Design Thinking



“Simplicity is not the opposite of complexity,

It’s about complex inclusion, acceptance, inspiration and foreshadowing .”

BEIMU莞城旗旗舰店选址于愉景东方威尼斯广场东纵路旁,周边云集众多大型商业中心及国际品牌商家,商圈以中高档主题消费为主。 委托方希望通过空间设计策略进一步完善其品牌范式。

beimu Guancheng Banner flagship store is located next to the East Longitudinal Road of Discovery Oriental Venice Square, surrounded by many large commercial centers and international brand merchants. The client hopes to further improve its brand paradigm through spatial design strategy.


As a new force in the local brand, beimu advocates to simplify life and pursue the return wisdom from 1 to 0. Based on the idea of brand, the designer’s creative logic consists of three parts: the change of business model and the pinch of consumer psychology under the background of the big times, the uniqueness and unpleasure of cultural aesthetics in the context of globalization; The gradual design refinement technique begins with the concept of form.


Weakening Product Logic and Space


With the maturity of modern commercial order, the era of earning product dividend will pass, and the development of digital technology will make the space that exists in the real world and become the new space of amphibious reality and virtual dual world…… It is decided that the design of modern commercial space depends not only on simple aesthetic judgment, but also on the responsibility of brand identity media, weakening the product logic concession and space, and retaining visitors’ footsteps with the charm of space itself is the way to break the ice.


Brand Symbolism and Spiritual Communication


The first impression of space is determined by appearance, and the beginning of emotion often comes from curiosity. The facade of the building cuts black and white blocks with simple lines, and the highlighted brand logo opens only a three-meter window to form a peeping relationship inside and outside. Avoid the traditional business space at a glance stereotype, window plays the role of “soul and eyes “, to passers-by send a heartbeat.


Red and black construct a maze of time stagnation, leading visitors to observe the strangeness after alienation. The deliberately elongated channel, on the one hand, is a transition to emotional adjustment, and on the other hand, it further strengthens the curiosity of the initial visitor.


As a strengthened brand symbol, the red sphere is placed in space and separated from the i of the outdoor wall. Designers hope that it can become the place that contains all the aura, just as Rui creates new life touches for visitors.


Mirror metaphor and light transfer


By using smallpox mirror reflection, designers will pull reality away, different mirror images of the same true image metaphor reality and future uncertainty, and extend the space experience from flat space to a more profound world, like a game of absurd and unruly order.


Space mission is the use of light to establish emotional connections


The depth of space is gradually presented through the change of light and shadow, and all whitewash will imagine and perceive the transfer and visitors to obtain their deeper psychological identity. As a component of the grafted vertical space, the staircase is deconstructed and combined into a hard edge geometric sculpture by the designer. With the rotation of light and shadow, the irregular polygon is pushed forward in an orderly rhythm. At the top of the geometry, only one side of the sky is reverie.


Multi-scene dilution business



Business is no longer a pure replacement of things, but first of all a match between people’s tastes: people with a new view of consumption may not buy an item because of practicality and durability, but will flock to it because of the idea of a brand.

The space layout is the relationship between the owner and the guest. How to ease the antagonism between the buyer and the seller is the focus of the designer’s thinking. Close to the following service seems thoughtful, but may not be able to make visitors comfortable, is the front desk is placed in the depths of space; give up the so-called “high-end barriers “, for visitors subconscious identity, Is not a private negotiation area and vip negotiation area……


Provide multiple negotiation scenarios for visitors to choose from, the designer’s purpose is to weaken the commercial characteristics of space. The combination of tables and chairs with different scales and styles shows that the space is not only a place for commercial negotiation, but also a clubhouse for old friends gathering, but also a place for leisure and rest for the surrounding residents.

Less is more.



Less but Better.

Less is more.

See is simple, mind is complex.

Through the establishment of appropriate scale and relationship, the seemingly simple space and visitors can maintain suitable distance and tension, and develop a harmonious symbiotic system. Gradually expand the new life experience:

Less and better.




项目地点:东莞莞城 愉景东方威尼斯广场





主案设计:胡 涛


软装设计:壹席设计事务所 & Jemmo、Apink



Project information——

beimu  flagship store

Location: Dongguan City Discovery East Venice Square

Area :㎡800

Owner: beimu  System Home

Completion date: September 2020

Interior Design: One Design office

Case design: Hu Tao

Design team: Zhou Yanji