UGAUGA yoga studio, located in hangzhou golden xixi,is a brand yoga company dedicated to serve office workers, pregnant mothers and postpartum mothers and so on.


What is the yoga? How to create a unique yoga studio space while meeting the function of the yoga studio is the core of the project.

瑜伽 (英文: Yoga,印地语:योग ) 是一个汉语词汇,最早是从印度梵语“yug”而来,其含意为“一致”、“结合”或“和谐”。瑜伽源于古印度,是古印度六大哲学派别中的一系,探寻“梵我合一”的道理与方法。

Yoga (English: Yoga, Hindi:योग ) is a Chinese vocabulary, from the earliest Indian Sanskrit “yug”, its meaning is “consistent”, “combination”, or “harmony”. Yoga originated from ancient India, is one of the six ancient Indian philosophy schools, to explore the “unity of brahman and me” of the truth and method.


According to the study, people first practiced yoga in the “forest”. In today‘s towering city, whether it is possible to create a breathable yoga studio space like a forest has become the starting point of this project and the goal of space creation.


The concept of “forest yoga studio in the city” was born. Combined with the concept, green terrazzo and wood veneer are selected to create a sense of scene in the forest.


Yoga emphasizes convergence. Find the center point of the space, from which all functional spaces are spread out. Standing here, you can see the activities and stories happening in any space.


Yoga stresses “inner”, “round” and “brahman”. SuTi of brahman, namely “brahman”, the brahman apart for “wood+people”, highly unified namely human and nature.


The yoga classroom is set on the interface along the street, and the yoga movement becomes the scenery, and people passing by can feel the charm of yoga.



设计团队:concept studio观念设计

设计主创:观念设计 张佳怡

位置:中国 . 杭州