With the changes of the market, the bakery industry needs a big change, for the original solidified business model is being broken. Baking brands are now facing an urgent problem about how to attract consumers and shape the brand image of this era.

▲轴测图,axonometric drawing

▲室内空间概览,overview of the interior space


As a bakery brand standing for 30 years, MALTOAST is also facing the crisis of market transformation. For a long time, the bakery industry has conveyed the established impression of “tradition”, both in visual style and shopping experience, with the process of buying bread framed in the steps of “buying and eating”. The masses are now in desperate need of a new consumer experience in which the shopping scene contains not only “eating” but also “fun and amusement”. To this end, the brand owner approached new ways for business model, and the brand of “PaoPao Factory” was born at the right moment. The theme of the design is a bread factory with an immersive experience. Unlike traditional bakeries, which focus on temperature and texture of bread, we believe that a “happy shopping” experience is more appealing to consumers. It lets consumers entering the space choose any product with pleasure, and every product in the store is freshly baked, which is in essence consistent with the production mode of the factory. We want to convey a signal that PaoPao Factory is not a place for a single act of buying bread. Rather, it can bear more demands and possibilities of consumers in this era, where customers can shop around, take photos, enjoy food and socialize. From the business model, space design, and brand visual design, PaoPao Factory provides the whole bakery industry a new possibility. It was loved by countless consumers since it opened.

▲入口景观,landscape at the entrance

▲ 产品展示货架 Product display shelf

▲ 动态展示装置 Dynamic display device

▲入口收银区,cashier area at the entrance 

▲收银台细部,details of the cashier

▲收银台柜分析图 analysis chart


The storefront signboard provides a large display space. Inspired by factory practice of placing a large and conspicuous name, we enlarge the font of brand Logo, and highlight the factory theme and atmosphere. The huge display screen plays product videos every day, becoming a powerful brand promotion.


▲ 产品展示区分析图 analysis chart

▲墙体展示区,display area by the wall 

▲自助区 Self-service area

▲售卖区,sales area


Inside the space, we fill the entire upper level of the interior with bold boldface sans-serif text. Supported by overall stainless-steel material, customers are placed in the huge “production slogan” of the factory. Stainless steel, matcha green metal lacquering board, and electronic screen constitute a pure and interesting material variation. The product display cases in the store are set up in three different forms, forming a rich store dynamic line. In the center stands the focal point of the whole space, which is an assembly-line display prop, with cylinder container surrounded by LED screens.

▲产品展示区,product display area

▲售卖区细部,details of the sales area


On the right side of the space, we set an area for taking photos and resting. With stainless steel with brand green, side by side cream-green seats, and distinct black advertising stickers, we carefully arrange elements to let customers take photos that would get a lot of likes.

▲打卡区,Photo zone


We hope that our design will not only stay at the single level of “spatial design”, but also can narrow the distance between the brand and consumers, and help reshape the internal and external value of the brand. For us engaged in commercial space design, this is our biggest pursuit and achievement, and it is also the most attractive part of design.

▲装置细节 Details of dynamic display device

▲VI设计,VI design



项目名称:膨胀工厂PaoPao Factory










Project Information——

Project name: PaoPao Factory

Designer:  OR Design,ShangHai

Project location: Wanda Plaza, Puxi, Quanzhou

Indoor area: 203 square meters

Design Director: Guoyuan Wu

Project team: Yihao Liu, Liying Zhao , Bowen Peng,Ziming Hua,yunru Ye,Xiaoyu Xu

Design content: facade design, interior design, lighting design, prop design

Main materials: stainless steel, green paint, epoxy floor paint, acrylic, glass

Completion date: July, 2021

Construction team: Jinyi Decoration Co., Ltd.


Photography: OR Design