Wutopia Lab 受数字潮牌爱范儿(ifanr)委托在广州 TIT 创意园中创作了 Popped Orange——未来社 HOUSE 于 2022 年 9 月落成开放。这个以「光塔」为枢纽,以「糖」为隐喻的垂直微型社交综合体是甲方爱范儿联合 Wutopia Lab 以一次开放的设计实验方式进行的,以一次名为 Keep Patching 的城市社区和生活方式更新活动,它是一个探索咖啡,酒吧,展览,剧场及观光等灵活场景于一体的社区试验场。它也是 Wutopia Lab 自 2015 年推行的城市微空间复兴计划的第一个广州样板。

Wutopia Lab was commissioned by the digital fashion brand ifanr to create the “Popped Orange — ifland” in Guangzhou TIT Creative Park, which was completed and opened in August 2022. It is an open design experiment, a vertical micro social complex with a light tower as the hub, including coffee, bar, theater, exhibition, sightseeing and party, by ifanr and Wutopia Lab called KEEP PATCHING, an urban community and lifestyle renewal activity. It is also the first Guangzhou model of Wutopia Lab’s urban microspace revitalization program since 2015.




两位创作者的野望 The wildness of two creators


爱范儿的创始人 Wilson 认为,「人生何尝不是一个打补丁的过程,凡事未必都得推倒重来」。补丁(.Patch)并不只是修补,也是构筑明日生活方式的武器;自我更新(self-augmenting)也是一种生活哲学。最后这个观点被抽象为著名科技和生活方式媒体爱范儿的价值主张:Keep Patching(无限更新),并形成了涵盖 People、Art、Tech,City,Howto(Tool)五个领域的「 Patch_in LAB 社区实验」。爱范儿在这些领域集中探寻:什么是更智能和高效的生活,更可持续的生活,更注重美感的生活,更平等包容的生活……Wilson 认为社区实验既是我们探索明日生活的方法,而本身就是一种明日生活方式。

Wilson, the founder of ifanr, believes that life is inevitably a patchwork process, and that everything does not necessarily have to be pushed back. Self-augmenting is also a philosophy of life. He further said that in a sense, this unprecedented ability of human beings to self-argument themselves has led to the evolution of modern Homo sapiens and the change of civilization. This last idea is abstracted into the value proposition of ifanr, a renowned technology and lifestyle media. ifanr has launched the “Patch_in Project” following the idea of Keep Patching (infinite self-argumenting), covering five fields: Tech, City, Tool, Art, Voice. ifanr focuses on these fields to explore: what is a smarter and more efficient life, what is a more sustainable life? Wilson believes that community experiments is both a way for us to explore future life, and a way of living itself.


Wutopia Lab创始人Shanghailander俞挺相信复杂系统这个新范式可以打破以经典力学为基本范式的建筑学内卷的状态。我一直把接受的项目看成具有超文本链接的复杂系统。建筑不仅仅是我们习惯讨论的那些陈词滥调,它和多样多元的身份以及生活甚至我们试图隐藏的各种思绪还有庞大的虚拟空间都有着重要的联系。建筑不是作为物体而是作为事件而存在。

Shanghailander, Yu Ting, the founder of Wutopia Lab believes that the new paradigm of complex systems can break the state of unhealthy competitions in architecture with classical mechanics as the basic paradigm. I have always seen commissioned projects as complex systems with hyperlinks. Architecture is not just the clichés we are used to discussing, it is connected to diverse and multiple identities and lives and even to the various thoughts and vast virtual spaces we try to conceal. Architecture exists not as objects but as events.


Two founders from different realms, Wilson and Shanghailander, thinking differently yet similarly, finally decided to collaborate on the project Future Society House.




开放的设计并不意味着冒险 Innovative design doesn’t mean risky


未来社 HOUSE 一边是广州纺织机械厂原址改造而成的 TIT 创意园,另一边则是将要建成的大型城市公共建筑广州科技馆,美术馆。它正好位于边界。你可以把未来社 HOUSE 看成是城市更新迭代中的一个橙色补丁:介于过往与未来,跨越线上与线下。

On one side of the Ifland HOUSE is the TIT Creative Park, which was transformed from the former site of the Guangzhou Textile Machinery Factory, and on the other side is the Guangzhou Science and Technology Museum, a large urban public building to be built as an art museum. It is located right at the border. You can think of Ifland HOUSE as an orange patch in the iteration of urban renewal: between the past and the future, across online and offline.


日本社区设计师山琦亮说过:不是设计只让 100 万人来访 1 次的岛屿,而是规划能让 1 万人重访 100 次的岛屿。引起我注意的,还有爱范儿在 2021 年未来方城第二季·如果岛(ifland)的主题策展,以及「好产品就是一颗糖」的理念。所以我决定在丰富多样生长的 TIT 园区里创造一个抽象纯粹的椭圆形岛–白花园。而岛上的主体就是作为一颗糖的立方体未来社 House。这是我设定的最初的 Plot。但我没有强化细化每个细节,因为我决定做一个开放设计的实验。它规则简单。可以容错,可以容纳不同人的意见甚至小情绪,可以升级,可以创造我不知道不理解的事件。多样多元,通过打补丁,它甚至是一场永远不会结束的设计实验。作为 Plot 的未来社 HOUSE 是这个复杂系统基础程序。它可以不断打补丁,更新升级。有固定的部分,也有生长延展,设计代码被有机的组合在一起形成一套具有完整形象但不断扩张生长的可持续的复杂系统。

Ryo Yamaki, a Japanese community designer, said: “It’s not about designing islands that can be visited only once by 1 million people, but planning islands that can be revisited 100 times by 10,000 people. What caught my attention was also the theme curation of ifland, the second season of Plug-in Future in 2021, and the idea that “a good product is a candy”. So I decided to create an abstract and pure oval island, White Garden, in the rich and diverse growing TIT Park. This was the original Plot I set up, which I didn’t intensify every detail, since it’s also an open design experiment. It has simple rules. It can accommodate mistakes, it can accommodate different people’s opinions and even small emotions. It can be upgraded, and can create events beyond our imagination. Diverse and pluralistic, by patching, it’s even a design experiment that never ends. HOUSE, the Ifland as a plot, is the foundation program of this complex system. It can be constantly patched, updated and upgraded. There are fixed parts and growing extensions, the design code is organically assembled to form a sustainable complex system with a complete image but constantly expanding and growing.




As a basic program of Ifland House has three layers




未来社HOUSE 首层内部的中岛环形吧台是整个空间强化社交氛围的主角。座位环绕吧台自由布局,内部空间可容纳约60人。当折叠门开启,咖啡空间与白花园合为一体,变成了可容纳180人的派对场地。这样使用场景就会更自由,更多样。

The center island circular bar inside the first floor of Ifland House is the protagonist enhancing social atmosphere throughout the space. Seating is freely arranged around the bar in which interior space can accommodate about 60 people. When the folding doors open, the coffee space and the white garden merge into one, turning it into a party venue with a capacity of 180 people. This way the use scenes will be more flexible and diverse.




TALLLK Café 及「日落俱乐部」- Sunset Club

Wilson曾问室内的橙色圆形会不会太多,我,Shanghailander的回答是:恰好。如同落日的光,不同橙色嵌入墙壁, Popped Orange空间中的橙色圆形/半圆形,加以反射和照明,实现了日落时分的放松、愉悦、温柔,这恰巧与未来社的「日落俱乐部」不谋而合。Sunset代表着白天和黑夜的切换,夜幕降临,灯光开启,咖啡吧台,在夜晚变身为《女神游乐厅的吧台》,夜间模式下背景墙上的温柔灯光,穿过酒柜上的酒,把醉意调和到了空气中。

Wilson had asked if there would be too many orange circles in the interior, and my, Shanghailander’s answer was: just right. Like the light of the setting sun, different orange colors are embedded in the walls, and the orange circles/semi-circles in Popped Orange space are reflected and illuminated to achieve the relaxation, pleasure and tenderness at sunset, which happens to coincide with Ifland’s “Sunset Club”. Sunset represents a shift between day and night, and as night falls, the lights turn on, and the coffee bar transforms into “ Young Girl on the Threshold of the Ganden at Bellevue “. The gentle light in the night mode, bouncing back from the wall and through the wine on the cabinet, lit up the mood at night.


首层的日常运行是TALLLK Café、Black Host(手冲咖啡)、Spirit Line(酒)。而特别运行可以可以依据不同品牌合作/快闪在这个场所举行多元经营和运营的实验。爱范儿刚刚发布的产品品牌「制糖工厂」在这里开展了一个生活场景与桌面周边结合展示的 ReMake.Space「桌面计划」。

The daily operations on the first floor are TALLLK Coffee, Black Host (hand-pressed coffee), and Spirit Line (wine). Special operations can be held in this venue based on different brand collaborations/pop-ups to experiment with multiple businesses and operations. ReMake.Space, a product brand “Sugar Factory” just released by ifanr, carried out a combination of life scenes and desktop peripheral display here.






The middle floor is an orange cube floating above the white garden, which is the main form of the building, symbolizing ifanr’s slogan “A good product is a candy,” and the ifland House is an orange fruit candy in TIT Creative Park.



Air Show天台美术馆

二层内部空间应运营需求而灵活多变,不设置固定隔断。3m 高度以下为白色展墙,以上保留原混凝土,内部利用活动阳光板隔墙,围合活动空间。透过长形条窗,方形天窗,玻璃门,自然光也加入到了空间渲染。在试运营期间的第一个活动,是由爱范儿和苹果公司联合举办的「 Shot on iPhone 街头拓印· 影像作品展」,以街头手工艺人为主题,「拓印」那些不应消失的城市影像。未来这里会发生更多精彩的事件,每当你到达二层入口,永远可以享受开箱惊喜。

The second floor is flexible and changeable according to the operation demand, no fixed partition is set up. The partitions perform as white exhibition walls below its 3 meter height, then retains the original concrete above. Through the long strip windows, square skylights and glass doors, natural light is blended into the atmosphere. The first event during the trial operation is the shot on iPhone street topography- photography exhibition organized by Apple. More exciting events will happen here in the future, and you can always enjoy the unpredictable surprise whenever you reach the entrance on the second floor.


二层的日常运行是Air Show 天台美术馆(展览空间),应特别运行可以变身live house,分享空间,表演空间,party空间。

The daily operation on the second floor is the Air Show rooftop gallery (exhibition space), which can be transformed into a live house, sharing space, performance space and party space by special operations.





屋顶是花园,也是秘密的 Party 乐园。无遮挡的天空,让人晚上可以看到月亮运行的轨迹,这便是一个月光营地,Moon Camp。Wutopia Lab 设计了两条到达屋顶的路径,让动线可以根据运营需求,调整屋顶活动的入口和出口。

The roof is a garden and a secret party playground where let people see the trajectory of the moon at night, this is the moonlight camp. Wutopia Lab designed two paths to reach the roof, offering multiple circulations to fit flexible activities on the rooftop.


Port与天空连接 Port connects to the sky


During the event, you can see the old brick-walled factory buildings in TIT Creative Park on the west side, and the Guangzhou Science and Technology Museum under construction and the completed Guangzhou Art Museum on the east side. With the old industrial ruins at your back and the new life of science and technology in your front, this rooftop has a unique view of Guangzhou and even the world. Not like a secret location, it’s more like you are sent to a secret moment in the history to observe the city of Guangzhou. At this moment, you can feel the speed of the wind while looking at the Canton Tower.

屋顶的日常运行是 Secret Garden(花园),而特别运行是Port(天台),是有趣、有仪式感的场所更可以是Party舞池,露台营地,烧烤撸串。

The roof is a Secret Garden, and transformed to a Port when the special activities happened. It is a fun, ritualistic place as well as a party dance floor, terrace camp, and barbecue place.


人生是一段不断打补丁的旅程 Life is a journey of constant patching


Open design means making adjustments without changing the original frame of the design in response to the on-site situation at any time, which is patching.


光塔 Tower of Light

应Wilson提出的户外钢梯要艺术化。Wutopia Lab用钢,阳光板和白色创作了一个作为未来社HOUSE橙色主体的下句。作为光塔的楼梯。 我的要求是结构高度11.27m的光塔不能和主体粘连,而且要轻,结构不能作为表现要素。不负所托的老胡(出现了好几次的结构工程师)仅为光塔设置了一个300mmX300mm独立钢柱就让楼梯矗立起来。

Wilson insisted that the outdoor steel ladder should be artistic. Wutopia Lab used steel, sun panels and white color to create a the tower of light, as a response to the main body of the orange ifland house. I hope that the light tower with a structure height of 11.27m can be light enough to read as detached from the main body. Hu, who lived up to his trust (a structural engineer who appeared several times), only set up a 300mmX300mm independent steel column for the light tower to make the stairs stand upright.



The translucent light tower not only connects the three-story space of the Ifland as a vertical transportation vestibule, but also serves as an outdoor three-dimensional park or outdoor exhibition gallery. The staircase spirals up around the structural steel column to form a four rest platforms. The rest platform cantilevered without a fulcrum, and the stair sections support each other. Different from the conventional plane structure, it needs to have enough torsional stiffness.






Hu carried out the calculation analysis and design according to the spatial structure. The steel treads are placed on the inner side of the two ladder beams and welded firmly, and the steel treads become part of the overall force. The actual stress condition is better simulated by spatial 3D modeling calculation, which ensures that the designed component section appeared lighter. Visitors can continue to reach the top of the tower after passing the exhibition hall on the second floor and the rooftop on the third floor. At this time, the stairs becomes an observation deck looking into the distance, which the Canton Tower, Chigang Tower, TIT Water Tower, the Guangzhou Science and Technology Museum, Art Museum and the slightly swaying treetops of the three trees in the garden are all in sight.





白花园 White Garden

Wutopia Lab在地面层创造了一个无边界且保留了现场的乔木的椭圆形白花园。我的要求把原来微坡且杂乱的场地变得纯粹干净。首先要保证椭圆的准确完整来把有些零散的边界明确。第一步确定同心椭圆圆心的定位,结合场地景观设施布局密度,确定形成圆心15°X24的圆心角均分,利用角度、弧长、圆心到各椭圆距离等复合性定位,从多方面确保场地放线的精准与数据相互校正的可行性。

Wutopia Lab created a borderless oval white garden on the ground level that retains the on-site arbor. We turned the originally sloping and messy site into pure and clean. To ensure the accuracy and integrity of the ellipse, the first step would be determining the location of the center point. Combined with the layout density of the site’s landscape facilities, the ellipse is equally divided into 24 15° angle-sector, and the compound positioning such as angle, arc length, and distance from the center of the circle to each ellipse is used to ensure the site from many aspects. The accuracy of the payout and the feasibility of data mutual correction.



Secondly, it is necessary to retain the trees and soil level through surveying and mapping to make it match the height of the garden renovation. Fine geological survey and mapping can avoid the conflict with the old facilities on site during the renovation process. Through the application of slot-type drainage ditch, the concealment of landscape linear light strips, the setting of waterscape overflows and drains at the bottom of landscape bridges, etc., the architects have carried out a series of targeted detailed designs for facilities and elements that are not conducive to landscape effects, to ensure a complete and pure white garden inlaid in the TIT campus.


我坚持用了白色水洗石做地坪。用红色水洗石做舞台地面。经过比较,接受Wilson和阿兔的建议,放弃了天蓝色水洗石做水池。白花园中这条白色月牙形的水池,区分了花园的内外场。游客可以跨过拱桥到达被弧形座椅环绕的内广场,进入爱范儿(ifanr)的「ifland 如果宇宙」。树池和建筑入口的圆形元素,就是小宇宙中的一颗颗行星。

The floor was paved by white washed stone and the stage was emphasized by red ones. After comparison, accept Wilson and Hao’s suggestion, giving up the sky blue washed stone for the pool. This white crescent-shaped pond in the white garden distinguishes the inner and outer fields of the garden. Visitors can cross the arch bridge to reach the inner square surrounded by curved seating areas and enter the small universe of ifanr. The circular elements of the landscape and the entrance of the building are like micro planets in the tiny universe.


平日里,可以端一杯柠檬冷萃,坐在树下享受独处,亦可以三五好友下班后,来听一场露天音乐会,到周末更有未来社多样丰富的社区活动:集市、脱口秀、Yoga、Swing Dance。这里是有趣人类事件发生地,而当室内帷幕落下,花园又成为了观众看台。ifanr的多元的运营模式,打破了行业边界。KEEP PATCHING,于是这个花园一定不是一成不变的,她将不断生长,更新,保持“未完成”的状态。

On weekdays, you can sit under a tree with a glass of lemon cold brew and enjoy the solitude, or you can listen to an open-air concert after work with friends. On weekends, there are a variety of community activities of the Ifland: bazaar, stand-up comedy, Yoga, Swing Dance, etc. This is the place where interesting social events happen. When the curtain falls indoors, the garden becomes the audience. KEEP PATCHING. This garden must be dynamic as well. It will keep growing, renewing and keeping the state of “unfinished”.





The daily operation mode of Ifland House contains very rich community scenes. It operates as a coffee shop in the day and a bar at night, which can be switched with one click through Lighting.patch. The landscape lighting has both of the color temperatures. The orange body is warmed by the immersive light, while cold light tuned down from the the light tower elegantly responds to the warmth of the main body, as if a pair of dancing partners, dancing in the night music.



The interior lighting takes into account the dual needs of commercial display and community life. First of all, the lighting outlines the original structure lines, creating a gentle and natural light tone; then the main character “bar” is highlighted with spot lights. So that customers can enjoy the barista’s latte and the bartender’s cocktail to strengthen the performance attributes. The three-dimensional lighting combination in the booth areas forms a dynamic lightening environment; in the window seating area, the appropriate brightness is controlled to ensure great views.




Based on ifanr’s strong sense of pioneering for the exploration of future communities, lighting provides a carrier to touch the future form. Lighting.path of “Ifland House” harmonizes architectural design, landscape design, operational activities and site symbols to build a living light and shadow.



Popped Orange

Wilson发给我一张未来社HOUSE白色立面的现场照片。我突然改变主意,把白色立面改成提炼自ifanr标识里的橙色。白色是大家都能想到的,但橙色则需要有语不惊人死不休的勇气。经过一次调整,把橙红色改成橙色。最后它就是在灰色工业遗址中跃然而出的Popped Orange。

Wilson sent me a photo of the white fa?ade of the Ifland House. I suddenly changed my mind and changed the white fa?ade to the orange color distilled from the ifanr logo. White is what everyone can think of, but orange requires the courage to argue. In the end it was Popped Orange that leapt out of the gray industrial site.




条纹屋顶 Striped Roof

因为疫情,我和团队无法去现场。建造的速度也很慢。这反而给了我可以调整和细化的机会。那天我注意到橙色立面在屋顶女儿墙压顶线结束,屋顶和女儿墙内侧均为白色时,心念一动,为了纪念被拆掉的阿那亚海魂屋,我决定在以屋顶天窗展台、入口以及露天吧台为源头,拼出橙色几何构成纹路作为第五立面形成屋顶的视觉形态。它最后将Popped Orange这个视觉主题完整表达了。

Because of the COVID, we were unable to go to the site. The construction process was also very constrained, which gave me the opportunity to deliberately adjust and refine it. When I noticed that the orange fa?ade ended at the short wall pressure line, with both of them in white, I thought it would be a great moment to recall the demolished Anaya Visitor Center. Starting from the roof skylight booth, the entrance and the outdoor bar , the pattern composed to form orange geometries as a fifth fa?ade on the roof. It finally expresses the complete visual theme of Popped Orange.



东立面 East elevation


I see in the photos pilasters and downspouts protruding from the wall on the east elevation facing the Tech Museum. This construction destroyed the original design of a light wall. Instead of restoring the light wall, I asked Hao to design a grill-like texture to visually hide the pilasters and downspouts and to give the east elevation a decorative touch.



胶布人:HELLO,I’m .Patch

爱范儿相信除了众所熟谙的图文和视频外,建筑、沙龙、课程、艺术展、咖啡馆……一切可以表达理念的,都是媒体。对多元文化的尊重和不同媒体形式的大胆探寻,衍变出「胶布人」的理念–胶布人是由胶布和补丁勾勒的符号体,是爱范儿(ifanr)所提出的 .patch 理念的视觉 IP 体现。既然未来社 HOUSE 是胶布人的家,我就把一个巨大的胶布人呈现在立面上作为宣言。

I Ifanr believes that in addition to the familiar graphics and videos, architecture, salons, courses, art exhibitions, cafes …… are all media that carries ideas. Respect for multiculturalism and bold search for different media forms have led to the concept of “duct tape man” – a symbolic body outlined by duct tape and patches, which is the visual IP embodiment of the .patch concept proposed by ifanr. Since the Future Society House is the home of the duct tape man, I presented a giant duct tape man on the fa?ade as a declaration.




Understanding and Respect from both ends



The client dominates the designer like a king, or in contrast, the designer stubbornly rejects any of client’s opinions. are both dysfunctional relationships. Even though Wilson is an architecture enthusiast, he understands and respects me. Despite my somewhat renowned reputation, I am happy to learn and listen to Wilson’s many interesting ideas that go beyond architecture. I respect his trust, and I take his ideas to inspire my own unexplored thinking to create work beyond his imagination. This relationship of mutual motivation, understanding and respect between the two parties is what ensures that this open design is not an adventure.




落成仅仅是开始 Completion is just the beginning


Popped Orange/未来社HOUSE作为一个令人向往的社区,必然是可以让志趣相投的灵魂相识相知,源源不断迸发出新鲜的创意和灵感。它落成的当天仅仅是更有趣的开端。Wutopia Lab联合爱范儿的制糖工厂发布了限量版硬糖充电头。这个吸收了未来社 HOUSE 视觉特征的充电头是建筑设计的一次周边化。而未来,建筑设计并不拘泥于所谓的物理空间场所而能够以更细微的触角进入我们的生活而影响我们。

The Popped Orange/ Ifland House is an aspirational community where like-minded souls can meet and get to know each other, and where fresh ideas and inspiration are constantly coming out. The day it was completed was just the beginning of something more interesting, as Wutopia Lab and ifanr Candysign released a limited edition charging head. This charging head, which absorbs the visual characteristics of the ifland House, is a souvenir of the architectural design. In the future, architectural design will not be limited to the so-called physical space but will be able to influence us by entering our lives with more subtle touches.





——Wutopia Lab










项目名称:Popped Orange/未来社HOUSE

设计公司:Wutopia Lab(建筑、室内、景观)




















Project Information——

Project Name:Popped Orange/Future Society House

Design Firm:Wutopia Lab (Architecture, Interior, Landscape)

Lead Architect:Yu Ting (Shanghailander)

Project Architect:Li Hao (A Rabbit)

Design Team:Wang Zhizheng, Jiang Xinping (Internship)

Design Development:Shanghai Sanyi Architectural Design Co.

Architecture Team:Zhu Yumei, Yang Jia

Structure Team:Hu Wenxiao

Mechanical & Electronics Team:Shi Jiaying, Mao Robert, Mao Yaqian, Zou Yuheng

Interior Design:Yu Bing, Shen Rui, Shao Bin

Landscape Design:Wang Chon, Guo Yuqi

Lighting Consultant:Chloe Zhang, Yu Shiyu, Du Yuxuan

Photographer:Wu Siming, ifanr

Video:Wu Siming


Construction Team:Heyuan Yuchenju Decoration Co.

Landscape Construction Team:Zhuhai Royal Garden Landscape Engineering Co.

Project Address:Guangdong Province, Guangzhou T.I.T Creative Park, China

Building area:177.8㎡

Design Period:2021.12-2022.1

Completed in:2022.8