After two years of precipitation, Zhibai Design has moved from the 1.0 era to the 2.0 era. Our white box has also doubled compared to before. We hope to break the original living scene and upgrade it to artistry in the new office space. , Improve the temperament of the space. As our own Party A, we use “Zhi Bai Shou Hei” as the source of space design, and interpret the understanding of “Zhi Bai” in terms of space and vision.


I am trying to explore an entity called “white” to find the source of those feelings set by people’s own culture. In other words, I tried to find the source of simple and subtle Japanese aesthetics created through the concept of “white”.


In some cases, white means “empty”. White is transformed into a symbol of “nonexistence” as “no color”. But being empty does not mean “nothing” or “zero energy”. In many cases, it actually refers to a state, or “before the machine”, which means novice: it will be filled with content in the future. Based on this assumption, the use of white can form a powerful energy for communication.

——原研哉 Kenya Hara

1 白 White

入口 · Entrance

▲入口空间概览,Overview of the entrance space

▲入口镜面不锈钢,Entrance mirror stainless steel


“Black” and “white” are naturally opposite, corresponding to “dark” and “bright” respectively. Black and white are relative and coexist. If you know why white is white, you know why black is black, and you know that black and white are possible. Mutual transformation. The space entrance enters from a black wall into a white space, and then into a curved space. The transformation of space is in different combinations and connected in series. The relationship of different directions and scales presents interesting contrasts and relationships. Rhythm, private to open, narrow and relaxed, dark and bright, and convey different spatial emotions.

▲洽谈室悬空外墙,Hanging exterior wall of negotiation room

▲曲面到方的转换,Surface to square conversion

▲开放的洽谈室,Open negotiation room

2 圆 Round

洽谈区 · Conference Room


Although squares, circles and triangles are rooted in traditions that will never go out of style, once the traditions become rigid and copied in large quantities, it is a burden. Modernism, like all styles in the past, stands on the side that it once opposed and becomes the shackles of architects.


IIn terms of visual form, it can be the formation of points and lines, or even the processing of forming surfaces. Gives people a focused visual experience, the performance is direct and clear, easy for the audience to understand and remember, and easy to attract people’s attention. The circle is called a perfect graphic, and it is very inclusive. It can be matched with almost any shape of the element layout. It is intuitive. The circle is not as sharp as the square, giving people a more easy-going and warm feeling. The reconstruction and innovation of the circle in the space, the choice to the semi-curved surface, and the abstraction of the circular figure are the exploration of the use of new figures.

▲通道端景,Channel end view


TThe arc-shaped walls are intertwined with each other. The transparent and semi-permeable space increases the “breathability” of the space, creating an ambiguous and soft space boundary. The arc-shaped space encloses and blurs the tension of the space and adds The fun of space. The curvilinear enclosing form of the reception space is not as plain as a straight line, nor as blunt as a broken line. It has some soft but free and easy, humble but unruly feeling.

3 方 Square

会客区 · Reception area


Three elements of composition: segmentation, viewpoint and balance. Today’s classification is based on segmentation and geometry. Basically, it will never escape from the three basic geometries: square, triangle and circle. These three simplest geometries can be compared to the three basic pillars in architecture.

▲天花和墙面的转折,The transition of ceiling and wall


The white cube is a simple box, and the core of the space is positioned through the volume of the cube, highlighting the focal point of vision. The basic geometric form has long occupied the commanding heights of aesthetics. The entire black louver is used to intensify the visual center, and the spatial focus is placed in the outdoor urban exterior scenery, highlighting the urban landscape. The entire box is given simple and pure colors and materials, and the folding line from the ceiling to the wall presents a rich and interesting spatial composition and a sense of level extension.


The large and small boxes are stacked on each other, and the basic squares are combined to produce different positive and negative spaces. They are connected in series in different combinations to meet various functions. The setting of the fireplace reflects the movement of the space and the space for improvement. The overall atmosphere.

▲会客区和电话间,Reception area and telephone room

▲会议室,meeting room

▲空间的折面,Fold of space

4 时空 Time And Space

电话间 ·Telephone room


Space-time refers to any external reality constructed on the basis of our collective experience of the space between objects and the time between events. Each time and space runs in accordance with a certain rule. They are parallel. Generally, there is no crossover, but there is a time sequence. However, in exceptional cases, time and space cross and instantaneous space is disordered.


As a central axis space, we made two scenes in a small space. In the space, we simulated a vacuum space as a telephone room, giving people a quiet, small grid space, and one for making private calls. The space allows other people in the office to not be disturbed and improves efficiency. It also creates a space scene, which dramatically merges the real space and the unreal space, and different time and space are intertwined, creating a huge contrast.

▲太空人装置,Astronaut device

5 序列 Sequence

办公区 ·Workspace


Spatial sequence refers to the organization of the space’s rise, inherit, turn, and union changes according to a certain streamline. In the field of architectural design, designers often try to follow this sequence of changes to highlight the artistic harmony. At the same time, the spatial sequence aims to focus on the interrelationship between urban space and the environment, emphasize the continuity and organizational relationship of its space, and show a sense of organic order.


The organization of the office area through the sequence space is based on the premise of satisfying the various functions of the office area space, enriching the details of the form through repeated changes, and forming the spatial sequence with the rhythmic configuration of opening and closing, rapid, tight, etc. The material counter and the bar counter are integrated, and the black and white space integrated with the ceiling cabinet implies the division of space and separates it from the office area.

6 线 Line

细部 · Detail


The curve expresses a kind of soft beauty, like a woman’s fullness, sensibility, lightness, softness, flow and other characteristics. The use of curves is mainly to break the division between the linear space and the environment, and to transition the space through soft curves.

▲弧面和曲面灯光细部,Curved and curved light details

▲平面图,Floor plan

▲结构剖析,Structural analysis





设计时间:2020 .10

完成时间:2021 .04








Project Information——

Project Name:Zhibai Design and Research Office

Project address:Changsha Forte Starlight World

Building area:182 square meters

Design time:2020.10

Completion time:April 2021

Space Design:Zhibai Design Research Office

Design team:Zhou Haifei, Wang Zilin, Tian Jing, Kuang Weifeng,

Lighting design:Shike Lighting

Project Photography:Nantu Photography

Main materials:LA’BOBO rock slab, Moloney fireplace, Warren system window, Fenlin latex paint, Sanskrit wood veneer,

IRON.PLUS system inner door, black sandblasted stainless steel, ultra-white glass

Furniture brands:Rui Chi, Shu Fan, Okamura, MAGIS, HAY