Sanxi Village, located in the southeast of the Eastern district of Zhongshan city since the Qing Dynasty, is situated in the valley between the northern foothills of Wugui Mountain. It is surrounded by mountains and rivers, and is one of the traditional villages with relatively complete original ecology in the main city of Zhongshan. A poem said about this village: “Around the middle of the mountains, roads twist and turn. A look at the stream for six or seven li, cottages with smoke arranged in two or three lines. Behind, forests to block the enemy from the north; Front, eight hundred acres of fertile land.”


Times China presents another masterpiece for the unique community in 2020: Times: Dreamland·YUNLAI. The community is adjacent to the east of Sanxi Village, covering an area of about 40,000 square meters, with a construction area of about 96,000 square meters. The high-end residential ecosystem is built with a 2.0 ultra-low plot ratio. There is an open top-floor social club covering an area of 2,700 square meters in the garden of the project center, named “YUNLAI”. It was projected by DOMANI (integration of landscape, architecture and interior products), a top design agency invited by Time China real estate company again.

想象的乡土 Imaginary vernacular


If the creative type of this project is to be clearly defined, designers are more inclined to be regarded as interpreting the retrieval and abstraction of contemporary vernacular representation through an integrated project.



“There is no such thing as vernacular; it is just a representation of memory. This representation arises from a series of interweaving relationships: the mechanism of history and geography; the relationship between production and reproduction; the operation and practice of the government, and the medium and form of the interaction of people and so on. We call a kind of diversity or even tenses in general as vernacular, and we are trying to define unstable things as a kind of stability.” Yu Lin said, on this sense, vernacular is actually an imagined community.

空间认同 Spatial identity


In the process of urbanization in China today, most people or families have solidified into a broad middle class. The construction of modern cities and architecture intends to show them the crushing of memory by time and space with unprecedented capacity and intensity, so identity is becoming the main and sometimes even the only meaning.

People are increasingly not knowing who they are, but constructing their own meaning in terms of what they are or what they believe they are.Spacial identity is the same.People never belong to space, and never live above it. People’s intuition is to try to be a part of the chaos in space and to find their own sense of existence from the chaos.

特群空间 Special group space


Today, the living environments of most people are still mirror images of the increasingly expansive side, while the new architectural style has always attempted to use softer power to reorganize the fragments of life rituals and space functions into an organically intertwined one. The system is not rigid and stagnant. It is updated day by day but not torn, changes are subtle rather than rudely subverted.


Whether we should emphasize the private or the public space when we extend the living space; we should know that most of the middle and high-income families who live in groups have become accustomed to a certain torn spatial connection. This connection begins with scale houses of around a hundred feet square and ends up in the enigmatic macro city outside.On the other hand, Chinese people at a larger level are actually accustomed to finding subjective cognition of their own meaning in imaginary memory symbols. Therefore, there is a complex possibility engraved between public space and private space-Special group space, which derives from differences. The designer concretized this as a product and touched its contours by gaining market resonance. At the same time, it also brings discussion of the possibility of two product strategies for the broad real estate market: first, logical type of project; integrated design and construction and diversified functions. Second, accurate proofreading and stratification of user types: capture the highly knowledgeable and productive people, guide relevant users and be compatible with a wide range of audience.

几何秩序感 Sense of geometric order

作为简洁的几何形式的建筑物,建筑关系可视作两条长方体的交叠,体块的组合,交叠区域形成加强了空间维度的联系,形成动线上的分流与管理。外立面饰面为无序错拼的陶砖,配以柔砂镀铬镜面,让“物性自显”。建筑与景观融贯统一西面入口采用“L”型的路径,在特定的视域中,游览者可以观看不同的侧面——封闭与开放,露天与地下,偶然与限定、不朽与日常、时间与物质、…,在场感的不同解释, 可谓凝结知觉的丰富体验。

As a simple geometrical building, the architectural relationship can be regarded as the overlapping of two cuboids and the combination of volumes. The overlapping area strengthens the connection of spatial dimensions and forms the diversion and management of moving lines. two rectangular parallelepipeds. The exterior facade is decorated in disorderly misspelled ceramic tiles with a soft sand chrome-plated mirror which allows physical properties to manifest themselves. The building and landscape are integrated and unified. The west entrance adopts an L-shaped path that allows visitors to view different sides in a given field-closed and open, outdoor and underground, casual and finite, immortal and daily, time and matter. Different interpretations of the sense of presence can be described as rich experiences of condensed perception.


The wrap-around trail with a walking time of about 3-5 minutes runs through the public path of the park and the club. Through the relaxation and guidance of the emotional movement, users have a dynamic experience of the main body of the building in a certain time and space. The spatial composition logic of horizontal reorganization along the north-south side to the long side enables the building’s unfolding surface to receive the golden sunshine time to the greatest extent. At this time, light and shadow become a kind of real-time scene superimposed on the artificial architectural order like a layer of random chaos.


All the glory of the world is nothing but variegated impurity. – Edmund Spencer

城市文脉 Urban context


Considering and emphasizing regionalism in the perspective of globalization, the handmade pottery tiles, which are very similar to soil, are selected as the memory carrier of “villages”, forming unique color and mottling under the effect of external environment and symbiotic with nature. In order to explore the rational return of traditional culture through the integration of locality and times, it is necessary to search for the authentic properties of materials, inject the localized “sense of soil” into the shape and profile of buildings, and derive the reconsideration of the relationship between architecture, region and nature.


It can be considered that the selection logic of materials comes from the local symbols, which is a very obvious connection. But the more internal reason comes from the sense of breathing and changing characteristics required for a permanent building. The designer spent nearly a year collaborating with suppliers to develop ceramic tile materials that fully restore the sense of soil. In addition to maintaining the high weather resistance and water permeability of the fired ceramics, the mottled color perception requires changes in air, ultraviolet light and rain over a long period of time. It is basically applied to two installation techniques with different cost models, trough dry hanging and perforated metal keel combined with semi-masonry.


The wide range of materials is interpreted and validated through the use of hand-made ceramic tiles as an application material for the overall building skins. Starting from the small orderly details, the core module is used as the technical system for the production and application of building materials. Three modular specifications are selected for the components, namely 1200×310mm, 800×85mm, 800×40mm. The gap size in the application is calculated in the module design and the material passes repeated calculations and pre-installation verification, and then prefabricated by the factory to ensure the tolerance and adaptability of large-scale applications.


The main styles of furniture for public function space come from the “Multipod” series of high-fixed products from A&V. The arc edge design reduces the risk of collision in the multi-person flow line space. The leg structure of the multipod meets the different length and Highly applied evolution. The table top is a 5mm thick solid aluminum plate, and the fine texture scratches that will be produced during long-term use are part of the design. Of course, for most users who are concerned about the loss of natural materials, the choice of this material does require explanation.


The gym equipment comes from Italy’s top fitness equipment products of Technogym.

People who fled to New York to seek “freedom” from the former Soviet Union created a huge swimming pool, but their way of moving forward was to swim backwards in this floating pool continuously. –Koolhaas, who wrote a joke about the swimming pool.

动线的效率 Line efficiency


The over-effective connection makes the result of the contact become the primary while the process and purpose of the connection are neglected. Just as the essence of the real garden is hidden in an inefficient aspiration, it seems to be visible but can only be reached at a certain distance. The private kitchen “JIAN”, the highlight of the clubhouse, is hidden at the bottom of the pool. If it is not cost-constrained, people will be able to watch the charming dynamics of the pool.

十八人环形中餐台来自桉和韦森的高定线产品“The moon”,铜质台面将在适当的照明环境下如月色溢辉于室内。餐椅同样来自桉和韦森高定线产品,它是一款基于材料学形成溶胶硬性驳接的PVC透明板式座椅,匹配有令人意外的贴身舒适的人体工学角度设计。中轴吊灯选配自建筑师Peter Zumthor为意大利顶线灯具品牌Viabizzuno的创作,它拥有无与伦比的空间凝聚力。

The 18-person circular Chinese dining table is from A&V’s high-end product “The Moon”, copper countertops will glow indoors under proper lighting conditions like the moon. Dining chair also comes from A&V’s high-end products. It is a PVC transparent board seat with a sol rigid connection based on material science which is matched with a surprisingly intimate and comfortable ergonomic Angle design. The central axis chandelier is selected from the creation of the architect Peter Zumthor for the Italian top-line lighting brand Viabizzuno. It has unparalleled spatial cohesion.

第五面上悄然存在的SKY CLUB,在夏季入夜时分开放或供住户私定使用。

The SKY CLUB, which quietly exists on the fifth side, is open at night in summer or for private use by residents.


There is no temple like Delphi to remind of who ‘I’ am. However, this city is still the metaphor of ‘I’, muted or lit physically and psychologically at the same time.








建筑设计:余霖 | 东仓建设

景观设计:余霖 | 东仓建设

室内设计:余霖 | 东仓建设


协作设计:刘焕辉、王舒洁 等 | 东仓建设

传媒管理 :李锌苒 | 东仓建设


Projet Information——

Name:Bright Night and GentleDismemberment – Meunier Tech Beauty Shenzhen ConceptStore

Location:Guangdong, China




Architectural Design:Ann Yu | DOMANI

Landscape Design:Ann Yu | DOMANI

Interior Design:Ann Yu | DOMANI


Cooperative Design:Rex Liu、Sue Wang | DOMANI

Media Management:Lilian Lee | DOMANI

Photographer:Vincent Wu