RooMoo和Lucas Chirnside接受了挑战,设计了上海新天地最著名的葡萄酒酒吧之一。

RooMoo and Lucas Chirnside took on the challenge of designing one of the city’s most instantly recognizable bistros for wine in Xintiandi, Shanghai.


A library of wine, 16 meters long punctuated by 5 meters vertical shelves holding more than 5000 bottles of wine…When the customers come in, they are walking into a full wine cellar experience. We wanted to create a special experience around the wine theme for customers.


The dining area is located in the middle of our space between the wine library and the bar. So while the barman serves wine glasses at the bar, you can observe at the same time waiters, climbing ladders to access higher platform to select some bottle of wine. Once chosen, the bottle of wine will be delivered in a basket using a rope system. It brings a full scenery to our customer wine experience.


Terra cotta walls participates to the wine cellar atmosphere. While it is usual to get the bar at the back, our bar stands at the front challenging codes. It is at the border of our façade, offering seats indoor and outdoor. The façade can be totally open, semi-closed or entirely closed.


These several combinations allow to create a different type of openings and to create different faces for our restaurant in order to renew client experiences. Once the façade is closed, we can close a second layer of doors and create vip rooms.  The light coming through holes offers privacy, but also a nice vibrating lighting play through different hole sizes.

餐厅气氛的目标是感受到精致和温暖,在家具中的蓝色和橙色之间充分发挥色彩。 不是所有的,但侧宴会厅,交叉宴会厅,一些椅子和主吊灯照明和较小的照明元素是为本项目定制的。

The atmosphere has been targeted to feel sophisticated and very warm with a play full balance in colour, between the blue and the orange in furniture. Not all but the side banquets, cross banquet, some chairs and the main pendant lighting and smaller lighting elements have been bespoke for this project.



设计公司: RooMoo

项目年份 : 2018

项目空间: 277㎡

楼层数: 1 + Mezz

位置: L122, No 838 south huangpo road, Shanghai

照片版权: Roomoo & Arch-Exist

材料 :金属网,香槟金属穿孔、砖、白色大理石和黑色橡木地板图案、马赛克(Sicis)、瓷砖(Porcelanosa)

主设计师: Lucas Chirnside & Marine Bois

设计团队: Tao & Dai Yun Feng team

客户: Lecoq

Project information——

Design Company: RooMoo

Project year : 2018

Project Area: 277 Square Meters

Number of Floors: 1 + Mezz

Location: L122, No 838 south huangpo road, Shanghai

Photo copyright: Roomoo & Arch-Exist

Materials : Metal mesh,  Champagne metal perforated, bricks, white marble and black oak wood for pattern on floor, Mosaic (Sicis), Tiles (Porcelanosa)

Main designer: Lucas Chirnside & Marine Bois

Design Team: Tao & Dai Yun Feng team

Client: Lecoq