CITYFARM – JINHUI地处上海金汇南路。这里是上海韩国人聚集的街区,集中了丰富的来自韩国的商业品类,也包含各种体量的超市,面对这个商业竞争激烈的街区,设计师申俊伟先生希望在此打造一个不一样的CITYFARM。

Introduction:CITYFARM – JINHUI is located on South Jinhui Road in Shanghai. This is where the Koreans in Shanghai gather. A variety of Korean commodities and supermarkets are concentrated in this district. Facing with the fierce business competition,the Designer Mr. Shen hopes to build CITYFARM as a supermarket providing values different from common sense.

为了能在琳琅满目的超市中脱颖而出,必须向顾客展示CITYFARM的与众不同之处,从空间、产品、购物体验等方式着手;第一印象是天然的信任基础,要将CITYFARM变成场景,而不是单一、一次性购买的场所。这个场景让邻里之间建立情感上的联系,通过EAT IN空间、Farm食研所等体验方式,让邻里关系更融洽亲密。

To be outstanding of various supermarkets,CITYFARM needs to display its distinctive quality to customers,starting with space ,products,shopping experience etc. The first impression is the basis of intrinsic trust. CITYFARM should be designed as a scene,instead of a single-purpose,a one-time purchasing place. This scene will strengthen emotional bonds between neighbors. Through participating in EAT IN Space and Farm Foodstudy Institute,the intimacy among neighborhood shall be improved.


“Plant a hope,Harvest the time”. Season changes while living things grow. The land has been painted golden and yellowduring harvest time. The ripening makes it difficult for people to recognize what they were. The tiny tree buds we once planted were only a few inches tall,and now they havegrown taller than the wall,stretching into the sky. There are birds singing on the branches,cats running about the trunk, friends chatting and laughing under the leaves….


This is a place for family gathering. The pristine landscape is as if telling us:During the four seasons of one‘s life,only with hard-working cultivation,will the joy of harvest be everlasting.


There are two parts in this project:Grand Barn Terrace,Collecting Mirror Farm.


Walking into CITYFARM – JINHUI,the first thing coming into our sight is a grand terrace,in the middle of which stands a giant tree stretching into the sky. The tree is preserved from reconstruction. It merges into the environment and exists with the space as a whole. As a “witness”of this surrounding,it will stir up the memories for nearby residents more easily……


The grand terrace is a vigorous public gathering place. It’s suitable for holding concert, art performance and long-table dinner etc.,and all the food needed will be supplied by CITYFARM.The take-out window on the terrace will be providing any demanded food fresh right on time. The terrace is a stage in the shape of “L”,joining the building‘s two facade into a unity. This combination is designed on purpose to remind people of traditional barn houses. The terrace can be spotted from the nearby streets and plaza.


The grand terrace will be sticking out of the building with eye-catching distance. It has a symmetrical structure in terms of the outline. And if we overlook from the entrance, the three-dimensional private vegetable fields on the same axis can be spotted, which are adopted and taken care of by children from this district. This place has been generally recognized as a grand landscape itself, a place for friends gatherings. Its existence shows respect for the original architecture, as well as an interpretation of the culture value of the CITYFARM brand.


Harvest season,is a painting colored with pigments made from gold and jade. The ripe fruits are raw yet of pure beauty. The golden smily faces sway back and forth with joyful enthusiasm. To emphasize the theme of “Harvest”,the Designer adopts a design expression of “Mirror Stage”, and the whole space is inverted upside-down. The reflection is a virtual image of equal size to real objects. It appears because sunlight shines on the plain surface. The combination of virtual image and real landscape will create a sense of infinite extension of the space,inventing astonishing visual effects. Through fusing every reality with imagination,the scenes draw the customers into a world of mirroring.


Golden straws are stacked all over the rooftop, as if the golden land is moved into the sky. Whoever enters the space will instantly feels like being on a farm. Fresh food will be all around within touch.

在不同区域设置了随性的EAT IN空间,室内中心是透明操作间,加工环节的呈现增添了顾客的现场感,让消费者也可参与其中,体验制作美食的乐趣。

Casual EAT IN Spaces are set up in different areas. The center of the indoor space is a transparent operation unit. Exhibiting processing procedure will give customers a sense of presence. The scene involves consumers to be part of the production and to have fun with making delicious food.



坐落地点Location:中国 . 上海Shanghai. China

设计公司Design Company:乾正设计ARIZON DESIGN

设 计师Desiger:申俊伟 ELSON SHEN


完工时间Completion date:2018.01.22

摄影Photography:Dirk weiblen

主要材料materials:木、砖、石材等天然材质Wood,Brick,Stone and other natural materials