From music to architecture, from literature to film and television, everything in the universe crosses the boundary between real numbers and art, and changes the way we see the world with a new vision.


“These explorations are to create the future before we reach the future”, said designer Xu Lin.



· Chapter.1 ·

虚拟艺术 超现实世界

Virtual art surreal world



Foshan, China, has a long history but is young and fashionable. Just like their entertainment lifestyle, it is avant-garde and extraordinary.


Entertainment space is the vanguard position of art creators. It uses the experience that is impossible to realize in reality to blur the boundary between the art world and commerce.


Art is a way of healing, which can not only reveal the beauty of the world, transmit ideas and ideas, but also bring freedom to the spirit.


In the free meta universe, the gentle artistic power breaks the traditional impression of science fiction as “cool and tough”.


· Chapter.2 ·

光影世界 城市会客厅

Light and shadow world city reception hall



When the entertainment space goes outdoors, water is the best medium, maintaining its space-time texture of virtual and real crisscross, and integrating the charm of light technology and color.


· Chapter.3 ·


Multidimensional perception through time and space



360 degree immersive device is the energy storage of light, the capture of motion trajectory, and a real and thorough experience of the world.


Quicksand like curve, with its unique connection method, builds a bridge between people and art, which is a pure expression of beauty.


Through the tracks of metal, glass and rhythm, rhythm brings an infinite sense of future to the architecture and field space. Create an artistic space-time scene, connecting consciousness and subconsciousness, dreams and reality.


Time comes for a new protagonist, and time comes for a new form of task.

置身于感官无界的艺术世界之中,时尚与艺术跨界的多融性, 突破想象,夸张比例的视觉倾斜,打造城市脉搏律动,活力在此激活。

超越空间、 时间和质地,创造五感全开的视觉饕餮盛宴,是未来生活方式助推器。

Being in the boundless art world of senses, the cross-border integration of fashion and art breaks through imagination and creates the pulse of the city.

Beyond space, time and texture, creating a visual feast with five senses in full bloom is the booster of the future lifestyle.



When digital art works appear together with people’s daily environment, reality and fantasy are intertwined, creating a unique aesthetic fantasy.

Enter the dream tunnel, linger in the dream world, and explore the unknown.


· Chapter.4 ·


Scarcity experience and aesthetic value



Based on the in-depth investigation of generation Z user groups, the blue futuristic space keynote marked by cyberpunk is more in line with their emotional perception of “freedom” and “release”.


The function and aesthetics of thinking space are too thin. Exploring and balancing the surface and deep needs of consumers is not a simple superposition, but integration and mutual reinforcement. Giant art sculptures form punch in memory points and become props to create a surreal sense of scale.


The ubiquitous geometric lines full of rhythm and rhythm reshape the shape of the super private room. Its changefulness and invisibility trigger endless imagination. It is an endless starry sky, and can also be seen as a deep jungle, or the blue coast under the night sky.


Entering the virtual world of science and technology, no form is more exciting and shocking than the ultra-high-scale three-dimensional space. Designers hope that users can feel the spiritual shock brought by its “big” in their hearts, which is not only the physical scale of space.


The essence of entertainment space design is to shape personal dreams in every time and space, and be stripped layer by layer in reality.


Imagine a door that can be opened at will. The world landscape behind it is made up of data and light. When the gravity of materials disappears, physics and illusion merge.


Vision is deceptive. It is a line to surface arrangement, forming a multilateral, three-dimensional and multi-dimensional, becoming broad, grand and always pure.


The sense of visual extension and substitution, through the refraction and reflection of minimalist lines in space, has the feeling of space-time structure in Star Trek, and creates the most tension space with the least design.

未来,所有由实到虚的创作都将由虚再归到现实。MIX PARTY是探索者的角色,提供虚实之间转换的场所和空间,追求转换之间的自由与流畅。

In the future, all creation from reality to emptiness will return from emptiness to reality. Mix party is the role of experimenter, providing the place and space for the conversion between virtual and real, and pursuing the freedom and fluency between conversion.













Project Information——

Project Name:MIX PARTY

Project Type:Interior design


Designer:Lin Xu

Project location:Foshan China

Project Area:5500 Square Meters

Completion time:2022

Photographer:Hongyi Mao