Three tail is the second home we designed for pidan offline brand experience shop, located in hangzhou, raffles and raffles and twin towers is hangzhou landmarks, thinking and brand of space for commercial project, we continued the expression of space equipment, hope that through center devices to bring business excitant, at the same time with the most direct way to seize the consumer‘s attention, short and through narrative space worthy of exploring the story has already happened and clues.


The aesthetics of futurism has something in common with expressionism and cubism. It emphasizes the expression of movement and power, and advocates the expression of movement. Sometimes, it is more like a quick photograph taken at a moment. The way an animal’s tail expresses itself in space is also like being frozen in motion by a photograph. In order to directly represent the motion, it must represent several shapes of the moving object.


When we think about business projects, we tend to reject some of the darker tones. I feel that sometimes business should not pour out in a low voice but sing out loud, which echoes in our space like a loud song of triumph. Just as the shadows we draw on our pictures are brighter than the white light of our forebears, so our pictures shine next to the old ones in the museum, as day to night. We ask for an insatiable shiny gold, to arouse people‘s awareness of the impact of the visual sense, so that the noisy, evaporating colors and the boiling and rotating sun make us almost into a state of madness.

我们在学习中发现事物本身的运动关系与空间关系能够为人们来带很多的想象,我们尝试将三只乱入商场的小猫的动态轨迹捕捉下来,形体切片方式如同每一帧的照片在空间中叠加形成似动态化表现,一只猫绕行玻璃柱缓缓移动,第二只猫从上而下跃入楼板,第三只猫空中挑起窜入墙面的镜子. 我们在商业空间中尝试用雕塑方式最直白的视觉冲击力吸引消费者,当然一定会植入功能,此时雕塑即货架,货架即雕塑,通过视角转变可见可变。此案对商品的储存方式玄机都在展柜之中,货柜设计将展示,储存,取货功能通过“魔术”解决. 空间做到无仓库化。

In our study, we found that the movement of the thing itself and space relations can be for people to take a lot of imagination, we try to three chaos into the mall the kitten’s dynamic trajectory capture, slicing way form as superposition of pictures of each frame in the space formation of dynamic performance, a cat moves slowly round glass column, and the cat jumped down from the floor, the third the mirror of the metope of cat up into the air. We try to use in the commercial space sculpture way the most obvious visual impact to attract consumers, and of course will be implanted in function, the sculpture is shelves, shelves or sculpture, shift of perspectives through visible variable. The storage mode of commodities in this case is all in the exhibition cabinet, and the design of the container will solve the functions of display, storage and picking up goods through “magic”. The space will be warehouse-free.


With regard to the transcendence of physics, man needs to reproduce the feeling of power, that is, the special rhythm of each image, its tendency of motion, and its internal force. All inanimate objects also show in their lines languid or wild, sad or joyful. Each object, by its lines, makes one realize how it will disintegrate itself, if it obeys the direction of its internal forces.


This kind of image decomposition is not subject to a fixed law, but comes from the special nature of the object and the viewer‘s emotional excitement towards it. On a further level, each image influences its neighbor, not only by the reflection of light, but by the true struggle of lines, angles, and surfaces, yielding to the excitement that governs the picture. Through their lines of force, all images strive toward infinity. Pocioni called it physical transcendence. These are the shapes that we have to draw. Certain rhythms in space are stimulated by the image of the object itself in our perceptual functions.


In Pidan’s first brand experience, Animal Back, we delivered a monumental, cold space that evoks memories of animal killings and a series of stories about caring for stray cats. Here, “Three Tails” focuses more on the reinterpretation of the retail space, hoping to carry the polychromatic Pidan product through a simple and powerful moving sculpture expression. When the product does not enter the space, it shows three golden cats playing inside the space. As the product gradually enters the space, it becomes a retail store in a growing state. This is a kind of switching thinking, but also an experimental attempt, but also a narrative approach to make the space become more people want to participate in, and become a part of the space with animals.



设计单位:泛域设计 Fun Unit Design


主案设计:朱啸尘 、 薛丰