DESFA GROUP为时尚品牌bloomhub设计了全新的珠宝和眼镜买手店,设计师以“都市绿洲”的概念,在趋于灰度的城市背景中营造了一个柔软、开放、宜人且惊喜的空间。

Desfa Group designed a new boutique store for bloomhub, retail brand that sells jewelry and sunglasses. Based on the concept “urban oasis”, the designers created a soft, open, pleasing and surprising space in a gray urban setting.


An urban oasis is an open space located in between buildings or formed by surrounding buildings in an urban setting.


This was the main inspiration for the project, as most of the merchandise was required to be displayed on elevation. The design was aimed to create shopping experiences where customers can freely stroll between city and nature.



“Urban”——modern high rise buildings


It was challenging to display a large number of merchandise in a 153sqm space. To meet the design requirements, Desfa Group created many modular display boxes in varying sizes, and combined them vertically around the space. The simple, repetitive form of the vertical display elevations remind of modern high rise buildings. Each jewelry collection gets its own dedicated cube, which is attached to the wall in the back.

▲bloomhub入口外观概览 Entrance elevation

▲bloomhub入口展示橱柜 Window display at the entrance


Vertically-combined blue modular display units are arranged in different sizes, presenting interesting expressions like the facade of a high rise building.

▲垂直方向上错动的蓝色单元展柜 Vertically-combined blue modular display units


The existing walls were reshaped in curves, which increased the display area by 45% and softened the overall space. Curved languages are also reflected in the floor pattern. Two colors of terrazzo are separated by thin metal strips, resembling pathways in urban oasis.

▲地面概念,城市肌理中的景观意境 Floor concept: pathways in urban oasis

▲富有创意的曲面展柜及双色的大理石 Creative curved wall and terrazzo


The display window along the street creates transparency. It reveals the artistic, functional integration of angularly-placed blue display boxes and curved wall, hence capturing the attention of passersby.

▲墙面首饰展示区分析图 Diagram of wall display for jewelry

▲锯齿状的斜角展柜,以及面向街道展示的橱窗面 Angularly-placed display boxes and window display along the street


Because items in blue boxes are very small and lighting needs to be very precise, the designers used special light dedicated for illuminating jewelry – four small spot lights for each box in addition to hidden LED strips.

▲锯齿状的斜角展柜,拥有十分精准的照明 Accurate illumination for jewelry in angularly-placed display boxes


The curved wall creates a semicircle-shaped fitting space with seat in the middle. This semi-separated area allows customers to try on jewelry in a more intimate environment.

▲曲面包裹的半围合试戴区 Semi-enclosed fitting area wrapped by curved wall





While wall display is a reference to buildings, the middle open space is the oasis, where customers can walk freely between illuminated column structures. The free-standing columns for glasses display feature stainless steel shelves floating on light tube support. The mirror ceiling above creates reflections, and extends the erecting structures visually.

▲立柱眼镜展示区分析图 Diagram of column display for glasses

▲圆形的不锈钢搁板漂浮于支撑的灯柱之上 Round stainless steel shelves floating on light tube support

▲独立的立柱结构 Free-standing column structures


Another type of columns was inspired by hanging gardens. They consist of both stainless steel and moss, complemented with 3 mirrors each. With geometric expressions, those structures integrate vivid greenery into the stylish retail environment.

▲材质立柱分析图 Diagram of free-standing columns

▲布满永生青苔的立柱 Columns highlighted by moss

▲外围灯管嵌入三块镜面 3 mirrors are placed between light strips of each moss-featured column


As glasses display lighting had to be more general, the designers used only LED strip for each individual glasses shelf hidden in the arch. Additional lighting comes from light tubes mounted in between arch shelves.

▲展柜的拱形小窗 Small arch shelves



Unexpected art installations display



The exhibition room is hidden behind the curved wall. The design is different than in the shop, but still connected to it. Its front curved wall is the same blue color as the display boxes while the back wall is in dark coral color, showing unity yet changes.

▲曲面的背部分隔出一个隐蔽的角落Hidden corner behind the curved wall

▲外部的蓝色墙面延伸进角落,但背墙却使用暗珊瑚色 The blue curved front wall of the corner space is extended from the shop, while its back wall is in dark coral color


The designers treated this corner space more like art gallery than a shop, but still had to display some of the merchandise. In order to create something unexpected on the coral wall, they used mannequin horse heads instead of regular display mannequins. The team also created small installations of human hands reaching to grab jewelry pieces, to show humankind’s eternal desire for beauty and decoration expressed though possession of jewelry.

▲更具趣味性的马头装置,使空间更像艺术展览而不是商店 Unique and playful mannequin horse heads make the space more like an art gallery than a shop

▲企图抓取珠宝的手部艺术装置寓意人类对美和装饰的欲望 Small installations of human hands reaching to grab jewelry pieces imply humankind’s eternal desire for beauty and decoration


The window display along the street is kept transparent so that shop interior is visible from the outdoors. Inspiration for glasses support comes from open books, as glasses are associated with reading and intelligence in general. In order to make display more durable, the designers created “books” from acrylic instead of using real books.

▲临街的室外展示橱窗 Window display along the street

▲平面图 Floor plan










主创设计师:Howard J. WangAleksandra Kaminska






Project infomation——

Project name:bloomhub Boutique


Location:1F Grand Emporium, 28 Dongfeng Road, Jinshui District, Zhengzhou, Henan

Area:153 sqm

Completion time:December 2020

Design firm:DESFA GROUP INC.

Chief designers:Howard J. Wang, Aleksandra Kaminska

Design team:Alice Fong, Li Ma, Mia Wang, Kevin Wu

Project management:DESFA GROUP INC. / Evan Pang, Jonathan Fu


Construction team:DESFA GROUP INC.