DOP, located in Guangzhou City, is an Internet financial company. Its office is situated in IMP, which is a high-end international business building in Guangzhou. It moved here in 2018 and the internal space was renovated.

当我们谈论互联网的时候,我们想到的是大数据?云计算?还是……作为活跃在互联网金融行业的解决方案提供商,我们的客户DOP更关注高品质的用户体验,“我们希望客户能在这个环境以及我们的服务当中感受到DOP带来的品质感”DOP CEO如是说。

When it comes to Internet, what we think of is big data, cloud computing, or something else?As an active provider of solutions in the Internet financial industry, our customer DOP gives more attention to the user experience with high quality. “We hope that our customers can feel a sense of quality brought by DOP in such an environment and through our services”, said CEO of DOP.


Working approach of each team is distinctive to some extent. Good design shouldn‘t only be limited to the style; instead, the demands ought to be converted into some details so as to live up to the expectation of the customer. The design of this project doesn’t apply all kinds of technological elements mechanically; on the contrary, it is in pursuit of creating a workspace that is most suitable for the team of DOP by taking both structure and material into account.


The conceptional element of this design divides the space with a curve to block normal sight, an attracting obstacle is set at the bottom of the wall, and each part including the meeting room is divided exquisitely. We are not merely decorating the room; instead, we are constructing the entire space by regarding the decoration as the design with specific functions.


Due to excellent indoor lighting, we have reached a consensus that using white tone with a smooth curve to break original conservative square layout. Curved atomized glass is the visual focus of the space with strong orientation, which is designed to guide the customer to visit and make further exploration. The glass wall of the meeting room satisfies the needs of sight and division of the space by intelligent light-control system. We hide the lamp belt under the interval of the glass on purpose so as to make the yellow light light up every corner and lighten the entire space. The lighting layout such as well-arranged strips of light belts on the top and modern geometric lanterns at the front desk makes for enriched layers of light and shadows, which entails diversified details in simple tone and perfectly illustrates infinite possibilities of Internet technology.


The analyst divides the tea room in which people can express their feelings into several parts according to their functions: a rest area is designed by hiding a refrigerator and a mini bar behind cylinder that originally exists in the building to balance the solemnity and leisure of the office space. The capacious space beside the French window is in full use by setting up a small but beautiful view bar so as to have a panoramic view of the landscape of the prosperous city. The office furniture that is carefully selected has smooth lines, which doesn‘t block the sight at the same time of conveying a sense of technology. Chairs with warm color used for meeting create a warm atmosphere, which relieve the coldness that the all-white space brings about. Brassy front desk that gives decorous feeling to a person, the ceiling lamp, and light and bright gradient glass give tension to the space with a good combination of virtuality and reality.




项目设计 & 完成年份:2018