1 MOMENT位于一个旧别墅区内,前身为居家所用,业主方是一间年轻的文化传播公司,希望得到一个有趣但不失设计感的外观改造。楼体三面开放,前面还划分出一块院子空地,清爽而且独立。

1 MOMENT is located in an old villa area, formerly used for home use. The client is a young cultural communication company, hoping to get an interesting but design conscious appearance transformation. The building is open on three sides, and a yard space is divided in front, which is fresh and independent.


Because the client didn’t want to change the structure of the building, the designer focused on the appearance modification, and the window and door opening naturally became the focus of the design. Finally, the interesting sense of “geometric modeling” was injected into the conceptual direction of this case. The original square window was rigid and ordinary. The designer changed part into arch or even circle, and also modified the original rigid balcony row window lines, The two gates were treated as semicircular arches, and a ceremonial step was transformed at the corner of the building. The bottom of the two floating small balconies was decorated into a round arc structure. The original disordered trees in the yard were also cut off, making the sun fall on the white textured wall again. Everything was so just right! In this way, the three sides of the building are filled with the design language of “point, line and surface”, and the geometric aesthetics is fully reflected after the transformation!

正午,房前的棕榈树树影摇曳,充满休闲度假风情的楼外观,途人不禁被吸引,好奇驻足停留此刻,1 MOMENT ……

At noon, the palm trees in front of the house are swaying, and the appearance of the building is full of leisure and vacation style. Passers-by can’t help being attracted and curious to stop at the moment, 1 MOMENT ……





项目名称:1 MOMENT


项目设计 & 完成年份:2021/August

主创及设计团队:RSXS 睿上形素/ JAYSON KU

项目地址:CHINA Shenzhen /深圳





电话:+ 86 18620355706


Project Information——

Project name:1 MOMENT

Design:RSXS Interior Design

Design year & Completion Year:2021 /August

Leader designer & Team:RSXS / JAYSON KU

Project location:CHINA Shenzhen

Gross Built Area (square meters):123m²

Photo credits:JAYSON KU

Clients:1 MOMENT

Brands:White stone paint, Cement self leveling

Tel:+ 86 18620355706