As the flagship store of the brand, ONESWEAR Jewelry chose the store location in the Xintiandi business district which representative in the center of Shanghai. The Shikumen building of the Xintiandi retains the historical fa?ade but the interior has been rebuilt with stylish design and has a new look. Build a new world in an old building, and tell old stories with new shapes. The brand hopes to combine the fashion and pioneer brand temperament with classy vintage style. The designer uses retro-futuristic techniques to organically integrate above two styles. The spark of cyberpunk from the collision of tradition and future ignited this “Dreamland” Journey.


Theme: Dreamland



“Love doesn’t know where it starts, and it goes deep. The living can die, and the dead can live. Why is the love in a dream not real?”

——The inscription of “The Peony Pavilion” by Xianzu Tang


“ Dreamland “ is a famous aria of “The Peony Pavilion” with the household story. We took the classical imageries of the Dreamland that dream journey and lover meeting. And mapped them into three installations in the space. We translated the typical traditional image into a new artistic imagery with modern methods to make familiar traditional objects unfamiliar with futuristic materials and texture to interpret a classic story with a futuristic atmosphere. The overall layout is centered on three art installations that highlighting the theme and story of this space.

▲基于视觉中心构建空间序列,Constructing space sequence based on visual center


The Guide


Stone lion usually represents doorkeeper. Here, the stone lion stands at the entrance of the “garden” as the guide of the dream; at the same time, the pine bonsai refers to the abstract “garden”. The combination of them is the beginning of this dream journey. We de-structure the traditional heavy stone lion and the light and flexible bonsai plant, then recompiled with futuristic materials and details by using cyberpunk language.

▲装置“引路者”:概念生成 Installation “The Guide”: concept generation

▲装置“引路者”:成品参数 Installation “The Guide”: the finished product parameters


The head of installation is shaped as armor; the face is a mirror reflection sphere with electroplating process and combined with the technical “facial features” by metal component tube, airbag, antenna parts, and so on; the neck collar is changed to a few rounds of cable with the unique capsule ring box of the brand and extends to the pine branches behind; and the body is integrally formed by the glass fiber 3D printing process. The green pine branches behind the stone lion are made into laser type and create power efficiency from the combination with the connected cable.

▲装置 “引路者”细节:石狮子与松枝 Installation “The Guide” detail: stone lion and pine branches


The overall mirror metal texture and power drive elements are the application of retro futurism style. The traditional and future harmoniously exist with a clear contrast which bringing freshness.


The Performer


Songstress in cheongsam with beautiful makeup can represents prosperous and sophisticated old Shanghai. Music on old records is the most popular sound of the time. Combining two contemporary imageries, the installation presents as a retro performer in this dream journey. The singing of the songstress and the electric sound of the old records make up a wonderful performance.

▲装置“表演者”:概念生成 Installation “The Performer”: concept generation

▲装置“表演者”:成品参数 Installation “The Performer”: the finished product parameters


We extracted the typical images of songstress and old record, then interlace and separate the human body with the records. The songstress presents a broken image with cutting of the records as if she was about to dissipate but still maintained her performance posture which was more like an unreal image in a dream. The bright metal paint texture makes the whole installation show a sense of future science and technology. The records with mixed sizes that cross and protrude around the body represent the electronic music library of the cyber singer, also smybolize her vigorous desire of expression in this dream journey.

▲艺术装置:表演者 Artistic Installation: The Performer

▲装置“表演者”细节:赛博歌姬与唱片 Installation “The Performer” detail: cyber songstress and old records


The recorder


Phonograph can record sound and play sound. The image of the traditional phonograph usually has a huge trumpet-like loudspeaker. We combine its recording and playback ability as an imagery with the shape of the speaker to create a dream recorder installation which silently imprinted and collected this incredible dream journey.

▲装置“记录者”:概念生成 Installation “The Recorder”: concept generation

▲装置“记录者”:成品参数 Installation “The Recorder”: the finished product parameters


We distorted and reconstructed the classic trumpet-like loudspeaker to form a soft giant “phonograph”. The deformed and melted appearance was perfectly blended into this bizarre dream. The installation modeling adopts 3D printing process with the reflective metal paint surface which brings some sense of alienation. The enormous volume exaggerates the image that makes it becoming a recorder and silently fulfilling its duty.

▲艺术装置:记录者 Artistic Installation: The Recorder

▲装置“记录者”细节:喇叭 Installation “The Recorder” detail: trumpet-like loudspeaker


The fictional image of the real things lead, sing and record in the dream. The lovers of the present world travel together in the staggered sense of retro and future to complete this “Dreamland” journey.

平面布局 Layout


The L-shaped site is located on the second floor of Xintiandi Shopping mall which is the first store seen on the escalator. The long facade is directly facing the corridor and escalator as the optimal display position and is arranged as the main entrance and show window. The column in the middle of the entrance is wrapped with a circular LED screen which reduce the presence of the column and makes the colorful dynamic advertising image become the visual center. The short facade reduces the display function because it faces to traffic space for logistics of the mall. In addition to the wall enclosing the reception area, the other part of this side is open and connected with the main entrance. It expands the whole entrance and introduces the customer’s sight and movement line inside the store. It also better displays the internal space and art installation. The store is centered on art installations which are surrounded by functional areas such as display cases and reception desks. It highlights the pioneer spirit of the brand and the art theme of this flagship store.

▲以装置为中心的平面布局 The plan layout centered on the installations

▲正对扶梯的长立面 The long façade facing the escalator

▲半开放的短立面 Semi-open short facade

空间展示 Space display


Visiting the exhibition area from the entrance all the way, display cabinets are scattered on the wall and regular in the wall. They are like some square lenses displaying bright and beautiful jewelry.

▲店内展示区:从立式展柜到墙面展柜 Exhibition area: vertical and wall display cabinets

▲错落的挂墙展柜与品牌logo Display cabinets and brand logo are scattered on the wall


Inside the L-shaped store, the reception area has a background wall with laminated metal plates that becomes a highlight of the interior space. In terms of shape, because the upstairs is a step-seating cinema, the folded metal plates respond the step-shape of the ceiling. In terms of vision, the upward laminates reduce the original ceiling oppression and guide the sight from the wall to the ceiling then radiating to the entire store space. In terms of material selection, the reflection of mirror stainless steel makes the interior space more wide-open. The large area of metal plates shows future pioneer spirit. The angle of the changeful folding surface cut the clear image in mirror and create the sense of exaggerated unreality which not only rich the entire space but also reach the “dream” theme of the space. On this basis, matte stickers of the brand logo are attached to the mirror metal layers that become unusual material contrast of glossy and matte surface.

▲折面的排列走势与磨砂logo的效果 The arrangement trend of folded surface and the effect of matte logo stickers

▲镜面不锈钢折面背景墙 Mirror stainless steel folding background wall


The material of the whole interior space is cold and hard, which fits the futuristic sense of technology and alienation. Grey matte floor paint, cement-like wall texture paint, highly reflective mirror stainless steel, pure black ceiling, and shiny display cabinet glass, all these different materials collide and combine in the contrast between bright and dark, deep and shallow, smooth and rough, and finally harmonious integration. Curving elements are used to soften the space and counteract the cold and hard sense from large area of metal and gray in the store and on the installations. That also reduces the distance between people and the space and makes the store friendly to the guests.

▲橱窗内的曲线叠层支架 Curvilinear laminated bracket in show window

▲蜿蜒的地面曲线与装置分区 Meandering ground curve and partition of installation











Project Information——

Project name:Dreamland · ONESWEAR Jewelry store in Shanghai XINTIANDI

Designer:Shanghai Parallect Architecture Design Studio

Project Accomplish Date:7/2021

Team Leader:Di Huang

Design Team:Mingfeng Xiao , Di Huang, Fengdi Liu, Ying Sun

Project Address:Shanghai XINTIANDI

Partners:Suzhou Re-design Studio

Building Area:171㎡