Incorporating a futuristic theme with objects that seemingly defy gravity, as well as a playful approach to volume and shape, IEW.H‘s flagship store makes for an attention-grabbing addition to one of Shanghai’s primary shopping streets. Through contrasting materials and a cool, modern palette the shop delivers a unique shopping experience that has been designed for maximum impact.

▲与城市环境相融 merge with the city ambience


Challenged with creating an out-of-this-world retail space in the heart of Shanghai, Kokaistudios transformed fashion label IEW.H‘s futuristic brand concept into playful design elements for its 259 sqm flagship store. A striking frontage incorporating unexpected materials draws shoppers into a space that takes inspiration from planetary rings. Despite striking an unmistakably architectural tone, the store has been designed for flexibility, and can be readily adapted for future brand partnerships, pop-ups and events.

▲沿街主立面 the street entrance elevation

IEW.H埃维纽是中国时装界的新兴品牌,其首字母缩写意为“Infinite Explorer with Hypersense”(多元无尽的探索者)。以此为出发点,Kokaistudios为这个多元化品牌标志性的室内空间确立了记忆、流线与反重力的主题。由于IEW.H埃维纽将以一年两季的频率推出与艺术家及设计师合作的新品,在装饰与色彩上保持空间的通用性与中立性尤为重要。

A newcomer to China’s vibrant apparel scene, the label‘s acronym stands for ’Infinite Explorer with Hypersense.‘ Taking this as a starting point, Kokaistudios established broad themes of antigravity, memory and fluidity for the multidimensional brand’s statement interiors. Because the fashion label will present twice-yearly collaborations with artists and designers, it was crucial that the space be kept versatile and neutral in terms of decor and color.

▲商场入口立面 mall entrance elevation

▲转角橱窗 corner window


Located on one of Shanghai‘s principle shopping streets, Huaihai Lu, the IEW.H flagship creates impact both inside and out. A facade of glass and aluminum foam bulkhead creates an otherworldly effect from the outset, hinting at the store’s futuristic interior. Comprising organic-looking bubbles for an almost cellular appearance, the metallic material is backlit to create a glittering effect that is particularly striking at night. Below, a recessed glass entrance is positioned along the smooth convex curve of the store‘s exterior. Appearing as a cylindrical object set back from Huaihai Road’s otherwise standardized and flush storefront configuration, the shop immediately draws the attention of passers-by, providing ample space for window displays at the same time.

▲内部环形对位的元素 contrapuntal annular elements inside

▲沿街主入口内望视角 view from the street entrance


The strong visual impact continues inside, where elements of the store‘s core activities – its display counters, benches and racks – are positioned inside two interlocking rings. Illustrative of a broadly anti-gravity concept that runs throughout this retail design project, the larger of the two rings appears to float above shoppers’ heads. Highly architectural, the polycarbonate structure is fitted with inlaid backlighting. A surrounding tapered stainless-steel band accentuates the spatial compression created by the ring‘s deliberate tilt.

▲强烈的空间几何感 strong sense of space geometry

▲从中央向内看 1view to inside from the center


The smaller of the two rings tilts up from the floor, its lines extending downwards to create low walls indicating a separate volume. In contrast to the upper ring’s seemingly weightless quality created by its polycarbonate material, the lower is finished in an altogether heavier textural plaster, reinforcing the design‘s antigravity theme. Contrast is further introduced by way of two tones of terrazzo tile flooring; as well as gradated wall color from white to cool grey, injecting a sense of movement into the interiors.

▲重点展示区 key display area

▲空间中的镜面反射 specular reflection in space


IEW.H’s fitting rooms are accessed from the smaller of the two rings. In brand colors of electric blue and silver, the area makes clever use of the 270-degree mirror surfaces in each fitting room to create a kaleidoscopic effect of infinite reflections. This extends to a half-globe light which, thanks to the facility‘s reflective ceiling, appears as a floating planet or orb. In an adjacent side room also positioned outside of the interlocking volumes is a silver cashier desk, flanked by soft furnishings in that same deep blue tone.

▲绑带式衣架细节 strapping hanger detail

▲看向收银区 1view to cashier


Opening up possibilities for future events, the space within the interlinked rings remains flexible. Except for a table-height display ledge along the inside edge of the smaller shape, all display elements are freestanding. In keeping with the design themes of the wider retail project, they are curved to match the store’s two main volumes, and in a playful touch, include tie-down straps in a nod to the outer space, anti-gravity theme.

▲更衣区整体视图 fitting rooms general view

▲更衣间 fitting room

IEW.H埃维纽上海旗舰店别具一格的室内设计,为人们呈现独特的IEW.H 埃维纽品牌世界观,传达大胆无畏的探索精神,同时致力于将时装与零售通过视觉化创新,使其从竞争日益激烈的高街时尚市场中脱颖而出,并不断地给顾客提供前所未有的沉浸式艺术购物体验,在这个前沿城市的中心展现了一个想象中的未来。

In Shanghai‘s already crowded market for high-street fashion, IEW.H sets itself apart through statement interiors. Designed to create a memorable shopping experience, and with inbuilt flexibility, the flagship store presents an imagined future in the heart of this most cutting-edge of cities.

▲平面图彩色 Plan Color

▲平面图黑白 Plan B&W

▲轴测图 Axon Diagram

▲概念手稿 concepy hand drawing





设计时间:2020年10月 – 2020年12月




首席设计师:Filippo GabbianiAndrea Destefanis




摄影:CreatAR Images

撰文:Frances Arnold

媒体联络:Jacqueline Chiang

Project information——

Project name:IEW.H Shanghai Flagship

Location:Shanghai, China

Floor area:259 Square meters

Design Time:Oct.2020 – Dec.2020

Date of completion:Apr. 2021


Interior Design:Kokaistudios

Chief Designers:Filippo Gabbiani, Andrea Destefanis

Design Director:Ian Yu

Project Managers: Yao Yao

Design Team (alphabetical order by last name):Junyu Chen, Vivian Fang, Lu Peng

Photography:CreatAR Images

Text:Frances Arnold

Media Contact:Jacqueline Chiang