The quiet Shizi Lane in Chengdu is only one street away from Kuanzhai alley, but it is a completely different atmosphere. There are many old residents who have not been relocated for decades. The best business in the street is mahjong hall.



The 16 square meter shop is Goût.Goût chose to stay here. According to the host, “we don‘t recommend that guests take out or sit down for afternoon tea. We just hope that interested people will come to appreciate and communicate.”



This material is used to echo persimmon lane, hoping that it can be completely wrapped by the environment.


店铺虽小,却依然选择让出一个身位,增加进入的仪式感,给客人留一点余地。门口会写上daily menu。今日烘培的豆子,是否符合你的口味。

Although the shop is small, it still chooses to give up a body position to increase the sense of ceremony and leave some room for guests. Daily menu will be written at the door. Today’s baked beans, whether to meet your taste.


Green brick base into the bar, sitting on the stainless steel surface in the visual to give some sense of extension. The materials on the facade should be used to distinguish the bean baking area and the outer room, so as to strengthen the spatial level.


The entrance, tasting area and bean baking area present a progressive relationship. The front of the door is blocked to give people a sense of mystery and enrich space vision. The green brick elements in the alley are extracted to make the shop more local. The door is concave and hidden in plants and brick walls.The bar can shorten the distance between guests and baristas, and facilitate communication. But the seat is really limited, solid use of the wall to do modeling, so that people can rely on sitting, ease sitting pressure.



The overall wood color of the baked beans area, together with the elevation of the house type itself, visually presents a “box” state, which makes the space of baked beans an independent existence, indicating the ritual sense of the process of “baking beans”.





项目名称:成都·Goût & Co



项目设计 & 完成年份:2020.5






Project information——

Project name:Chengdu·Goût & Co

Design:Y·Design Chengdu

Contact e-mail:1792955283@qq.com

Design year & Completion Year:May.2020

Leader designer & Team:Y·Design team

Project location:Chengdu,China

Gross Built Area (square meters):15㎡

Photo credits:Heng Li

Material:black brick,wood,stainless steel