The concept rotates around the idea of serving healthy food, providing sophisticated yet informal seating settings with soft chairs, benches and places for gathering, laying down and relaxing with friends.

Green Option是一家知名中国公司的分公司,在线销售沙拉和健康食品。他们对新店的主要要求是创建一个可以解释和反映总公司愿景和价值观的地方,清晰的空间,健康的食物,可以让客户分离城市人群和噪音的冥想环境。

Green Option is the off-line branch of a well known Chinese company selling salads and healty food online. Main request for the new store was about creating a place that could interpret and reflect the highest company vision and values, clear space, healthy food, meditative environment that may allow customers to detach form urban crowd and noise.


Each room offers a different functional program. Café, restaurant, cocktail bar and an external  patio are all served by a central kitchen and organized along a backbone corridor where an open display bakery is facing. In some much smaller rooms we managed to get a bathroom, a small office and two storage/technical rooms. The project develops a design strategy that aims to sew up the randomly fragmented spaces on first floor of a multifunctional building, while taking advantage of the articulated layout for organizing the new functions.


White curved iron strips on ceiling, separated by acrylic and LED lighting lines, characterize the whole environment. They rhythm the space and constitute the main spatial feature, creating large common spaces and defining smaller intimate ones, by enlarging and shrinking to fit the size of different rooms. Light gray concrete surfaces on walls create an uniform background where the white iron strips stand out from, like large drawers been infilled into a pre-existing concrete box.

建筑师通过使用定制的餐厅平台、不同类型的座椅和家具及织物的特定颜色,进一步强调了每个空间带个人们的不同感受。事实上,这个空间提供了多种座位选择的可能性,围绕不同宽度和高度的平台和长凳系统组织,能够满足年轻的中国客户的需求:放松,喝茶,与朋友聊天,或在用餐时可以使用笔记本电脑。 由意大利品牌Irisun制作的定制枕头,矮沙发,椅子和凳子覆盖着防水面料,整合了座椅系统,增加了柔软度和色彩搭配,每个房间都有不同的主色调。

Feeling of each room has been further emphasized by custom-made use of platform setting, different seating types and specific colors for the furniture fabric. The space is offering in fact the possibility of multiple seating choices, organized around a system of platforms and benches with different widths and heights, able to satisfy the need of youngest Chinese customers, to relax and have a tea, chatting with friends, or having a quick meal while working on your laptop. Custom made pillows, dwarf sofas, chairs and stools covered with waterproof fabric by Italian brand Irisun, integrate the seating system  adding softness and an accent of color, with a dominant tone which differs for each room.

连续的水磨石地板在现场浇筑,并由经验丰富的工匠进行为期超过三周的抛光和打磨。地板的不同石材纹理和灰色色调配合着台阶和平台,限定出不同的功能区域。水磨石纹理在面包店空间的所有表面上升起,以定义墙壁和用于展示面包和糕点的内置柜。 长达7米的铁框滑动围栏可以密封不同区域,形成可移动的屏幕,从而增加走廊上视觉视角的深度。 拉丝钢表面用于技术和服务功能,包括柜台,门和显示器。 镜面成品钢材上的金属反射和活力回声用于为项目专门设计和实现的定制照明灯具。

The continuous terrazzo floor has been poured-in-place and polished by skilled artisans for over  three weeks. Its different stone grains and gray color tones contribute to mark the specific program on different areas with steps and platforms. Terrazzo texture raises up on all surfaces in the bakery space to define walls and built-in display cabinets for bread and pastry. Up to 7 meter long iron framed sliding fences on wheels can be partially close to seal the different areas, creating movable screens, which add depth to the visual perspectives on corridor. Brushed steel surfaces has been used for technical and service functions, including counters, doors and displays. Metal reflection and vibrancy echoes on the mirror finished steel used for the tailor-made lighting fixtures specifically designed and realized for the project.





建筑师:Marcella Campa, Stefano Avesani

合作方: Lisa Montanari, Sara Scotti, Huo Ran, Giacomo Squaquara






家具设计:Operagamma / Ramoprimo






Project information——

design team :RAMOPRIMO

architects :Marcella Campa, Stefano Avesani

collaborators: Lisa Montanari, Sara Scotti, Huo Ran, Giacomo Squaquara

location:Beijing, China

function mixed use:café, restaurant, bakery

area :360 sqm

type :built

year :2019

furniture design : Operagamma / Ramoprimo

fabric :Irisun

contractor: Beijing Huayishengze Decorate Engineering Co., Ltd

on-site manager: Yuan WenJie

engineering :Yuan ZhiFeng