它一直在场地上,我们通过现场体验发现她,并通过分析、研究逐步发掘其面貌。Atelier Tree木又寸建筑事物室设计完成了DOUBLE BOO品牌精品集合店。设计概念融合了品牌的服装展示梦想与场地空间特征。带状莫比乌斯环形缠绕场地中央的两棵建筑结构柱,它演变成空间内墙体、天花的重要部分,成为空间构建的主体,也是展示道具的基础。

It has always been on the site. We discovered her through on-site experience and gradually discovered its appearance through analysis and research. Atelier Tree has completed the DOUBLE BOO brand boutique collection store. The design concept combines the brand’s clothing display dream and the space characteristics of the place. The ribbon-shaped Mobius ring wraps around the two architectural structural columns in the center of the site. It has evolved into an important part of the walls and ceilings in the space, becoming the main body of space construction and the basis of display props.


面对被视为不利影响的结构元素,Atelier Tree建立了新生与既存之间自然和谐的连结关系,并将新的空间系统指引向诗意的存在–一场永不停止的T台秀,一个无尽延展的服装梦。

Faced with structural elements that are regarded as adversely affected, Atelier Tree establishes a natural and harmonious connection between new objects and existing things, and guides the new spatial system to poetic existence-a never-ending catwalk show , An endless stretch of clothing dreams.



Supporting the formation of this romantic imagination is the meticulous research and practical care of commercial behavior, sales demand, product characteristics, human scale, shopping experience, and material construction in the design process. AtelierTree attaches great importance to the established needs of space types, and hopes to break the conventional mode of satisfying needs, and try to build a new space model with more caring experience. Practice has proved that this construction has positively affected the success of commercial activities.



The rectangular site faces the corridor on four sides, one of the short sides faces the mall atrium. We use glass walls to make the two sides facing the entrance of the lobby fully transparent so that customers entering the mall can directly and easily find the shop. The other two surfaces are used as the background, unified with the micro cement art paint material consistent with the ground.




The dynamic and vivid inner ∞-shaped metal volume appears through the glass wall. The partial opening of the arc-shaped partition and the shielding of the circular volume are combined to guide people into the shops. The moving line is naturally arranged along the ∞ shape, and the customer walks from the outside of the ∞-shaped space device into the interior, travels along the flow of the curved interface, naturally passes through the two rings, and then goes from the inside of the ∞-shaped space device to the outside.



Clothes rails and display racks of sufficient length are set up on the moving line to adapt to the partition display of different types of clothing. Centralized fitting rooms, cashier areas and warehouses ensure the convenience of service activities and facilitate purchases.


The ceiling is cut along the projection shape of the outer contour of the ∞-shaped device. The white plane on the outside encloses the suspended ceiling, and the inside black ceiling is open. The dividing line echoes the tension of the Mobius ring curve in space, and also defines the deep sky of the universe.



The Mobius ring-shaped device is constructed with parallel metal plate curved surfaces, using vertical metal plates between gaps to weld multiple curved panels into a whole. The entire metal frame transfers most of the load to the ground, relying on the rigidity of the frame itself to support the gradually rising part, and using booms to share the load of the metal frame on the ceiling. Weighing the economic efficiency and the difficulty of processing and installation, the final choice of 5mm thick aluminum plate basically realized the balance between the rigidity of its own support and its own load.




主要的金属板材料在工厂切割、卷压成型,现场焊接拼装。木又寸团队提供了更充分的设计数据,帮助材料加工与安装的实施。大量数据与曲面形体的精确安装需求,仍旧考验了这个小型商业项目的施工团队。庆幸,在业主与施工队的信任与支持之下,无限天桥顺利呈现。它或许不是属于上帝的完美曲线,但这个浪漫与理性交织的造物,为DOUBLE BOO集合店营造了雕塑艺术般的空间张力,也为购物体验带来更多的探索与想象的乐趣。

The main metal plate materials are cut, rolled and pressed in the factory, and welded and assembled on site. The AtelierTree team provided more sufficient design data to help the implementation of material processing and installation. The large amount of data and the precise installation requirements of curved shapes still test the construction team of this small commercial project. Fortunately, with the trust and support of the client and the construction team, the endless runway was successfully presented. It may not belong to the perfect curve of God, but this intertwined creation of romance and reason creates a sculptural and artistic spatial tension for the DOUBLE BOO collection store, and also brings more exploration and imagination to the shopping experience.



AtelierTree believes that every site has a strange seed buried, and we are more willing to help it break the ground and grow it into a system belonging to this place. Absorb the nourishment of brand spirit and imagination, and open the flower of praise that is confident, sincere, and yearning for the future.



项目名称:无尽天桥-DOUBLE BOO精品集合店

设计公司:木又寸建筑事物室Atelier Tree








施工方:北京业兴装饰工程有限公司 范传宝团队




Project information——

Project name:Endless Runway-DOUBLE BOO boutique collection store

Design company:Atelier Tree,

Chief Architect:Casen Chiong,

Participating designers:Xiaokun Huang, Miao Zhang, Qiao Kang,

Contact email:info@ateliertree.com

Project design & completion year:May-September 2020

Project address:1st Floor, 3.3 Building, No. 33 Sanlitun Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing,China

Building area:150㎡

Client:Beijing Mingdai Trading Co., Ltd.

Constructor:Fan Chuanbao Team of Beijing Yexing Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd.

Photographer:Bo Lv

Video:Benpao Li

Main materials:fluorocarbon sprayed aluminum plate, micro-cement art paint, stainless steel plate