At the same time, the bean green conforms to the original brand image of Springfield: life, vitality and vigor. They are also blessings of pet hospitals. They hope that all pets can grow up healthy and active.

▲空间生成图space to generate©舍近空间舍近事务所



There are many functional Spaces in the pet hospital, and only the side facing the street has natural light. This inevitably leads to the problem of insufficient lighting. In order to maximize the interaction between light and interior space, we rotated the design entrance space by 45 degrees to lengthen the entering distance and create a natural transition from outside to inside.



We set the “vaccine area” as a showcase at the entrance. We believe that the pet hospital should not be a mysterious and closed place. Also, their positive interaction with the outside world can better reflect the professionalism of the hospital.


▲入口the entrance©张家宁


▲接待区the reception area©张家宁


▲诊室生成动图clinic generate©舍近空间舍近事务所


We placed a “light box” surrounded by U Profiled Glass along the vertical direction of the entrance. This gives the space a transparent and closed character. At the same time, the light box of the clinic occupies the central part of the space and defines the left and right parts. One side is the professional diagnosis and treatment area of the pet hospital, including the central disposal area, operating room, UR room, etc. On the other side is the waiting area focusing on customer experience.



As a place to reflect professionalism, we adopt the form of square boxes. Also, using the U Profiled Glass to project soft neutral light, we create a modest and calm atmosphere.

▲诊室及细节处clinic and details©张家宁




As the most direct place for pet owners and pets to feel the space atmosphere, we hope the waiting space can provide more warmth and a sense of security. At the top of the whole waiting area, we made a solitary ceiling similar to an animal’s back. The whole space seems to be wrapped, which enhances the pet’s sense of security.

▲等候区waiting space©张家宁


The seats are enclosed in a wavy shape. we separate the pets coming to the doctor through the wavy relationship, so as to relieve the tension of the pets. The tea table also undertook the wavy design, it imitated the appearance of the cat scratching board. In addition to teacups on the upper layer, small pets such as cats can be placed in the middle of the tea table to relax the hands of pet owners.

▲波浪线座位wavy seat©张家宁


The original air duct system in the space is messy. There are still some branches exposed in the waiting area after wrapping the curved ceiling. In order to ensure the height of the space, we still reserved some air ducts and painted them. For the parts that are too messy, we designed a spherical light membrane, which not only solves the problem of the air duct but also provides lighting.

▲灯光the light©张家宁

▲U型玻璃与灯光U Profiled Glass and lights©张家宁



In the space, we retained the original parallel four-run steel stairway. On this basis, a new structure was designed and connected to it, which made the fusion of old and new more meaningful.

▲一层楼梯stairs on the first floor©张家宁


How to activate the function of stairs is the problem that we face. Thus, we put the significant waiting area next to the stairs while put the bathroom on the second floor. This also brings added value to the staircase: it adds to the display and forms the interaction between people and objects.

▲一层楼梯stairs on the first floor©张家宁

▲楼梯细节staircase and details©张家宁

▲楼梯间的墙面造型the metope shape of the stairwell©张家宁



The second floor contains the hospital’s pharmacy, dog and cat inpatient department and isolation ward. The spatial layout separates the public area from the clinic area, aiming to minimize cross-infection and thus ensure optimal hygiene at the pet hospital.


In order to activate the use of stairs, we set up the pharmacy on the second floor facing the stairs as well as the medicine-taking window on the wall. The small window in the shape of an animal’s paw is meant to bring pet owners closer to the hospital and increase their trust in it. It also echoes the theme of the whole space.

▲二层预览the preview on the second floor©张家宁

▲取药窗口Take medicine window©张家宁


▲夜景细节details of the night©张家宁

▲夜景细节details of the night©张家宁*梵几

▲夜景Night view©张家宁

▲一层平面图first floor plan©舍近空间设计事务所

▲二层平面图second floor plan©舍近空间设计事务所