Quietness is an artistic supplement to the lively world. It has a power that directly reaches the heart, allowing people to tolerate complexity and accept simplicity, and thus love life from the heart.



The seasons change and the light and shadow flow, leaving behind a trace of creation like a memory here, which is a poetic and sublimation of space, artifacts, and artworks.

01.艺术的发生来源于意识 Art comes from consciousness


In artistic expression, The aesthetic metaphor of folds, Responding to the gap between life and daily life,Looking for possibilities beyond the laws of space.



The movement of the body is also the pursuit of peace in the mind, which better matches the principles of yoga. Surrounding calm as the central idea of the entire design, guiding people into the world of yoga through materials, colors, textures and lighting, body freedom, comfort and warmth permeate silently, becoming our highest praise to space and utensils.

02.艺术由空间产生,不在于装饰 Art is produced by space, not decoration


Seek inner peace, So as to improve the quality of life, Read people’s energy, Help balance,Maintain a healthy relationship.



The owner is a young couple who loves yoga and develops it from a hobby to a major. This time we use the holistic design concept to create a simple yoga space with the least material tone.



The impermanent surface endows the space with free form, and the moving streamline encloses different functional zones.



Both sides of the invisible cabinet, meet the storage function of Yoga appliances, while weakening the user’s visual experience of the cabinet.


Purified nature, sublimated art and deconstructed creation constitute the aesthetic soul of space. With a rhythm that is not urgent or slow, the inner spirit is expressed and sublimated into a quiet space tension, which inadvertently nourishes the life and spirit of space users.



Yoga —— it can cure life, improve the quality of life; read people’s energy, help the body balance, so as to maintain a healthy relationship; dialogue with intuition, so as to treat the physical, mental and emotional problems and pain in modern society.



The storage space in the form of grille, orderly and orderly place yoga mats for daily use.


People are eager for warm and sincere contact, and the essence of yoga is to seek inner spiritual peace by controlling thoughts and actions, which is also our cognition of the space here.


03.重构美学生活方式 Reconstruction of aesthetic lifestyle


it’s here, Accompanying the white noise emitted by the singing bowl, Be at ease and comfortable, Let the warmth permeate silently, Become our highest tribute to space and artifacts. Nature and objects are homogeneous, and the emotional space at the boundary of consciousness and subconsciousness makes thinking converge.



Here, we enter the Pilates classroom.



The soft interior tone is in sharp contrast to the external environment, and the warm sunshine is scattered indoors. Pilates——a unique sport, achieves a completely different state of consciousness through external cultivation and inner refinement, with the ultimate goal of being clear, relaxed and focused on the heart.


项目名称:俞舍 瑜伽&普拉提


项目设计 & 完成年份:2020年8月&2021年1月





Project Information——

Project Name:Yushe Yoga & Pilates

Design:Shenzhen Yanyu Interior Design Co., Ltd

Design year & Completion Year:August 2020 & January 2021

Leader designer & Team:Wang Yan, Ren Hongfei

Project location:Huizhou, Guangdong

Gross Built Area:270㎡

Photo credits:Shenzhen Yanyu Interior Design Co., Ltd