Years are not remained; the season is like a stream.What kind of chemical reactions will occur when the relationship between time and space is explored and the past trace flow in the present space? why is it so fascinating?



MEAFX office building is in decorative porcelain factory at liwan district in fangcun GuangZhou.This is a hardship building with half a century’s experience. The overall style of the 1970s was preserved to the greatest extent when it was designed. It has become a reverse journey in time, carrying countless travelers and immersed in enough historical vicissitudes. We enlarge the details of the time only by holding a humble attitude to talk with such a building.




“众”展示 “Crowd”Display



Unity is strength.

The MEAFX office space rejects complicated visual decorations, and the “crowd” device with its extremely simple geometric modeling art symbolizes MEAFX’s enterprise spirit. Components of different lengths are like every employee with distinct characteristics. they are harmonious and different, but they can rely on each other with distinct personalities and complement each other, forming MEAFX- a team full of vitality and infinite creativity!




“异”视觉  “Different” Vision



The moment of entry seemed to pass through time and space.

The delicate dangling polished LOGO contrasts with the metallic texture of black matte under the irradiation of spotlights, showing more depth and munificent. At the same time, the simple and regular black front door design also contrasts with the bright naked brick decoration style of the interior space. At first glance, it looks like a famous painting of post-modernism style, making the space more artistic as entering the art world.




“简”空间  ” Easy” space



The complicated way is difficult, but easy way is even more difficult.

MEAFX has professionals in the film and television industry from all over the world. Different cultural backgrounds collide with different creative sparks. In order to show the greatest tolerance for various cultures, it throws off flashy and secular decorations in space design, preserves the original appearance of the building, highlights the minimalist style of bare walls and cement, reduces artificial personalized design, makes the whole environment more inclusive. Geometric concise visual elements deepen the sense of space penetration and depth and highlights the vicissitudes of the building itself.




The circular pure white geometric pattern on the front desk visual wall has become one of the few design elements in MEAFX office space. its pure white color symbolizes the sincerity of teamwork, shows the ease of combining form and spirit with simplicity without unnecessary decoration.



“纯”体验  “Pure” Experience



Mountains are accompanied by trees and trees are accompanied, by branches, while you don’t know I want you to accompany me.

Simple geometric log furniture is simple and pleased, making the office area harmonious and tidy. Regular geometric modeling and random log texture complement each other. The leisure area, an oval shaped booth made of pure solid wood shows more casual and elegant artistic atmosphere. Taking a rest here after work will increase inspiration and multiply creativity.



“束”装饰  “Bundle” Decoration



The mountain punctured the blue sky and remained intact.

The black lines running through the whole floor are like strings of time and unyielding steel fronts. The staircase of MEAFX has no traditional handrail and railing design, but adopts vertical black lines, symbolizing MEAFX’s cultural concept of advancing bravely and actively.


















Project information——

Project Name:MEAFX Office

Project Location:Guangzhou, China

Project owner :Kelvin Leung

Design company :Point Depth Design

Master Creation Design:Lauren Cheng

Design Team:Benson Wong 、Chris Chan、Yuki Yeung

Copywriting:Zi Fei


Design time:September 2018

Construction:CHI YUNG WONG (GuanYu Engineering)

Completion time:June 2019

Project area:718㎡

Main material:Corrugatedsteel plates with lath and lentilform、Color steel plate, fluorocarbon paint, Old wood, Cement