—— 《爱丽丝梦游仙境》

Lying in a dream together,With the flow of dreams,Summer walks with dreams.

—— Alice in Wonderland


The dream start of 2020! At this hard moment of COVID-19, working from home is really required and make us think deeply and fast about a new working mode for the office. Online and offline innovative office mode have improved work efficiency, but also reduce the cost of work, communication, to produce more value for the brand, and began to be widely accepted and applied, then at this special period, DPD was invited to this special office design project.


This project is located in Qingpu District, Shanghai, As an online brand target audience are female, it tends to demand a brand-new office model. DPD takes “New Office Mode” as the design idea, also combines “Fantasy” and “Reality” with “Art” to show a dream space with the needs of the times and aesthetic feeling.

YEARNING · 超前未来想象 Imagination Ahead of The Future


“A childish story, with a gentle hand, put it in the place of childhood, in the mysterious band of memory, like the withered wreath of pilgrims, picking in the distant land.” This is a fairy story all girls will like it, she hope the dream will come ture in the futrue.


With the rise of online retail, the Internet office mode and online sales mode are becoming more and more popular and also,office environment to be improved and change with this trend.

▲天花和地板的弧线对称呼应,仿如天地各一线相交The arc of ceiling and floor echoes symmetrically, as if the lines of heaven and earth intersect

▲具有女性形态代表的弧度,让空间更具柔美感The radian represented by female body shape, makes the space softer and beautiful


Pink and white as the main colors in the whole space, to create a clean, soft and light environment, through this skill to make the space full of girly style; DPD also combines the brand wish and thinking idea, used some soft geometry shapes like circle, arc and ellipse to match with the structure of space create a sense of permeability, then used of natural lighting techniques to make the overall environment has become softer.

▲大面积落地玻璃窗将自然光引进空间,提高整体空间的氛围感The Large area ground glass of windows introduces natural light into the space to improve the atmosphere of the inside space

STARTING · 打造梦想世界 Build A Dream World


The owner and founder of the brand are a 95‘s girl. She dreams of living in a land of dreams like Alice in Wonderland. However, she has a “Realistic” forward-looking requirement for office space. She can cater to the future office trend and is full of yearning and longing for the future.


The designer believes in the future, it is particularly important to make space more flexible. In the end, the case abandoned the traditional working mode of sitting in the seat and facing to the computer, they do the activities, online activities, live broadcast, offline brainstorming and online meeting instead of the traditional working mode, also using a spatial function to promote brand sales and product operation.

▲快速高效的头脑风暴会议,不但能提高工作效率还能加快工作进度Quick and efficiently brainstorming can not only improve work efficiency, but also speed up work progress


Shaped of arc semi open meeting room for internal brainstorming and online teleconference. As the connection point of an external output image and brand content, “Semi Open Pairing” mode makes the finishing point for the dynamic display experience of office space. The specially designed circular lighting device on the ceiling echoes the design theme, and the soft lighting in large area makes the environment more comfortable.


The flexible office space is reflected in any area, and it will not be arranged according to one function demand. For example, the super large training room can accommodate hundreds of people. It mainly adapts multimedia function display, which can be used as training function, as well as online sales promotion and activity planning.

▲培训室&大型直播舞台功能分析图Functional analysis of training room & large live stage

▲在大型的空间中设定多功能效果,提高空间的可利用率Set multi-functional effect in a large space to improve the availability of space


The main highlight areas of the whole space (front desk, arc conference room, training room, leisure area, etc.) are placed on the left side, and the basic office space is placed on the right side. The oval semi open conference room and the front desk are combined and interspersed to produce interactive connection.


Now most of the company will more care about employee’s feeling, so the space will design more humanized, the relaxing area most important to show in this project. Merger internal and external together and also demand the external needs at the same time, also can spread the brand to the social media, online board-cast, selfies check, activities opening and customer leisure negotiation.

▲休闲区不但用于员工日常放松,还能在此举办小型活动带动品牌传播效果The leisure area is not only used for employees‘ daily relaxation, but also for holding small activities to promote brand communication effect

▲休闲区既是休闲娱乐的区域也是向外界、客人传播传播品牌的空间Leisure area is not only an entertainment area, but also is a space to spread the brand to the world and guests

▲自拍区作为一个品牌形象的打卡位置,将品牌和产品相结合通过线上传播推动品牌传播效应As a punch in position of branding image, selfie timer area combines branding and product to promote communication of brand effect by online


The chairman has many times to attend the meeting and work online every day. The design of his office needs more quiet and comfortable, which can make people think quietly. The style is lighter, transparent and harmonious. The simple texture material and soft decoration are used to add texture, atmosphere to the space.

▲经过一天的繁琐工作,在此刻终于安静下来让身心得以放松After a day of tedious work, at this moment, finally calm down, and take a deep breath


Traditionally, there are about 100 seats in a 1000 square meter office space. Considering that its business is mainly online sales, this project deliberately reduces the number of office positions, only about 30. More flexible office tools such as mobile phones and portable laptops are adopted by employees to improve work efficiency.

▲灵活性强的办公环境模式,采用无间隔板办公桌方便沟通,降低工作效率慢所消耗的成本Flexible office environment mode, the use of the non partition desk to facilitate communication, reduce the cost of slow work efficiency

AWAKENING · 呈现极简美学 Presenting Minimalist Aesthetics


“The young girl opened the door of light, and the dream was just like an afterlife; the girl’s heart was touched, as if she had found the dream country she was looking forward to in her dream.” The whole space ingeniously uses the same color, through different materials to reflect different texture. The pink art paint increases texture sense, the flannel soft bag material reflects soft, large area of negative space makes the space more concise and clean.

▲女孩轻轻推开粉红色的门,仿佛将要进入梦境国度The girl gently opens the pink door, as if about to enter the dreamland that she want


In terms of space design, considering the output of external communication of corporate culture, some areas can be used to take photos and clock in, and the design of the people flow line is also around two different situations of brand expression and daily working.

▲SU模型主功能分析图The main function analysis chart of Su model

▲人流动线图Moving line diagram


In the future, there is still a lot of room for the development of new office, and the application and mode of office space are also changing all the time. The design team is more about the mining and research on this aspect in the future, so that the space is no longer confined to the traditional mode. How to make the space more diversified and forward-looking is the challenge and breakthrough of DPD in office space design.

▲施工过程Construction Process

▲项目材质图Project Material Display

▲项目平面图Floor plan







设计时间:2020 年2月

完成时间:2020 年6月

设计总监:林镇、Gaby Teng



施工团队:杭州华昱工程有限公司 · 江爱林



软装品牌:Grado、Tom Dixon、Ekstrem、SET studio、本土创造、野兽派




Project Information——

PROJECT NAME:MOTTOES Shanghai Office Headquarters

PROJECT CATEGORY:Integration of Design – Engineering – Decorate Installation

DESIGN SCOPE:Space Design, Decoration Design, Lighting Design, Wayfinding Design



DESIGN TIME:February,2020


DESIGN DERETOR:Michael Lam, Gaby Teng

DESIGN TEAM:Liz Fu, Eva Luo, Leo Li

ENGINEERING TEAM:Seven Mo, Linhui Huang

CONSTRUCTION TEAM:Huayu Engineering Company Hangzhou · Jiangailin

MAIN MATERIAL:Art Texture Paint, Artificial Stone, Baking Paint, Flannel


DECORATION BRANDING:Grado, Tom Dixon, Ekstrem, SET Studio, Bentu Design, The Beast


SPECIAL THANKS:Grado Team, Jishui Lighting, Kuake Art Design