[WONDERFUL WINDOWS] as a leading eyewear customizer in China and an international high-end eyewear buyer, it has an excellent sense of development. The fashion brand gene is very “experimental”, and naturally is a “fearless adventurer”. This time, they won a venue in the urban area at an unreasonable high price. The choice of location is not as perfect as before. The aim is to restore the “reading plot” of the founder as a teenager. The designer Linyan was very moved and decided to accept the design Commission.


1992 was a year of economic take-off. In April of the same year, Shantou high tech Industrial Development Zone of the special zone began to be established, and the National People’s demand for science, technology and spirit is increasing day by day. On September 29th, 1992, [Shantou culture and Technology Bookstore] cameinto being under this background. It provides an area for reading and exploring boundaries. It carries the youth cultural memory of several generations.


In 2020, the emergence of new media is squeezing the living space of traditional bookstores, and physical bookstores across the country are full of sadness. Following the trend of the times, [Shantou culture and Technology Bookstore] temporarily withdrew from the stage. The “spiritual fortress” has collapsed, perhaps because of “muscle memory”, or we often see scholars sitting at the door reading. Relive the romance of “outsiders don’t understand”.


This will be a retail space for glasses with a composite experience. The selection SKU is up to 30000, covering all categories. It is extremely rigorous about the service standard process. During brainstorming, we found a “through” spatial form, which gradually emerged through the design prototype of wlab. We believe that all the exhibits displayed by wlab will be regarded as art treasures, and the brand side is examining itself with an artistic perspective. Like a Pandora’s box hidden in the dark forest, everything is full of unknowns.

▲ 设计思路推演 Design idea deduction


We use the “fundus camera” to observe the eyeball, which is the texture of the moon. We put it in the focus as the “super symbol” of [WONDERFUL WINDOWS], and the service desk is lost in space like a “spaceship”, so the route is in a rotary mode. This dynamic line is the experience gained by the designer during his visit to the British Art Museum. The vertical and horizontal appearance system is like viewing with a magnifying glass. Museum level lights attract light seeking creatures. After all, the light in the wormhole is the guide to salvation.

▲ 肌理对比 Texture contrast


This is an immersive retail store with high SKU indicators and different styles of products. We hope to adopt a clever method to show different chapters through hierarchical narration. [DOUBLE GOOD DESIGN] try to recover memory fragments. This is not just a simple product display space. This is the organic development of [technology and culture Bookstore] since 2046 with the passage of time. This is a clue to appeal for emotional resonance.


Water droplets hold the memories of every generation since 1992 waiting to be unlocked.


The whole streamlined science and technology mountain deconstructs and reorganizes the original building boundary. Create variable spatial interactions between the interior and exterior. From the hill display on the left to the eye-catching red optometry area, it conveys a sense of security. Optometry is a serious process. Let the past car flu be influenced by external brands and products. The front desk is always in the best condition, waiting to provide value-added services for guests. The red light-emitting block at the right end and the customized led arc soft screen use dynamic digital content to quickly improve the space atmosphere and business interest.


The design sense of science and technology mountain endows the power of products. With the direction prompt, consumers walk back and forth in the set “exhibition route” from the beginning. Sand steel forms the main color of the space and enhances the precision of [WONDERFUL WINDOWS]. Vertical and horizontal extensions extend the space.

▲行为动线/总台处于莫比乌斯环的交汇处 The moving line / service desk is at the junction of Mobius ring


The mirrors are vertically, horizontally and diagonally distributed at an angle of 15 degrees in the space to meet the needs of multi latitude guests to try on products and expand the existing viewpoint boundary.


“Progressive layer by layer” optimizes the product display area below the normal head up, so as to subvert the stereotype of the public on glasses display. This requires precise control of the scale, which is gentle and rational rather than strong separation. It also emphasizes the experience of wearing and examining.

▲经过多次尺寸推敲确定以阶梯式陈列方式为主导 After many times of size deliberation, it is determined that the stepped display mode is the dominant mode


The metal texture needs to be set off by light, and changes can be found within the architectural framework. Mr. Lin Yan’s design language is concise and neat, and the professional attribute of the brand is created through this tone. “The whole matching process is expected to be as precise as a precision experiment,” Fusheng said.

▲隐形区提供面诊定制服务 Invisible area provides customized service for face-to-face consultation


The elegance of the garden does not exist in the current structure, but its core essence can be brought into play in the relevant areas. We try to use the concept of “Pipa half covering the surface” in ancient gardens, and then use contemporary minimalism to try to show a contemporary indoor “garden experience” of freedom, elegance and garden feeling.


This time wlab accurately locates user portraits based on big data. The data points out that people have independent aesthetic consciousness and independent choice, do not drift with the tide, and do not pursue flashy surface feelings. More professional, focused, efficient and top-level customized glasses experience, emphasizing the “uniqueness” and “specificity” of the experience. The professional value-added after-sales service is also very [WONDERFUL WINDOWS].

▲总台灵感致敬始于1966太空先驱《星际迷航》 Station inspired tribute to 1966 space pioneer 《Star Trek》


[WONDERFUL WINDOWS] always adhere to the brand concept of “making mirrors with ingenuity”. Under the background of phenomenal cluster consumption and intense business iteration in the field of contemporary [glasses wearer] technology glasses, the brand continues to explore new positioning and new experience. This case is a new attempt for [DOUBLE GOOD DESIGN] and [WONDERFUL WINDOWS] to explore the boundaries and possibilities of the industry.


The waiting area is an evenly distributed open space where guests can sit down at any time. Appreciate and understand the area of expertise in front of you. The front desk can meet the needs of the “waiting person”. A small and comfortable place to drink coffee. Although the rent is very high, it provides more associative space in the golden position. The spatial tone of sand steel runs through. Leather chairs are particularly soft in hard wired spaces, providing a sense of security.


In the golden corner area [super symbol] reappeared, and the crescent shaped display platform opened like a ripple, unconsciously introducing the “rememberer” into the [International Pavilion].

【国际馆】是更高阶的存在,但我们又不希望这是高高在上甚至有疏离感的,无法被定义的色域,中性,独立,自成态度,接纳不同元素。墙面的装置艺术灵感源自“全视之眼”(All-seeing Eye),又称上帝之眼(Eye of Providence),代表着上帝关注人类的法眼。

[International Pavilion] is a higher-level existence, but we don’t want it to be a high-level or even alienated, undefined color gamut, neutral, independent, self-contained attitude, and accept different elements. The installation art of the wall is inspired by all seeing eye, also known as eye of Providence, which represents God’s concern for human eyes.


[International Pavilion] all are pure imported high order products, covering more than 50 international luxury brands around the world. Meet the high demand of global luxury eyewear consumers. Expand the field of vision and gain a clearer insight.



Advanced design not only means the cleverness of concept, but also means the calm thinking about the implementation of technology and operation management behavior system. All uncompleted projects, from the preparation of early capital investment, the generation of medium-term concept, to the final determination of process system, material selection and cost risk control, regardless of scale, will be closed-loop.

▲技术图纸 Technical drawings











主要材料:K钢喷砂/大理石/肤感砖/金属马赛克/红色条形砖/线型灯/ 卡尔蔡司(视光仪器解决方案)

Project Information——




Design year&Completion Year:August 2021 (start design) December 2021 (project completion)

Leader designer &Team:LinYan & DanYi

Special adviser:Wlab

Project location:China/Guangdong Province/ShantouCity/Dongxia South Road

GrossBuilt Area (square meters):1100M²

Partners:Casa:GOOD SELECTConstruction:XiaoKai hardcover

Main material:K steel sandblasting / marble / skin feeling brick / metal mosaic / red strip brick / linear lamp / Carl Zeiss (visual instrument solution)