City dwellers are usually hustle and bustle at the moment they wake up. They will therefore unconsciously find spaces to slow down during their busy lives. This project is a neighborhood coffee shop with floral accents opened by AZZO. It aims to provide a coffee shop where city dwellers can enjoy specialty coffee and slow-paced leisure moments.


To that end, the shop is situated at a three-unit shop at the corner of a street of a residential complex. The designer eliminates the original intricate decorative components and redraws the space frame with straightforward lines to accentuate the 5.2-meter-high eaves. As for the beams and columns, the designer retains the light gray cement surface to reveal the natural appearance of the material. A large amount of doors and windows can be opened and closed, allowing the interior and exterior areas to flow together naturally and produce a calm and spacious environment.

▲不同光影下的门面招牌 Storefront signboard under different light and shadow


AZZO has been a renowned coffee brand for years in Zhongshan, Guangdong Province. It intended to project a new and fresh spatial identity through this store. Therefore, the most crucial conversation with AZZO before the design was about the new store’s design. Should it adhere to the trends of the day? Should it answer to the responses from clients? Should the design be directed by the style the designer or the preference of the owners?

▲咖啡区入口正面视觉 Front view of coffee area entrance


After a thorough discussion (one afternoon), the designer and owners arrived at the conclusion of using the idea of “the face is the index of the heart” as the concept. In order to transmit the coffee concept and distinctive space experience of AZZO in a silent manner, the designer experiments with the visual language of AZZO’s brand image.



The storefront signboard, which had the letter “A” in a diagonal pattern and is modeled after a plaque in ancient Chinese architectures, is angled toward the store and forms a natural angle with the clients, eliminating the oppressive feeling that the sign’s vast size would otherwise have. Visitors and passersby can also notice the information about coffee, flowers, as well as their spatial relationship from the distance.



The coffee bar is set up in a zigzag shape with the order area and product display area in the middle. From there, the moving line of the entire store extends straight ahead to the nearby flower service desk after curving inward to the hand-made coffee area.

▲以Z字母变化而成的脉搏跳动符号 A symbol for heart beating, derived from the letter Z


The back wall of the coffee bar is built of handcrafted bricks that have almost identical appearance with subtle differences. Coffee beans share similar trait, and it is exactly because of these minute differences that the rich flavor of the coffee is produced.



The 2.2-metre-wide glass revolving door design create an interesting way of entering the store. It also brings convenience to customers with strollers as well as the transportation of large floral arrangements and daily coffee supplies. The middle of the coffee area has O-shaped seats that accommodate the need of different customers. As the seasons change, the flower design in the center will also vary, thus relaxing the ambience of the room and altering the scene.


When the weather is nice, it’s a good choice to open the glass door, allowing the fast and slow movement of the traffic to be seen.

▲操作间趟门上的符号像是告诉顾客里面的人正在努力工作 The door to the operating room has a notice on it that appears to inform clients that there are workers inside.


Visitors may unintentionally come upon numerous design elements created by the visual features of AZZO at various locations throughout the area. This is similar to how people get along with one another-they do not need to formally introduce themselves, but as they spend time together, they will gradually go from being odd to being familiar. It inevitably forges an emotional bond between people.





项目设计 & 完成年份:2022-01/2022-03







Project Information——

Project name:AZZO COFFEE, Zhongshan

Category:coffee shop

Design firm:123Design

Start/completion time:March 2022 / May 2022

Chief designer:Tuno Liu

Project location:Zhongshan, China

Area:200 square meters

Photos:Little Praise


Materials:ashtree, manual red brick, stainless steel, cement paint