Jorge和Camper团队的第一次会面是在马略卡岛中心比尼塞勒姆村庄里Camper的仓库里,经过翻新的仓库被作为一个收藏馆,收藏Michele de Lucci、Gaetano Pesce、Ingo Maurer、Bouroullec兄弟或Konstantin Grcic的定制作品。

The first meeting Jorge had with the Camper team was in a warehouse in Binissalem, a small village in the center of Mallorca. Mainly used as a storage space for old camper shops that have been refurbished and updated, it also works as a sort of archive with custom-made pieces from Michele de Lucci, Gaetano Pesce, Ingo Maurer, The Bouroullec Brothers or Konstantin Grcic.


Immediately after entering Jorge felt absolutely drawn to this place and proposed a risky idea: “What if I use this space as a temporary factory and I self-produce the entire shop from here? “Together with his team, Jorge moved to Mallorca in the summer of 2019.


Using just 3 basic elements – perforated metal profiles, corner plates and bolts/nuts – Jorge designed and fabricated all the necessary elements for the store: from product display shelves and tables to different seating units, lighting, checkout counter.

作为Camper Together项目的一部分,这是该公司历史上第一次手工设计和制作了整个商店。

As part of the Camper Together project, this is the first time in the history of the company that someone is allowed to design and fabricate an entire shop with his own hands.





设计团队:Oficina Penadés



项目面积:180.0 m²

摄影:José Hevia