pierre de ronsard是广为熟知的月季龙沙宝石而它另一个含义是法国近代诗人的名字,他在诗中将借花喻人从而被传诵一时,业主选择将它作为店名,从而作为浪漫含义的延伸。

Pierre de ronsard represents the well-known Eden Rosegem, and also the name of a modern French poet, who was widely spread for his description of human beings with a metaphor of flowers. It is selected for the name of a shop by the owner, as an extension of romantic meaning.


As a retail shop mainly for displaying the baking process and desserts, it is designed to create a spatial feature with the concept, and establish the special atmosphere, so as to extend the possibility of the shop design.




The boundary is not the stop of something, but the appearance of something new. – Martin Heidegger.


One side of the site faces the inner street of the shopping mall, and therefore starting from the thought of the boundary, a block is used to replace the interface, to obtain an ambiguous boundary of space by the minimalist design.


The relationship of mutual penetration endows the space with openness to some extent, and connects the internal and external space with the physical dissolution and fusion.




Like a plant breaking through the soil, the display framework enters the space in the way of reverse growth and connects with each other, in which the entirely different texture, color and formestablisha distinct dialogue relationship with the surroundings. Multi-dimensional extension and intersection definethe pedestrian circulation, in which the circulation is constant and the line of sight is unobstructed in all directions.


The laminated metal sheets with various heights play roles of displaying and interactive installation with customers.


Centered on the concept of ambiguous boundary, the perforated curved wall with ivory paint near the main entrance responds with the gradually varied spacing of holes.





项目名称:pierre de ronsard龙沙宝石烘焙




主创及设计团队:苏阳 张峰率 王海 龚道湘



客户:pierre de ronsard龙沙宝石品牌


摄影版权:陈铭 徐义稳

Project information——

Project name:pierre de ronsard Baking shop

Design:Nonezone Space Atelier

Design year :2018.07

Completion Year:2018.11

Leader designer & Team:Suyang Zhangfengshuai Wanghai Gongdaoxiang

Project location:Wuxi Jiangsu

Gross Built Area (square meters):110㎡

Clients:pierre de ronsard Brand

Material: Perforated metal sheet, custom-made tile, brass, MF wall paint

Photo credits:Chenming Xuyiwen