Flow, fold, splice, remodeling…… The tangible design language is endowed with infinite imagination in space. In this fresh, comfortable and progressive fashion baking container, the spatial relationship and field order are redefined. In the rhythm of healing breath, the fashion aesthetics of dessert and the gradual emotional value are on the verge of breaking out.

▲形态生成 Holiland Select Interior Form Generation

流动的褶皱,营造出织物吹起轻盈的状态,同样也会引发对甜品制作过程中奶油形态的联想。捕捉时装剪裁和甜品制作过程中发生的形态,将其转化为空间设计元素。在发现与感知美学中,SLT好利来品牌再度携手,突破时装与烘焙的美学界限,运用材质与色彩的组合变化,制造空间中的温度差;让温暖且具有流动感的线条表达触发店内体验的情绪渐变,收获渐至佳境的HOLILAND SELECT旗舰概念店

Flowing pleats create a light state of fabric blowing, which also triggers the association of cream form in the process of dessert making. Capturing the shapes that occur in the process of fashion tailoring and dessert making, we translate them into spatial design elements. In the aesthetic of discovery and perception, SLT cooperates with HOLILAND again to break through the aesthetic boundary of fashion and baking. HOLILAND SELECT uses the combination and change of materials and colors to create the temperature difference in the space.It allows the expression of warm and flowing lines to trigger the emotional gradient of in-store experience, and the harvest of HOLILAND SELECT is getting better and better.

▲项目外观动态视觉 Holiland Select Motion Facade

Holiland Select概念店坐落于武汉万象城一层,是SLT继Holiland Market市集概念店之后全新打造的时尚集合主题的概念店。Holiland Select以流动诠释精选,探寻甜品中的写意之美。以“渐境”为整体概念主题,解构甜品艺术,营造雅致氛围,通过温暖且具有流动感的线条表达拟化出不同层次质感的结构关系与空间秩序,与“未来主义”、“味觉交响”、“麦田意象”三大全新甜品系列一起,建构出专属于好利来的精品烘焙美学容器。

Holiland Select concept store is located on the first floor of Wuhan Mixc. It is a brand new fashion theme store designed by SLT after Holiland Market. Holiland Select concept store interprets selection with flow and explores the beauty of freehand brushwork in desserts. With the overall conceptual theme of “ Gradually to nirvana “, Holiland Select deconstructs the dessert art, creates an elegant atmosphere, expresses the structural relations and spatial order of different levels of texture through warm and flowing lines. Together with the three new product series of “Futurism”, “Taste symphony” and “Wheat field image”, Holiland Select constructs a unique holiland boutique baking aesthetic container.

▲空间概览 Overall of the sapce

整个空间随意一瞥便是经典几何与美学构成的平衡之美,组成了一系列戏剧性的体验焦点“Special point”。中央区域,矩形柜体包裹着大面积有着流动视觉的编程灯膜,与直白的线性空间切割感形成强烈的场景体验,辅以灯光的点状与线条的铺陈,进一步将动态与静态带来的戏剧化冲突在中心强化。

A casual glance of the entire space is a balance of classical geometry and aesthetics, which constitutes a series of dramatic experience focus -“Special point”. In the central area, the rectangular cabinet is wrapped with a large area of programming lamp film with flowing vision and a straightforward sense of linear space cutting to form a strong scene experience, supplemented by the point-like and line-like display of lighting, which further strengthens the dramatic conflict between dynamic and static in the center.

▲中央区域 the Central Area

▲中央软点柜 Central cabinet


The horizontal natural stone grains and pores with rich texture restore the natural section texture layer formed after a series of physical and chemical changes in the baking process of dessert and retain the memory of the dough fermentation process. The flowing shape extension gradually forms the boundary of space, evoking the conceptual restoration of different morphological changes in the process of whipping cream production. Natural lines and neat lines blend with each other, delicate and stylish, telling the taste narrative, and the dessert aesthetics with tension in restraint is boldly depicted here.

▲Holiland Select 轴侧分解图 Holiland Select Axon Exploded

▲流动的形体延展逐步形成空间的边界 the flowing shape extension gradually forms the boundary of space

▲收银 the cashier are

▲富有肌理感的横向天然石材纹路 the horizontal natural stone grains and pores with rich texture


In the rest area, light and bright tones and gentle gradient lines become aesthetic symbols to reshape the fashion experience. The geometric language of flow and folds in different latitudes is imbued with infinite imagination in the whole space. The use of special resin materials on the ground mixes such fresh cream texture with superimposed colors and textures, which awakens customers’desire and vitality to explore the art of dessert once again.

▲休息区 The rest area


As an extension of the indoor experience, gentle streamline organization and functional division shapes the outline of the outdoor area, meanwhile perceiving the invisible healing atmosphere with everyone involved.

▲外摆 Holiland Select Outside Area

捕捉当代时装剪裁流动的褶皱与织物轻盈的漂浮感。. 空间中自由舒展的曲线、淡雅轻快的色调,以沉浸式的体验诠释烘焙的多元之美。Holiland Select旗舰概念店成为一个启发性的容器,将人的甜蜜心境映入其中。

Capturing the flowing folds of contemporary fashion tailoring and the floating sense of fabric lightness.,the free stretch curves and elegant colors in the space express the diversity of beauty in a immersive way. Holiland select flagship store become an inspiring container, which maps people’s sweet mood.

▲展示柜台 the dessert showcase

▲内部细节图 Details


项目名称:Holiland Select-武汉好利来概念店








空间摄影:Wen Studio




Project Information——

Project name:Holiland Select-Concept store ,Wuhan

Design scope:interior design & facade design

Deisgn:SLT Design Consulting Co., LTD



Design team:Chen Ling, Shanshan Jiang, Yaqian Cai, Ying Guo, Chao Tang, Chenlin Cao, Qian Zhang, Xi Cheng, Yu Fu

Project location:The Micx, Jiang’an District, Wuhan, Hubei,China

Project area:286㎡+40㎡(outdoor)


Contractor:Shanghai Tiqi