随着现今社会的生活节奏越来越快,各类餐饮、菜系层出不穷,生活内容比从前更为丰富。普通食材已渐渐无法完全满足市场的需求。在现下的“大健康”时代,健康饮食与新鲜食材也成为人们餐桌上越来越重视的部分。Cl’ ray作为新晋进口高端生鲜精超连锁品牌,为消费者提供优质且专业的食材与辅料。有点建筑设计受业主委托对品牌在苏州的首家门店进行设计。

As the pace of life in today’s society becomes faster and faster, various types of restaurants and cuisines emerge in endlessly, and the content of life is richer than before. Ordinary food ingredients are gradually unable to fully meet market demand. In the current “big health” era, healthy diet and fresh ingredients have become an increasingly important part of people’s dining tables. As a new imported high-end fresh food unchained brand, Cl’ray provides consumers with high-quality and professional ingredients and accessories. Architectural Design was commissioned by the owner to design the brand’s first store in Suzhou.

Cl’ray 鲜食肉铺室内全景 ©徐英达 Interior space Overview ©Yingda Xu

Cl’ray 鲜食肉铺位于苏州圆融星座商场的负一楼,整体场地为不规则的长条形。由于品牌特色在于“鲜食”,直接对接于国外源头产地,全程冷链向国内各大城市输送优质食材,保证了食材的新鲜度与健康度。因此整体的设计以突出“新鲜、自然、真实”为主旨,在材料的选择上选取了石材,木材等天然材料,给人以舒适自然未加以人工的感觉。

Cl’ray Fresh Meat Shop is located on the first floor of the basement of Suzhou Yuanrong Constellation Shopping Mall. The overall site is in an irregular long strip shape. Since the brand’s specialty is “fresh food”, it is directly connected to the source of foreign production, and the entire cold chain delivers high-quality ingredients to major domestic cities, ensuring the freshness and health of the ingredients. Therefore, the overall design is based on the theme of highlighting “freshness, nature, and authenticity.” In the selection of materials, natural materials such as stone and wood are selected to give people a comfortable, natural and unartificial feeling.

▲店铺门面 ©徐英达 Facade of the shop ©Yingda Xu


Since the store has a long façade, we hope to show the content of the store comprehensively and directly to the people passing by, so as to highlight the retail nature of the “butcher shop”. Therefore, in the design of the indoor space, we adopt the form of “circular steps” to raise the refrigerated cabinet, operation table and other functions back by 0.6 meters, so that they are not blocked by the front bar counter. At the same time, a long bar counter is arranged in the middle of the venue, highlighting the nature of catering and retail and attracting customers to enter.

▲轴测图 ©有点建筑 Axonometric  ©Someone Studio

▲逐步抬高的室内空间 ©徐英达 Gradually elevate the interior space ©Yingda Xu


Due to the implantation of the bar, the customer’s movement route is planned as a closed circle, and after entering the door, he goes up the steps to select and purchase products at the refrigerator and operation counter, and then returns to the bar to check out or rest for meat processing. The frozen meat cutting room and the deli processing kitchen are arranged at each end of the bar.

▲石片吧台特写 ©徐英达 Close-up of the slate bar ©Yingda Xu


Since there is a very thick load-bearing column in the center of the site, which is unsightly, in the design, we combined the bar counter with the column, processed the column into a dark color to achieve the effect of blanking, and the lower half was wrapped with stone chips, so that the column and the bar wall were combined into one and no longer obtrusive. The wall behind the bar is made with holes, which has a visual transparency effect.

▲ 吧台侧面效果 ©徐英达 Side facade night view©Yingda Xu


The stone bar is the visual center of the entire interior, which combines the functions of cash register, beverage production, storage, and display of retail aquatic products. Therefore, the overall bar is a long U-shape, with a stone wall with partitions and niches on the back. At one end of the bar is the frozen products processing room, and the white tile veneer shows that the whole space is clean, tidy and hygienic. The nine-square window allows customers to clearly see the process of meat processing.

▲Cl’ray 鲜食肉铺室内全景 ©徐英达 Interior space Overview ©Yingda Xu

▲冷冻柜镶嵌在石头吧台中 ©徐英达 The freezer is set in a stone bar ©Yingda Xu


Due to the particularity of the fresh meat shop, the equipment in the store is much more than that of the general retail store, including meat freezers, refrigerators, chilled cabinets and aging cabinets, how to reasonably arrange these cabinets so that they are integrated with the hard installation environment is one of the difficulties in this design. That’s why we placed the freezers on the side of the bar, so that they are not visually visible to customers who have just entered the door, and they do not obstruct their view. Only after you start shopping will you find them hidden inside the bar walls.

▲肉类零售区 ©徐英达Meat retail area ©Yingda Xu

▲冷冻柜和肉类零售区 ©徐英达 Freezers and meat retail areas ©Yingda Xu


In the meat retail area, we used black mosaics as the background wall, so that the chiller with warm yellow lighting in front of us became the focus of customers’ attention. At the same time, the solid wood floor is used to decorate and wrap the original metal cabinet, so that it can be integrated into the environment. On the right side of the aisle, niches were designed on the background wall of the original bar counter, which were used to sell spices, spices and other products. The dining area looms at the end of the retail area, separated by a low wall decorated with stone chips.

▲肉类零售区 ©徐英达 Meat retail area ©Yingda Xu

▲酒柜,厨房与用餐区 ©徐英达 Wine cooler, open plan kitchen with dining area ©Yingda Xu


The kitchen is open and its function is to process fresh minced meat and other stone burgers and fry steaks. Echoing the bar, the kitchen countertop and the bottom of the wine cabinet are wrapped in stone chips. The long strip space is divided in two by the wine cabinet, which divides the space without causing cramped sight. Thanks to the windowed kitchen, passers-by can clearly see or see the food processing.

▲材料特写 ©徐英达 Close-up of the material ©Yingda Xu


Natural materials are selected for the wall and floor, and the wall is randomly paved with large pieces of rough stone. The floor is paved with stone mosaic floor tiles. Create a classic, elegant, understated, natural space. People can sit comfortably for a long time.

▲平面图©有点建筑设计 Plan©Someone Studio


项目名称:Cl’ray 鲜食肉铺


项目设计&完成年份:2022.12 – 2023.08





客户:Cl’ray 鲜食肉铺


Project Information——

project name:  Cl’ray Butcher shop

Designer: Someone Studio (Suzhou Youdian Architectural Design Co., Ltd.)

Project Design & Completion Year: 2022.12-2023.08

Main creative design: Yitong Wang, Guijiadong Lin

Project Address: Yuanrong Star commercial mall, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province

Building area: 280㎡

Photography copyright: Yingda Xu

Client: Cl’ray Butcher shop

Mail: 1667103808@qq.com