Cerulean is unknowingly anchored in public awareness to be a referent to tech companies, which is thought to be a symbol of rationalism and calmness. However, Awinic Shanghai, designed by T1 Design, shrugged off the rigid yardstick of being a lifeless tech company. As it reckons, it is turning the first sod in a bid to imbue the quality of being humane with cold rationalism.


T1 Design is longing to create a Res Publica of a Tech-paradise and a Romanticism-paradise, therefore an office is not only an embodiment of utilitarianism but also of a craving for futurism.



Awinic Blue is an iconic colour utilised in the elevator lobby to leave a stunned impression on people.


AWINIC, the block capitals of Awinic, is punched out through an aluminum ceiling, which gives the leeway to the light radiating out from these cubes. The design is soulful. The light is vibrant. If you are lingering in a colourless rectangular ‘metal box’ waiting for the elevator, what a bummer to feel bored and dull!


The elevator lobby is an intriguing prelude leading to a sequence of humane rhyme.

「02」“ 空格”TAB


The foyer is a white-twist of awinic blue. T1 Design believes that the proper use of colours will not be lulling people to sleep. With respect to the curves and straight lines, the ‘aw’ in the walls is distilled from ‘awinic’, which is enlarged to accentuate its cursive-ness and fluency, and the shape of the reception desk is a ‘caricature’ of a circuit board. Curves and straights will come to be bound up in modern experience if they are balanced well.


Motionless technology should not be Emotionless. If technology is standing in the high hill, its clinical detachment will leave itself alone there. T1 Design would love to trigger the lightbulb moment for technologies to make them a ‘Human Pleaser’.


That a bespoke Led breathing light for Huawei produced by Awinic sparks the inspiration for T1 Design so that they paint a thin layer of stoving varnish onto the wall, somewhere dim somewhere brightened, as if the whole space were in a stable breathing rate.



The scientific and technological system is a modern social organization and must be driven by a modern spiritual principle. The value of an enterprise comes from employees’ understanding of the direction of the company’s development and control over details.


T1 Design intends on immersing employees in an aesthetic atmosphere by hanging artworks on the wall.



T1 Design is enthusiastic about setting up a stage for the history of a brand, so the meeting room is expected to be that stage to bring forth a satisfying end result. The design, which is like a storyteller, in the meeting room encapsulates an abstract form of product lines and brands.

Smart Meeting Room是公司决定重要决策的场所,设计师将芯片的特有造型,创造性的演绎为木栅格的形态。深棕色真皮座椅搭配几何形状图案的消音地毯,令功能和美学并举。

T1 Design cast a spell on Smart Meeting Room, to make every detailing a metaphor to the structures of integrated circuits magically. The grids atop are a transformation of silicon wafers.

“射Meeting Room”的小型会议室取自艾为五大产品线“声、光、射、电、手”中的“射”,会议室背景墙上的图画以“电路、音符”为设计灵感,打造了与企业产品密切相关的会议空间。

Due to the fact that Awinic products has their core product range focus upon audio, Led driver, power arrangement, RF device, and Touch & Haptic, T1 Design determines to make a stronger bond between the room and the product. The origin of ‘射Meeting Room’ , as its name indicates, stems from the sign of RF device. Moreover, the mural illustrates that the RF device and the meeting room are pair-bond.

「05」“ 转换”SHIFT


Reading area is a transitional space, to use Kisho Kurokawa’s words, it should be called as a Haīro Kukan Space, whose atmosphere could calm your nerves and sooth your mind.


The transitional space, in its universal acceptation, succeeds in blurring the boundary of different spaces, accelerating interactions between human and spaces.


From the ground floor to the second floor, the spiral staircase generate a sense of consistency between them without any amount of disruption of the individuality of different spaces. In addition, the slide make the whole space playful for children, simply because all works and no play make Jack a dull boy.

「06」“ 率领”COMMAND


The office of the vice president is chanting a hymn to curviness and simplistic designs.

德国极简主义大师Dieter Rams提出好设计的十大准则有:美感、易用性、有限度、忠实、持久、细节、环保以及越少越好。艾为办公室的设计正是如上价值的体现。

he office can be regarded as a good design, by Dieter Ram’s definition. According to Dieter Rams, good design should be innovative, making a product useful, aesthetic, making a product understandable, unobtrusive, honest, long-lasting, thorough down to the last detail, environmentally friendly, and involving as little design as possible.









Project information——

Project name: Awinic Headquarter

Design area: Office

Interior Design: T1 Design

Project site: Shenzhuang CBD in Shanghai

Site area: 4500m2

Designer-in-chief: Xu Youliang