In the state between private and public, emphasizing privacy and at the same time is a complex functional space. It is a vessel, reacting with man, it is a place, a place of necessity and contingency. The form of space is fixed, the generation of people, the generation of purpose, then the space is free, accidental. We want to test that potential.






In the busy contemporary society, we can keep inseparable, in addition to the shadow, there are anxiety, the heavy traffic in the city makes people become impetuous, people need a pure land of mind to seek inner peace. The foundation of man begins with the first step, and man’s predicament is tired of Qi God. Health pedicure health viscera Kang Fu, physical and mental relaxation and concentration of energy, perhaps settled in the “Fan Qiu”, in order to really get the heart at ease.


An information age filled with electronics; Inevitable setbacks and grievances in the work; A life occupied by trifles makes people want to escape reality, leave this cold concrete forest; We hope that comfort can become everyone’s exclusive tree hole, where we can express and vent the injustice encountered in life and feel the cold. We hope to put down the burden, warm ourselves, and embrace life again.


The fluidity of the space connects the natural division of practical functions and the walking perspective of transition. Emotion is the connotation of every space on the material, color, and artistic elegance. But the expression of the design, as far as possible with the most concise language to hide the edge, not to fight not to grab the water silent, naturally flowing out of the most comfortable mood.


Shuttling around, the body gradually adapt to the environment. The screen is clean and pure, with a large area of low security and color naturally with a sense of intimacy, rich in changes and integration.






The light tone echoes the natural material, follows the appropriate scale and concise construction, draws the atmosphere extension and endows the space with a clear and leisurely field. The inherent texture of the material, because the simple modeling highlights the surface texture, under the action of the warm light source or sunlight, it is a peaceful and quiet.


At the same time, we believe that in the moment of materialization, the quality we pursue is no longer the pursuit of functions and objects, but the pursuit of events and the pursuit of the heart. Every day, we are thinking and looking for a new outlet. A comfortable and restrained emotional aesthetics returning to nature is what we want to express in this project.


By looking for rules in the texture of natural lighting and natural materials, we make people closer to the space with an unintentional sense, so as to achieve the centripetal force of space for people. The originality of this kind of innovation is not a kind of directional future, but a kind of exploration of the space state.


宁静 I 欲退而静



There is room for retreat, and there is room for retreat. The retreat of the overall facade and the fading of the luminous effect implicitly indicate the restraint of space attributes. They are not the longings of skills and style orientation, but the understanding, understanding and modeling of the brand spirit of Hui She by designers: the desire to retreat without fighting, the mind without fighting, and the mind is calm. Want to retire and calm down.








Listening produces meditation

Smell, feel the breath

Touch, bring relaxation

The starting point of all design is human feelings

Or the human experience becomes part of the design

Be the top priority



Explicit restraint



The role of space is generated inadvertently, and we do not want it to disturb the process of the story. Space gives way between events, and through these harmonious behaviors, people have an unprecedented comfort for space and people.



The concept of “freedom” is not limited to the freedom of behavior, but more concerned with the psychological level of unpreparedness.

“Enjoy” on the basis of practical, more convenient and functional consideration.


A place where objects meet light. Light and objects are interdependent, they are not independent thinking systems, let alone opposites. Shapes in space can not be moved by functions, but they are light producers, and light gives back to these objects and touches some new spatial emotions.


Each space carries on with each other in style and intention, and presents an independent and quiet secret in function, deep texture in form, and a sense of emotional trust, achieving a harmony of twice the result with half the effort. Design aspires to expression, but at the same time tends to non-representation, abstraction and internal structure.


Self-output as the core to produce local radiation, promote space infiltration, forming intersection. Annular enclosure, suggesting the idea of the intervention of the objective environment; Not as a destination, but as a visible bearer. Based on form, state and materialization thoughts, the emotions of experiencers are drawn to resonate.