顺德欢乐海岸位于顺德规划中的顺德东部新城核心位置。整体档次主要由餐饮、娱乐部分引领, 填补市场空白,领先于可预见的竞争项目;零售定位目前顺德最高端,面向顺德中高端消费人群及部分游客。

The Shunde OCT bay is located at the core of Shunde eastern.Because of its catering and entertainment, it can fill the market gap and ahead of the other competitive projects.Its retail is currently at the highest end of Shunde, and facing the high-end consumer group and tourists .

▲项目区位Project location


As a buyer‘s brand, YCC explains a consumption trend:desires freedom and individualization; YCC is designed for those people who live in a refined art life or some are understated and practical. YCC is made up by many different brands, pretending to show the beauty of material. Depending on its unique conception, It is not as simple as buying or selling, but also?is a kind of attention and dedication.


▲Lost & Refined mood board

▲“stage 边界”由两个金色镜面组群组成,激发消费者“挑战个人感知,引发个人情感反应”。The stage is consists of two groups golden mirrors, inspires consumers challenge personal perception and trigger personal emotional reactions”.

在设计中,设计者认为零售商业场所应当是具备物理属性与情感属性。最终总结出三个主要设计目的:促进消费,提高客户粘着度以及让新客户对品牌产生认知。对于Unknown Design来讲,商业设计已经不是只是单纯的追求美学设计手法,而更是一种商业消费升级潮流下的体验设计。因此在开始整体设计之前,便提出了几个问题:

Base on our design conception,we agree that the retail business place should be physical and emotional.In the end,the main design goal can be concluded in three aspects:promote consumption,increase customer stickiness, and to make new customers aware of YCC.We think that commercial design is not just a pure pursuit of aesthetic,but also an experience based on the developing commercial consumption. Therefore,these 3 questions are what we thought before YCC design:




4.比起单纯的空间设计手法,Unknown Design认为传统的美学已经是商业设计的刚需,而基于策略的设计才能够更好地指导设计与支持设计。

1. The core conception of YCC brand.2. The consumer experience in YCC3. The unique design. In a word, according to traditional design,Unknown Design thinks we should pay more attention to strategy-based design, which can guide and support design better.


The stage area is composed of two independent fitting rooms, with blurred borders. The top led screen becomes an immersive communication area.

▲“Stage”顶部中央设有巨大的Led装置,变幻出丰富光影效果。There is a huge LED device in the center above stage, which makes rich light and shadow effects.

▲“Stage”中岛陈列细部,头像与背面品牌logo产生关联,产生品牌记忆点,提高品牌识别度。The details displayed in the middle of the stage, the head image is associated with the brand logo, generating brand memory points, and improving brand recognition.


When the experiencers across the “stage”, the space gradually becomes wider. The metal material expands the screen light and shadow to the entire stage space through the reflection property. It echoes the David bust in the center of the stage. The maximum visual extension of the lens is also contrasted with the surface material.Consumers can explore a higher level of spiritual needs during the experience, and the clothing display gave appropriate feedback on consumer behavior.

▲空间细部 Space details


We used modern materials to create the atmosphere in this case, and uses a variety of reflective materials to combine it, so that the furnishing space can be well divided into different areas without becoming a whole. On the wall of the clothing display, cement paint is used to emphasize the clothing on display, so as to avoid being overwhelmed.

▲Refined area,镜面延伸空间。Mirror extension space

▲Refined area,用于展示与体验订制服务。Used to display and experience customized services.


Touring through the stage area to the Refined area, a new visual focus comes to us at the end of the space. It provides short breaks and private consulting services. The changing forest images increases your desire of buying, means a deeper self-search. The independent mirror on the top surface is the spiritual interaction medium in the linked space,gives the static space more vitality.

▲空间细部 Space details

▲外立面总览,overview of facade


We thought that the floor layout should no longer be limited to the traditional one. The space should be more opened and freely. According to this, we placed the fitting room in the corner so that it can be a space-divided object. The fitting room is placed in the middle of the space. It is more convenient and efficient for consumers. By releasing more space as a shopping area, the clothing display area can be maximum, and attract more brands.The stage is set in the center of the store. You can recognized it from two facades along the street , which also increases the shopping experience,being positive to the consumption.

▲空间示意图 Space diagram

▲爆炸图 Explosion

▲平面图 Plan


项目名称:YCC Trend Hub商业店铺设计



设计单位:Unknown Design Studio未知设计事务所




项目摄影:Muji photographic studio





施工单位:EVO Studio

Project information——

Project Name:YCC Trend Hub

Project Location:OCT,Foshan

Design company :Unknown Design Studio

Design area:130sqm

Completion time:October 2019 – june 2019

Designed time:Oct.2019

Photographer:MUJI studio

Main material:Stainless steel、Cement paint、Marble、LED、ceramic tile

Furniture cooperation:Dongguan Lishe Co., Ltd

Lighting cooperation:KA LightingCo., Ltd

Stage property:Shenzhen menglv display props Co., Ltd

Construction company:EVO Studio (Foshan) Co.,Ltd