成立于2014年的NIO蔚来是一家全球化的智能电动汽车品牌,它不仅专注于提供高性能的汽车产品,还在全球各地打造“牛屋(NIO House)”,以期建立起活跃的用户社群。在总结完开设大体量旗舰店的经验后,品牌定下新的设计标准并应用于各城市新店的设计中。在此背景下,芝作室受邀为其打造位于南昌的首间“牛屋”。

Founded in 2014, NIO is an innovative electric automotive company focusing on high-performance products. It is also committed to the vision of a global user community by establishing “NIO House” around the world. After identifying a design benchmark with bigger flagships, the brand is ready to set foot in all cities. Lukstudio has been commissioned to create the first NIO House in Nanchang.

▲ 一层平面图1F plan


The site is at a shopping mall with a 2-storey storefront. An open gallery approach is key to the first floor display area with two entrances.

▲开放式入口设计an open entrance to the mall

▲镜面吊顶从视觉上延伸空间the mirrored ceiling extends the space visually

▲流线处理的电梯厅入口the streamlined elevator hall entrance

▲极简设计的电梯厅minimalist elevator hall


Given the white terrazzo wall and floor, mirror stainless steel ceiling are the standard materiality, our effort is in streamlining all sharp corners and adopting diffused light details, giving the overall high-tech ambience a softer touch.

 ▲二层平面图-客厅模式2F plan-living room mode

▲ 二层平面图-讲座模式2F plan-lecture mode

▲轴测图axonometric diagram

▲二层会员客厅入口entrance to the owner zone on the second floor

▲弧形橱窗清晰地展示内部各分区a clear view of the different zones

▲在波浪吊顶下的纯白NIO咖啡吧NIO café under the wavy ceiling

▲如同被流水打磨过的展示区the “polished” gallery

▲拱顶细节detail of the arched ceiling


Taking the elevator onto the second floor, one would arrive at another white gallery, but this time with a continuous arched ceiling. Inspired by water waves, the distinctive feature pays tribute to the water town identity of Nanchang and brings a lightness to the space. Under the rhythmic undulation, terrazzo cafe counter, display wall niches and booths are all shaped with streamline details, as if a stonescape polished by flowing water.

▲多功能厅全景a view of the multi-functional space

▲木材在阳光下围合出一个温暖的空间the warm wooden living room filled with daylight

▲令人放松的共享空间a shared space of relaxing atmosphere

▲多种展示形式配合不同产品various forms of display for flexibility


Contrasting to the austere white gallery, the adjacent multi-functional space finished in oak wood looks extra cozy.

▲LAB区长桌后边的白色“盒子”里藏着母婴室和儿童游乐区behind the LAB table, a white box embodies the nursery and Joy Camp

▲Joy Camp – 色彩缤纷的儿童游乐室,墙面覆盖着安全的软包吸音板Joy Camp – a colourful kids’ playroom covered with soft surfaces

▲会议室的吸音设计使与之相邻的母婴室能保持安静the meeting room is located next to the quiet nursery


A meeting room, a nursery and a children’s playroom are located along the east wall, while the west cabinet stores all the stools and curtains necessary for converting the “living room” into a conference space.

▲LAB长桌区满足不同的集会需求a communal table at the LAB area could accommodate different gatherings

▲车主可以在这片区域开展休闲、社交、会议等活动a social hub for the car owners

▲微妙的曲线设计营造出轻盈感 ©LUKSTUDIO芝作室subtle curves create a sense of weightlessness ©LUKSTUDIO

▲桌面下方设计的电力轨道可加载移动插座 ©LUKSTUDIO芝作室a power rail for removable sockets integrated under table top ©LUKSTUDIO

▲“漂浮”的长桌the “floating” table


Apart from modular sofas and lounge seats, the open space also comes with a 5m-long communal table equipped for many types of gathering. Integrating subtle curves in its structure, the bespoke table appears to have its top lifted from the sides, conveying a weightlessness and echoing the water current theme.

▲开放的客厅空间an open living room

▲私密的讲座空间a private lecture space

▲场景更换步骤steps of transformation


In the Nanchang NIO House project, Lukstudio takes on a challenge to optimize a predefined framework and comes up with ideas connecting to its site context. Our focus on humanscale experience and attention to details reinforce NIO brand’s user-centric vision. The resulting “living room” is a service hub where potential and existing car owners come together and build a progressive community of the future.


项目地址 : 江西省南昌市东湖区红谷滩红谷中大道1706号世茂广场

室内面积 : 470平方米

室内设计 : LUKSTUDIO芝作室

设计总监 : 陆颖芝

设计团队 : 张一诚、王海鑫、戴敏

设计内容 :外立面改造、室内、展示道具、家具及软装设计

主要材料 : 水磨石、仿水磨石地砖、镜面不锈钢、橡木地板、橡木贴皮、橡木纹转印铝板、瓷漆、软包吸音板、地毯、人造石

设计时间 : 2021.04-2021.07

施工时间 : 2021.07-2021.10

灯光顾问 :杭州束芒照明设计有限公司

施工团队 :上海境季建筑装饰工程有限公司

家具产品 : 本土创造、格度、HAY、界意、MAGIS、体物、造作

摄影 : Wen Studio

Project Information——

Location : World Trade Plaza, 1706 Honggu Middle Avenue, Honggutan, Donghu District, Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province

Net Area : 470㎡

Interior Design :LUKSTUDIO

Director :Christina Luk

Design Team :Yicheng Zhang, Haixin Wang, Min Dai

Scope :facade, interior, millwork, furniture and soft decoration design

Key Materiality : terrazzo, ceramic tile, chrome stainless steel, oak wood floor, oak veneer, enamel paint, fabric acoustic panels, carpet, artificial stone

Design Period : 2021.04-2021.07

Construction Period : 2021.07-2021.10

Lighting Consultant : SHUMUNG lighting design

General Contractor : TOPIN


Photography : Wen Studio