Embracing Youshan

Actually City Room

——Song Su Shunqin

“Shui Tiao Song Tou Canglang Pavilion”

▲外立面概览 Facade overview

WEI STUFF末染设计全案设计项目,历时弥久,无一处不倾注心血。“品牌、空间、产品,全方位武装到牙齿”。但我们其实只想表达一件事情:让空间内的一切都是那么自然得当。

WEI STUFF, the final dye design full case design project, lasted for a long time, and no effort was devoted to it. “Brand, space, and products are all armed to the teeth.” But we only want to express one thing: to make everything in the space so natural and proper.


|Natural intimacy

一楼 ,不定义空间

The first floor is provided with undefined space

▲地面大面积红砖定义出整体温暖印象  The large area of red bricks on the ground defines the overall warmth


Choose the old red bricks that have been growing for a long time and cut them into slices of 3 cm. The chevrons are evenly spread on the ground and the deck position, presenting a smooth and neat plane and elevation, and adding light gray concrete materials at the intervals, which has a lot of It is good to suppress the rough material language of the red brick itself. After being clear and clean, it is covered with a layer of varnish to give it a warm texture. While sealing the beauty, it can also withstand the test of time.


Create a poetic light and shadow to create an elegant and modern space. Paired with glass windows on one side introduces natural light, helping the rough red brick space blend into a modern and tidy sense. In this mirrored space, people, utensils, furniture, and plant landscapes are mapped to each other. Real images and mirror images are superimposed and interwoven together, creating an interesting relationship between people and objects.


The retro charm that comes with the red bricks, no matter where it is used, can make the space show a deep heritage after the baptism of time. Especially in the current retro trend, we let the red brick become a kind of memory symbol.


The interior part uses the most essential materials to create a subtle sense of harmony; flowing air and changing light are all part of the design considerations. Finally, an uninterrupted narrative space between nature and city, indoor and outdoor, past and future is created.


|One window away


A window that can be pushed upwards is set on the side facing the leisure area, which can be fully opened when the weather is pleasant, allowing the connection between the inside and the outside to increase the interaction. On the windows, we did not use glass as a partition, but used “transparent paper” to make the internal light appear soft and warm.

吧台的弧形墙体,自然的融入在空间内。软膜天花也模拟了自然光的天井,彰显自然的光线氛围,吧台没有过多的装饰,与精致的空间与陈设形成对比,愈发的映衬出空间的细腻。The curved wall of the bar is naturally integrated into the space. The soft film ceiling also simulates the patio of natural light, highlighting the natural light atmosphere, the bar is not too much decorated, and it contrasts with the exquisite space and furnishings, reflecting the exquisiteness of the space more and more.


Breaking the conventional material tiling, the red bricks are superimposed in an array arrangement and stacked on the ground and the deck to form a visual focus and sense of conflict. The addition of green plants and green stone not only avoids the monotony and dullness of a single material, but also increases the level of the space. It also hides the ambient light and creates a warm dining atmosphere.


|“Seeing” Rhythm


In addition to the red bricks, “grey and white” is selected as the main color of the roof and the ground, supplemented by white clothes hanging props and storage shelves, and soft warm light, looking through the glass windows as if a stage play is being performed. The guests in the space are the people in the play, and each of them is the protagonist of their own story. The passers-by passing by, like watching a performance, can’t help but imagine that they are one of them.


Our careful selection of materials also determines the shape and temperament of the space. The soft fabric relieves the cold and hard feeling brought by the floor tiles and metal. Therefore, the value of the object itself is diverse, and the relationship between the space and another interface can be blurred by the material in a certain substance or the structure of a certain object, and the space also has a greater value change. The space has a dialogue with the brand, establishes an attitude, sends a voice to the market, and pursues a kind of eternal beauty.


The cash register uses natural volcanic rock as the facing material, which brings a profound experience to people in terms of vision and touch, and provides an immersive and pleasant appearance, so that our eyes and all senses are awakened. Form a complete sense of experience from entering.

▲柔和的光线照射在火山岩的纹理上,露出它的颗粒和轮廓  The soft light shines on the texture of the volcanic rock, revealing its grains and contours

一面的我是告别过去的我 一面的我是崭新美好的我  On the one hand, I say goodbye to the me in the past One side of me is a new and beautiful me


In order to reduce the pressure on the space and realize the extension of the exhibition space, we introduced two large mirrors. In the design process, we simulated the reflection effect of the mirror surface in the site through repeated experiments, and organized and adjusted the tour route in the space by discussing the placement of the mirror surface to achieve the purpose of increasing the level of space and increasing the tour time. Through the Drost effect between the mirrors, an infinite space without boundaries is formed, allowing the visitors’ sight to be extended to the utmost extent.


We also set up a green volume at the end of the space. Under the reflection of the mirror, this bright green appears repeatedly throughout the tour route. This kind of spatial experience of “seeing but not yet coming” will become an important clue for visitors to explore the space, leading them to move on to the second floor.


|The inside-out relationship of the parallel space


The stairs form a landscape. We did not change the position of the stairs, but made a lot of structural remodeling of the old building. Before entering the stairs, a mirror is installed on the wall of one side wall, and the scenery formed by the combination of cube blocks forms a visual image connection with the virtual image in the mirror. The original single space becomes visually open, and the addition of mirrors also makes the original monotonous space more interesting.


The windows in the stairwell bring abundant light to the interior. The constant change of the sun’s altitude throughout the day controls the change of light and strengthens the light intensity in the dim areas of the space. The trajectory of sunlight and shadow together shape the feeling of the space.


On the elegant and free lines, the ground material that faces the sky removes all the decorations and hangs the clothes in to convey a comfortable, artistic and free space atmosphere. Everyone sees freedom differently. For example, there is classic freedom and permanent freedom, but what it conveys is not vision, but free emotional expression. Consumers will be attracted by this breath and feel the attitude of this space.


The second floor serves as a VIP display area. The designer hopes that the entire consumer experience will have a sense of ritual. Therefore, the space uses a church-like architectural form to fit the brand beliefs of this buyer’s store, and continues the composition and symmetrical design language of the central axis of the first floor. In addition, the sense of ritual and sacredness of the space allows the space to replace some parts of the waiter, giving freedom and a little sense of solemnity.


The basic space continues the style of the first floor, with light wood floors and gray matte bricks. The overall warm color makes the space present a soft femininity; the moving line design borrows Hidden partitions enclose a small scene of daily life, which increases the fun of customers’ exploration.


In the interior space, a large amount of white space creates a simple space surface, which focuses on the aesthetics of the scene and amplifies the space story. The overall space is pure and tidy, which strengthens people’s perception of space frame and order.


|The use of simple and natural materials


Open layer by layer, and finally see the scenery outside the window. This extreme sense of internal order and the seemingly juxtaposed arrangement allows the line of sight to progress layer by layer, and finally focus on the one-window landscape.


Flowing freely, interlacing light and dark, and dancing whirling, it is light and the rhythm of space. Surrounded by a geometric wall, if you only see a large area of pure color, it will make you a little nervous, but if there are sparkling lights and shadows in front of you, it will be agile.


The space uses low saturation, and the pure material expresses a sense of tranquility in the space. While jumping off the background color, it can be integrated with the atmosphere of the space.


Follow the minimalism and release the pressure-to make objects that should exist as simple as possible, but are combined with multiple and vague ideas, creating a unique mood triggered by the heart and blending with the form.


Space design itself is a kind of communication. When the designer uses color, structure, and light to create an atmosphere that resonates with people, so that people who enter it can get more levels of experience, that is what the designer wants The essence of creating this space. The simplicity of the building, the clarity of the structure and the purity of the material have become the new aesthetic carrier of the space.