Some good planters have planted a garden full of peonies. When they bloom, they invite people to come and see them, but they keep only the most beautiful one and get rid of all the others. Friends do not understand, good planting indifferent way: flowers disorderly eyes, static appreciation only one. There is a principle in ancient Chinese philosophy that “as within, so without”, that is “lightness”. Any art goes to acme, can appear with light, simple way.

“壳”的设计,即源于斯。”Shell” Design Inspiration


There are numerous brands participating in Guangzhou Design Week 2020. As the exhibition hall in the exhibition area, if it is mystifying and hidden, in the face of limited time and massive choices, tourists may not be willing to explore. If the door is wide open and unobstructed, the tourists have mentally finished the tour before entering, and the stop time is bound to be short and not deep.


Thus, the “Shell” exhibition hall around and not. Visible scenery, in between and not between, with a mysterious phase, inviting deep. The space path is the only one, using the technique of lifting first and then reducing, without deliberate guidance, visitors can walk independently: when entering the space, that is, when arriving at the hinterland of the exhibition hall, the line of sight will suddenly open, while the other end of the passage is deliberately narrow and elongated, waiting to walk out, and then suddenly release.


The only exhibits are both the result and the process. The designer placed it to the left of the entrance, directly into the interior of the space. Tourists roaming, can look at its potential, close to its quality.


The earth’s crust rises and rivers cut down to form canyons. Canyon hollow, into the “shell” hinterland. In the hinterland, 60 years of palm wood as the only ornaments, reflecting the exhibition materials. The wooden body is polished many times by hand to form a smooth surface. Pure natural vegetable oil coating, after repeated daub polishing, fully soaked into the wood grain, reflecting the original style of wood.


In terms of aesthetic orientation, “Shell” pursues the “degree” of “plain”. Through the speculation of the behavior pattern and psychological behavior of visitors, the precise grasp of materials and scales, the brand features into the exhibition hall, find a new way to complete the understanding and creation of space; Give full play to the space’s functionality, its own display and the attributes of serving people, so that tourists can achieve the unity of space experience and exhibit appreciation.


The form of beauty comes from the response between whole and part, part and part. Simple frame and deep coloring highlight the independence of the space. The delicacy of detail construction is reflected in the balance of proportion and scale. In terms of shape order, the balance between curvature and straightness, between void and solid, between dynamic and static is adopted to form a state of flow.


Modeling lines and roaming paths are presented as two songs and three folds, and rhythm and rhythm are unified in the whole. The two ends of the exhibition wall are warped, showing the counterbalance between the rising force and the lower shear force; Raw stone, as a hidden design element, is not only the place of fulcrum, but also the natural extension of the image.


The shell is the boundary of self-protection. For mollusks, the shell is the sky and the earth.


The shell is a space for self meditation. To the city tour spirit, the shell is the device, is the way.


In modern society, who does not have a few shells? The designer tried his best to make everything simple, insisting on creating a “Shell” to hold an exhibit. What design can do, rationally speaking, is to guide people to look at things around them from a new perspective through the perspective and behavior of managers; perceptually speaking, it is to create a scene that can be false but can be real, and to store or place the emotions of contemporary people.


In the dynamic exhibition hall, a static area is created around the exhibits. The designer expects visitors to calm down, jump from the limited world where they can see, and travel beyond the infinite world with their intention, ranging from the universe to the mustard world. Whether you look at the essence through the phenomenon, or look at the phenomenon through the essence, as you wish. This is a space for brand display, but also a space for settling emotions and imagination.













Project Location:Guangzhou Design Week

Project Owner:Huizhou Jinzonglv Furniture Co., Ltd.

Completion Date:December 2020


Chief Designer:Huson

Design Team:Zhou Yanjie, Yin Yongxian, Lin Wuyuan, Tang Xiaodu

Photographer:Chen Ming

Special Acknowledgement:SIKI Lighting | Chen Yonghai