The project is located at Dongshajiao Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou, on the first floor of Yuexiu Time, surrounded by old streets and traditional houses. Therefore, we think, as the first corner coffee in Guangzhou, will it be displayed in this way?


Guangzhou Yuexiu District, as the starting point of Guangzhou’s cultural heritage, Yuexiu District is the oldest central city in Guangzhou. Surrounded by old neighborhoods and traditional Guangzhou landmark buildings, it is an important area that carries the historical context of Guangzhou.

▲项目区位 Project location

Gotlot coffee store作为角落文化咖啡品牌,品牌定位为精品化+社区化,走平民路线,注重地域社区文化。因此,GOTLOT也承载着很多的小创新与小尝试。主理人喜欢把不同区域,迎合着不同的场景,打造不同属于该区域特色的GOTLOT。让每一个角落有着他专属的GOTLOT。相同而又不同。让客人可以到不同的区域感受不一样的存在。而不是每一家都千遍一律,尽力把GOTLOT创造是一个富有个性的品牌。就跟客人感受精品咖啡的多变性一样,感受GOTLOT的特色性。

As a corner cultural coffee brand, Gotlot coffee store is positioned as boutique + community, taking the civilian route and focusing on regional community culture. Therefore, GOTLOT also carries many small innovations and small attempts. The manager likes to adapt different areas to cater to different scenarios and create different GOTLOTs that belong to the area. Let every corner have his exclusive GOTLOT. Same but different. Allow guests to experience different existence in different areas. Instead of making GOTLOT a thousand times the same, try to make GOTLOT a brand full of personality. Just as customers experience the variability of specialty coffee, feel the characteristics of GOTLOT.


In the design of the Guangzhou store, we hope that by extracting the old Guangzhou features with local style, we can implant it into the coffee experience place in a new way. Reorganize the spatial relationship and transform the commercial attributes into display attributes and social attributes. Through the orderly conversion of the movement relationship, the three spatial types of display-social-private are switched, and the unidirectional hierarchical relationship is transformed into a multi-level relationship .

▲室内空间概览 overall view of the interior space


The spatial style of this case extracts the characteristic life culture of Guangzhou, that is, the teahouse culture is streamlined and extracted. In the spatial layout, too many divided spaces and circuitous lines are not adopted, and the most direct two-layer functional relationship is directly simplified. Resting area with guests. The bar counter is arranged in the central part of the store, directly facing the core highlight of the coffee shop. When the design is dealing with the functional relationship, the design thinking should blur the division of different spatial functions as much as possible, that is, the integration between different functions-the three attributes are mutually penetrated, the barista, the coffee machine, and the display products are created. One after another, different focal points are used as the transition point of the sight, which distributes and connects the two large spaces, adds more stops, and produces a different sense of rhythm. The soft furnishings are matched with chairs made of characteristic rattan materials. The withered tree is located at the back of the store, echoing the bar counter as the highlight. Rigid and soft, return to nature.

▲室内空间概览 overall view of the interior space


The entrance area of the store has an outdoor area like the previous corner coffee, which increases the exchange scene. The facade of the store adopts middle-aged wood grain and window shapes, combined with Changhong glass, through the relationship between light and shadow, depicting the trajectory of time and nature from different angles. Light and shadow pass over the surface of the stone material, clearly projecting the close-up space, the level of the middle and long-distance scenes, slowly extending and passing between the exchange of stone and wood grain.


Corner Coffee, as a new coffee brand of corner culture, not only has to break the market’s wide recognition of coffee shops, but also follow its own unique rules to provide quality services and a comfortable experience atmosphere. Everything is full of unknowns and eager to discover. We hope that corner coffee can be distinguished from the versatility of the market and become a new variation in the cracks of the city.


After the project was completed and opened, we continued to pay attention to online social media and found that different customers have their own interpretations of the space design of the corner coffee shop in Guangzhou, returning to the original intention of the designer and designing in a highly modern urban environment A place that is different from the development of the times, why not please the designer?

▲空间吧台细部 Space details


The special blue bricks are introduced into the background of the bar, which echoes with other branches in the corner and evokes customers’ memory.

▲空间细部 Details

▲外立面细部 closer view to the facade

▲平面图 Plan

▲爆炸图 Explosion


项目名称: Gotlot Coffee Store广州店设计

项目地址: 广州越秀区

项目甲方: 角落文化

设计单位: Unknown Design Studio未知设计事务所

设计时间: 2020.7-2020.8

完工时间: 2020.10

项目面积: 80平米

项目摄影: Muji photographic studio 948938470@qq.com

主要材料: 白蜡木、水泥漆艺术涂料、青砖

Project Information——

Project Name:Gotlot Coffee Store

Project Location:Yuexiu,Guangzhou

Design company:Unknown Design Studio

Design area:80 sqm

Completion time:July 2020 – August 2020

Designed time:Oct.2020

Photographer:MUJI studio948938470@qq.com

Main material:Ash wood、Cement paint、brick