“Shenzhen Center·Tianyuan Complex Project” is jointly built by Gemdale Group, Dabaihui, and Excellent Real Estate, with a development and construction scale of 1.4 million square meters, and plans for high-end commercials, apartments, Grade A office buildings, schools, etc. In terms of volume alone, the project is not only a key urban renewal project in Futian District, but also the largest commercial complex project in the central district of Shenzhen.

本案的设计主题为“pick me”,结合艺术装置、人文体验、科技集市、童趣空间等元素,打造出符合年轻人品味的,集潮流性与话题性一体的艺术空间。

The design theme of this project is “pick me”, combining elements of art installation, humanistic experience, technology market, childlike space, etc., to create an art space that meets the tastes of young people and integrates trend and topicality.


All floors have realized a full-scenario design, and the public space has been visually packaged starting from the escalator. At the same time, the artistic atmosphere and interactive experience of the entire mall space have been enhanced through novel and interesting interactive installations.



The main tone of the entire mall is simple and bright white, so the designer considered adding a lot of highly saturated colors at the beginning of the design to mobilize the liveliness of the space and deepen the visual impact.


The atrium is the place where the shopping malls gather the most people and are most likely to generate memory points. Choosing the colorful lines to hang down from the atrium deepens the depth of the mall and adds a touch of softness and elegance to the hard and cold buildings.


Large-scale art installations further test the skill of design. The seemingly chaotic lines actually have their own arrangement rules. Boldly jumping colors linger in front of you, with a ray of light interspersed in it, illuminating all the mess. The designer aims to convey a concept: Sometimes life is like a mess, but you still have to see the light in it.


Trees that are lush or withered in nature, we give them another kind of life in the mall. Abandoning the single boring green, the concept of colorful is also adopted when creating branches and leaves. The upside-down shape is unique, and the scattered light pieces refract different light perception from different angles. The color theory is used to the fullest and full of interest.

Light and shadow

上空区域的天花采用了斑点造型,并与照明相結合,与One Avenue卓悦空间外立面上的斑点元素相呼应。大小不一的圆形灯,内嵌LED显示屏,不同图案和颜色随机切换,随扶手电梯缓缓而上,仰视角度的不断收窄,带来视觉感官与审美体验上的极致享受。

The ceiling in the upper sky area adopts a spotted shape and is combined with lighting to echo the spotted elements on the fa?ade of One Avenue Bonjour Space. Round lights of different sizes, embedded LED display screens, different patterns and colors are randomly switched, slowly moving up with the escalator, and the angle of looking up is constantly narrowing, bringing the ultimate enjoyment of visual sense and aesthetic experience.


In addition to emphasizing practical functions, escalators can actually become a carrier of beautiful art installations. A large LED color screen is installed under the escalator according to a certain arc, showing a neatly cut three-dimensional sense. The ground uses the same art installation, and the jumping and rolling color screens project different forms of light and shadow, which are staggered and superimposed to render the light and dark levels while releasing strong individual power.


Unlike other shopping malls that ignore the installation of fire escapes, the designer made a reasonable modification design for the fire escapes of the Bonjour Center without affecting the fire protection function. Green light sources are installed in the ceiling, and the light and shadow reflected from the black painted floor echo each other, stretching the vision of the passage. Human figures are drawn on both sides of the passage, unpredictable under the play of light and shadow, making people feel like they are in the world of sci-fi, where artistry and technological sense have reached a perfect unity.

Children‘s theme space


Children’s business has become the popular engine of commercial real estate. Children‘s theme spaces are particularly important in shopping mall design and commercial street design. The designer uses anthropomorphic techniques to set up cartoon or animal images in multiple places to fully attract the attention of children.


In addition to the cute pet elements that can be seen everywhere, the designer also focused on creating a “childlike tunnel”. The different small animals on the ground, some were in a daze, some were playing, with different postures. A retro-futuristic style design (lowpoly style) was selected in the design, which not only goes back to the past, but also goes to the future, looking for an aesthetic balance in the vacillation. This is an abstract digital art, showing a retro sense of new technology.


The childlike space in the mall is not just for children, the designer also hopes that everyone can have an innocent childlike heart. Two large 3D needle-carved walls are installed at the entrance of the mall, and the interesting experience fully activates people’s innate innocence and playfulness. People can “print” themselves with concave shapes at will, which is extremely interactive and can also serve as a good drainage for shopping malls.