SOWHAT 是一家集全球各大知名设计师品牌与自主品牌相结合的潮流女装品牌融合店。自2012年进驻成都,依靠经验丰富眼光独到的买手,穿梭世界各地挖掘国内外独立设计师品牌、高级成衣以及新晋潮牌。

SOWHAT is a fashion women’s wear brand fusion shop that integrates all the world’s famous designer brands with their own brands. It has been stationed in Chengdu since 2012. With experienced and discerning buyers, who travel around the world to explore independent designer brands at domestic and abroad, haute couture and new fashion brands.



SOWHAT this time chose the excellent location of Atrium property with a large facade.The whole facade is made of Polycarbonate Translucent Panel, which can be combined with adjustable lighting to express special design emotion according to different natural light.On the basis of building‘s modern style, the facade design appears to jump off, and fusion.



The sense of ritual in commercial space design can have a kaleidoscopic expression.Up a few steps into the store door. Internal space to the second floor of the main staircase is as the axis, and the moving line is symmetrical planed.



The first floor has two circles to make the space layout layer by layer. While increasing the space level, also enhanced the interest of the space.Through the three entrances of left, middle and right, as if entering a cave, from the shell layer by layer progressive, unwinding cocoon, finally get to the core of the space.




The whole space uses the dark green with high saturation, matching with yellow with a certain gray。 The rough texture of cement collaborated with the delicacy of matte stainless steel.




Walking by the narrow stairs to the second floor, you will have a suddenly enlightened feeling.The main display area is arranged in a circular geometry, with customized stainless steel shelves and strip light arrays, providing a stronger sense of ritual for the second floor space.



In the fitting area, the pink color with the same gray scale is chosen to neutralize the cold metal in the main display area, so that customers can have a more secure consumption experience.



The interior design leaves most of the space blank, and each corner will add interest to the space in the form of installation. This is also the core of the brand with design and artistry that SOWHAT is highly recommended while choosing products attentively.




设计方:iZ Design Studio

项目设计 & 完成年份:2019年1月



建筑面积:1F: 155 sqm;2F: 200 sqm

摄影版权:形在建筑空间摄影 | 贺川



Project information——

Project name:SOWHAT Select Shop

Project Complete:Jan. 2019

Space Designer:iZ.

Location: Chengdu, China

Design Area:1F:155 sqm;2F:200 sqm

Photographer:Here Space Photography.

Lighting Equipment:Geosheen Lighting.

Article: Bo.

Major Materials: Polycarbonate Translucent Panel | Woven Carpet | Self Leveling Floor | Stainless Steel