A dialogue between form and field



The artistic conception of the east meets the form of the west is a very subtle integration. The streamline is like walking in the garden. The falling eaves are shining with the sky. Climbing up the bluestone rockery, entering a round door hole, sitting on the ground, drinking a pot of tea, and looking up at a beam of light are all natural comforts.

项目处于商业的一条内街道,一个胡同的末端,店铺对面分别是商业地下停车场的入口,边上住宅的人行入口,和电瓶车的入口。尺度上将原有的三个店铺合成一个,形成了一个八米长的外立面。设计师对于现场周边环境的分析与室内功能的划分结合,把外立面通过画框的形式分别框出了座位区 ,入口,以及厨房区域,同时将入口内推并且倾斜45°角朝向主街道,这样不单解决了风水相冲的问题,也满足了餐厅空间的需要保持部分私密与开放性的属性,并且让整个外立面具备很强的艺术体块感,有利于店铺的识别度与传播性。设计师同时考虑到了社会属性,后厨的外墙通过十字架构,形成了户外的厨师歇息长凳,也可以满足客人打卡与社区邻里休息。

The project is located at the end of an inner commercial street and an alley. Opposite the store are the entrance of the commercial underground parking lot, the pedestrian entrance of the residential building on the side, and the entrance of the battery car. The original three stores will be combined into one to form an eight-meter long facade. The designer combined the analysis of the surrounding environment of the site with the division of indoor functions, and framed the outer facade to show the seating area, entrance, and kitchen area respectively in the form of a picture frame. At the same time, the entrance was pushed inward and inclined at 45 ° to the main street, which not only solved the problem of feng shui confrontation, but also met the needs of the restaurant space to maintain some private and open properties, and made the entire outer facade have a strong sense of artistic block, It is conducive to store recognition and dissemination. The designer also considered the social attribute. The exterior wall of the back kitchen formed an outdoor chef’s rest bench through a cross structure, which can also meet the needs of guests to punch in and rest in the neighborhood.

▲外立面设计图 Design of the façade 


The ground floor is mainly for dine-in and kitchen areas. The important point of bird burning is the interaction between the chef and the guests. Pour a glass of wine or cut a piece of sashimi and hand it to the guest is a very important picture. The designer put the bird burning bar in the center of the plane. Whether you see it through the door or the passage to the second floor, you need to pass through the bar. Let the vision be filled with fireworks, and let the smell absorb the flavor of food.

▲1F爆炸图,Axonometric drawing 1F



Light and bamboo



Walking into the space is like walking in the garden, and you are glad to see that the bamboo leaked from the window and door hole flutters with the wind, or is wet by the rain, or is shining in the sun.

▲竹结构设计图 Bamboo structure



Wine and poetry



Literati often had friends in pairs, hidden and under the bamboo forest, boiled wine and toast, the bard is right.  The space is intended to create such an atmosphere, so that the guests who are busy working for a day have the poetic space of ancient scholars. Food and wine let the spirit and body relax slowly and enjoy a good time with friends.


Due to the limitation of the overlapping area between the floor height and the first and second floors, the staircase is designed as a segment type, with a straight run and a U-shape. In the design of the handrail, the separation design of stone and steel plate is also made. Through the separation of different blocks, the usually monotonous stair handrail has more interesting and artistic senses, and also forms a transformation process of space, which makes the guests sublimate from aesthetic senses to psychology in the process of going upstairs, and at the same time lays a certain reverie for the space upstairs.

▲艺术楼梯设计图 Art stairs



Sculpture with staircase



The designerpays attention to every detail of the space, taking the stairs as a sculpture to deliberate, deconstruct, cut, and intersperse, and surrounding it in detail, so that the sense of art can be quietly embedded in the space.


On the second floor, there is a small private room for 6 people and a large private room for 10 people. The small private room is designed as a spiritual space. Walking on the black charred solid wood, after entering the circular transparent door grid, it is facing a half-arc wall. The wall is surrounded by simple micro-cement. A beam of light from the sky to the ground, sitting on the ground, may be able to close your eyes and look forward to the arrival of good food.



Containers of light



If there is no light in the building form, it will disappear, and the form can also carry light. The so-called light container, the closed indoor space often lacks natural light, and the use of light often determines the spirit of the space. The designer hides light in different containers in many places of the space, so that people can find light when traveling through different spaces, and find the interest and guidance brought by light.

▲光的容器设计图 Contaner of light

▲一层平面 Layout of L1

▲二层平面 Layout of L2

▲二层轴侧 Axonometric of L2

▲二层立面 Elevation of L2

▲外立面设计图 Design of the façade 



项目设计 & 完成年份:2023.1




外立面改造 & 室内硬装:ATD万物建筑