let the children grow in happiness.Giraffe American English Training campus based in Xuhui Binjiang is length more than 40 meters with a total area of about 600 square meters.In the case of how to ensure that the children‘s learning space is perfect,planning more interesting space and creating a super exciting window,is a great challenge to meet.


学习空间—飘在空中的教室  Learning space – Floating Classroom

借助场所4.2 米净高的优势,将教室抬高,和地面相脱离。面向公共走廊的四间教室出挑达3.6~4.0米,强化出悬浮感和不定性,这种不定性及恰当尺度的分离导致一种看似随意的游离状态,空间产生张力。

By taking advantage of the 4.2-meter height, we raise the classrooms and separate them from the ground. The four classrooms facing the public corridor are 3.6 to 4.0 meters to the ground, which enhances the sense of suspension and uncertainty. This uncertainty and proper separation creates a seemingly random state of freedom.



The four floating classrooms between the two stages are in the middle of the entire space.Each classroom is like a round and pure white box with giraffe pattern formed by round holes of different sizes,which form a clear and soft picture and a unique perspective.Through the hollowed-out giraffe pattern,a mysterious and interesting communication atmosphere is formed around the classroom,and people passing by the classrooms can faintly see the colour and children who is studying in the classroom.At the same time,the children are“floating”with the classroom.They will not be disturbed.The “floating”classrooms and the 0.9-1.35 meters height below,give the space more latitude and an interesting activity area that belongs only to children.Children can access the space freely,while adults can only recall the beauty of childhood outside it.However,moving or quietness are all happy moments.





阅读空间—学校里总少不了书  Reading space – books are always necessary


The reception is located at the front and is embedded at an arc angle,to give reasonable space for the lobby and maximize the book area at the entrance.The bookshelf is embedded in the wall,and various books are placed in an arranged manner.It echoes the book house at another end of the space.The books on the shelf show the importance of knowledge under the warm yellow light of the floor lamps.People in this space are also easier to be calmed down and comforted by the books.



表演空间—将剧院装进学校里来  Performance space – put the theater into the school


For children,the first thing to learn is expression skills. In this limited space,we practically created two stages for the children,which are enough to be used as the children‘s theater.The book area at the reception can be turned into a stage only with one curtain,and the entire hall is an open auditorium.There are?children who start their courses by singing songs and accepting the attention with applause of their parents every single day.On the other side of the space,another stage stands in the Speak Up classroom.Children are more willing to call it the Giraffe Theatre,because this stage is their partner in learning,rehearsing and performing.The embossed words consisting of the names of classic fairy tales,plays,novels and literary masters,are displayed?around Speak Up on the back curtain of the stage,and they support every child on the stage.At the end of each session of Speak Up,there will be a performance.We are very pleased to see the children’s excellent performance and the pride on the face of their parents.


色彩—二度分割  Color –dual division

孩子眼中的多彩,或是成人眼中的留白,是不同的两个维度。”学校是家长、孩子、老师共处的地方。在完成功能区域合理归置后,我们希望让每一个空间的使用者得以最大程度的舒适,但又要有一定的区域划分。我们将孩子与成人的世界用颜色来“二度分割”:在家长的眼里,它会是简洁、黑白分明;在孩子的眼里,它会是绚丽、色彩斑斓。釉白的大厅、淡雅的长廊,空间透露着简单而从容的安静感,这是成人所希翼的活动场所;而在孩子活动的区域,图书区、舞台区、教室区都是色彩斑斓的,分外夺目的画面,橙色、绿色、蓝色… 跳跃着表达出童年追求的多彩姿态。

“The colorfulness in the eyes of children,or the white space in the eyes of adults,is two different dimensions.”The school is where parents,children,and teachers cooperate.After the proper placement of functional areas,we hope to give each space maximum comfort,but this requires area division.We use colour to divide the children and adults:for parents,it will be simple with black and white;for children,it will be beautiful and colorful.With the glazed white hall and the elegant gallery,such space reveals a simple and calm atmosphere,which is the place where adults like.In the area for children’s activities,the book area,stage and classrooms are all colorful,with eye-catching pictures which actively expresses children.