COZMINE was born in a pleasant mine in the city. It discovers interesting things in the mine.


Founded in 2016, COZMINE is also a street fashion cultural brand integrating black American music/street dance/ clothing/photo shooting. The Chinese name “Miner Brothers” pays tribute to the mining spirit of the miners underground: Although in the dark, they still cooperate with each other with firm conviction and extraordinary courage to trust each other and complete the final mission.

The gold rush


In 1848, the United States on the other side of the earth ushered in the world-renowned gold rush. These gold prospectors from all over the world gathered in the western region of the United States, and their footprints were almost all over the mountains and rivers of the United States, including the British/France. People/Mexicans and Chinese.


They were a particular part of America‘s westward movement, settling as mines were discovered and dispersing as they dried up.


They are a special group of the Westward Movement in the United States. They live together with the discovery of mining areas and at the same time disperse as these minerals are exhausted.


In underground mine operations, the frequency of mine disasters was particularly prominent in the nineteenth century, usually accompanied by gas leaks/gas explosions, and the mine is in danger of collapsing at any time. The wooden structure that supports the space in the mine is the “spiritual pillar” for the miners to maintain their lives.

Explore and Release


As a diversified young fashion brand that started to explore from online to offline, COZMINE needs to fully release the self-assertion of contemporary young people in the space, and the complete integration of multiple complex formats has become the strategic point of the pre-design.

▲ 圆环内容:#THE WORLD IS MINE# “The world is mine”是双关语,与电影《疤面煞星》(1983年)中的“The world is yours”slogan一脉相承。


The needs of the main body of the space need to be met, while blurring the boundaries between the current reality and the Big Nuggets era, making the space full of exploration and adventure, stimulating the interaction and experience of the crowd, and digging out its unique brand personality and giving it new value for COZMINE .

▲ 服装展示区细部 Details of clothing display area



Two completely different materials are expressed in an abstract understanding of beams/pillars, and presented in a dramatic way in the space.


The retro columns that run through the different spaces on the three floors are meant to be the “spiritual pillars” in the space, while the horizontal dynamic screens wrapped in circles mean the cultural output of the new generation, and continue to explore new cultural and artistic fields.

Cozy mine

▲ 乘坐矿梯的年轻矿工们 Young miners ride on a ladder


As a hub connecting underground culture and other artistic fields, the elevator shaft is preserved and transformed in the space design, while maintaining the original architectural texture, shaping it as an “abstract mine tunnel for vertical passage”.

▲ James Yancey (1974-2006), 世界上最优秀的音乐制作人之一

Culture and Output

▲ COZMINE服装设计工作室 ReMINE design studio


With the development and improvement of society, more and more products tend to be scaled output and standardized. Contemporary young people are kidnapped by various social forms in the workplace, and their personalities and labels tend to agree in their external expressions. COZMINE outputs with a more self-expression, injecting new energy into the current society.

▲ COZMINE服装设计稿 costume design draft


Afro-American culture originated in slums. Its essence is the people’s honest feedback on real life, exploring and searching for the connections between various cultures, and cultural output such as dance/music/art/clothing is released in space.


Edison invented the phonograph in 1877, and the sound was recorded for the first time. Over the past two centuries, the mainstream music media has undergone many changes, and the rapid development of the Internet has made fast-food music popular. Trending towards the pursuit and love of culture, more than a thousand African American music records that were almost out of print in the last century are collected and displayed here.

▲ 黑胶与CD唱片体验区 Vinyl and CD experience area

Extending outward

“时代性”与“当代性”在当下环境思考与延续,从十九世纪回到二十一世纪,从室内延伸至室外,时间维度与空间维度相互糅合交织 ,从而对空间进行重新审视,以此表达其表象与内在之间的关联。

“Timeliness” and “Contempority” are considered and continued in the current environment, from the 19th century to the 21st century, extending from the interior to the exterior. The time dimension and the space dimension are intertwined and intertwined to re-examine the space. This expresses the connection between the appearance and the inner.

▲ 废弃矿车设计加工成为可移动户外家具、装置  The abandoned car is designed and processed into movable outdoor furniture/equipment

Brand label


CozBro is the brand image of COZMINE-an unsightly clay figure with a blue liquid flowing all over his body, making it difficult to distinguish whether it is sweat or tears. He has no expression, except for a pair of piercing eyes, people can‘t see the other organs of CozBro; it wears a miner’s hat, it thinks the brain is the most protected part.

▲ CozBro 由 Berto Fojo(西班牙)设计


Digging is a difficult but interesting thing. This kind of happy money cannot be bought. In the opinion of the founders of COZMINE, the term “digging” applies to all fields, and those who are good at digging in their respective fields are “CozBro”.

▲ 产品由 HUGO(中国 澳门)设计

Concept of space

▲ 空间概念 Concept of the space

▲ 平面概念 Plane concept



项目地点:中国 武汉




主案设计:湯 璇

标识设计:Berto Fojo(西班牙)

产品与导视设计:HUGO(中国 澳门)

撰文:湯 璇、謝航毅

摄影:湯 璇

Project Information——


Location:WUHAN · CHINA




Interior Design:XUAN

Logo Design:Berto Fojo(西班牙)

Product&VI Design:HUGO(中国 澳门)