The tidal bore in Min River has carved out a network of traffic and water in the almost roadless terrain of mountains and rivers, making the Fuzhou basin the most important home for Central Plain’s culture and scenery. As the end of the traditional axis sequence of Fuzhou ancient city, Yantai Mountain area bears the commercial history of Fuzhou in modern times. As the product of the blending of Chinese and western cultures, it bears witness to the important moment of urban development and transformation.

烟台山位于福州市历史文化中轴线南端,南望五虎,北眺三山,具有「苍山烟霞、高丘低江」的景色。叶圣陶在《客语》里对其这样写道:「仓前山差不多一座花园,一条路,一丛花,一所房屋,一个车夫,都有诗意。尤其可爱的是晚阳淡淡的时候,礼拜堂里送出一声钟响,绿荫下走过 几个张着花纸伞的女郎。

Located at the southern end of the historical and cultural axis of Fuzhou, Yantai Mountain offers a panoramic view of the five Tigers to the south and the three mountains to the north. Ye Shengtao in the “Guest”to its write: “Cangqian Mountain almost a garden, a road, a cluster of flowers, a house, a coachman, are poetic. Especially lovely is the evening when the sun is pale, the chapel sent out a bell ring, green shadow passing, a few girls with paper umbrellas.


Yantai mountain, with its “Merit and fame”hidden in the history and poetry, was not only the beginning of the tea port in Fuzhou, but also the starting point of the spread of Western learning to the east and the source of the Democratic Republic, it is the habitat where Eastern and western civilizations collide and blend together



Greek, Roman, Gothic, Baroque

The dialogue between the ancient house of Chinese garden and the Western architecture


After the Opium War, the Daoguang Twenty-four (1844) Fuzhou as one of the five ports officially opened, since Daoguang twenty-five, the British first set up a consulate in Fuzhou, since then, 17 countries have successively set up consulates in Fuzhou. Over the next 100 years, foreign nationals have successively set up foreign businesses, hospitals and schools in Fuzhou. There are 163 outstanding modern and contemporary historical buildings in and around the entire scenic area, in addition to a large number of foreign consulates, churches, foreign firms, villas and other old western buildings, there are dozens of chinese-style gardens ancient cuo. For hundreds of years, the ancient chinese-style cuo and the western-style building interacted with each other, becoming the spatial microcosm of Fuzhou, a modern city.


Mottled exterior walls, red tile roofs, and Yantai Mountain in Fuzhou still preserve the Chinese and western style of urban texture, traditional streets and lanes, spatial form and historical buildings. By retaining the original architectural form and incorporating modern design techniques, designer Zhang Yaotian, the concept of “Coexistence of old and new”is to carry out targeted facades renovation, landscape upgrading and upgrading of the relevant areas, combined with the landscape environment and commercial packaging to form a main street, double-ring line, three groups, nine-lane walkable space wandering pattern, trying to wake up the vitality and vitality of alley space.


Urban space is complex and fluid, just as Yantai Mountain is both past oriented and future oriented: historical murmurs and architectural freshmen entwine each other, and we hope that in such a space, by retaining the original style, through the modern form and material texture, to build a kind of both rough and smooth (the building surface grain feeling) , confrontation and unity (red and gray face brick transition) of the relationship, this clearly outlines and expresses the continuity of the city’s history.


If you travel nine miles, you’ll never be the same,The red walls and grey tiles of the original building were preserved.Red Plum ancient rhyme, double street nine lane, layer by layer progressive,Remaking history in the Order of space by eclecticism.


Starting from history and exploring the future,Side flags of different colors distinguish the building facade,Oriental charm and Western fashion are intertwined, balanced and unified.


Through the extraction of commercial elements, designers will cross-modern-art and culture three clues motif embedded in the street facade, beauty, Chen, landscape, visual, store recruitment, in order to balance the cultural attributes and functions in the renovation of old buildings, and draw inspiration from ancient buildings, the artistic creativity and interaction of the community organic integration, really stimulate the vitality of the building.

▲烟台山落地时钟设计 Floor clock design of Yantai Mountain


Tracing Space aesthetics from ancient architecture,Under the pavilion, Lu Zhuo’s house, the former residence of King Mu Yi…Accurate copy of its form, engraved on the sign, Road Board,To preserve the precious memories of our time.


Sky-blue wood shutters,The full-bodied humanities breath rushes towards us,The naked, rough red brick stands in stark contrast to the modern store,The monotony and tedium of space can be eliminated.


Walking around the block, the theme of the space is “Dance across time and space”, which makes people feel “Different and brilliant”as they move along the streamline. Lighting and light continue through time and space to cast light, through, chandelier and other forms, showing the eaves, columns and other rich forms of architecture, and through the contrast of light and dark, depict the atmosphere of different areas of the market fireworks.


The light of a shooting star,The building murmurs,telling the story of time,As night falls, the space changes in a self-renewing way.


The Smoky Hills Theater, the firework fair, was packed with people,Fuzhou, Yantai, the first nine miles of Vanke Cang have a unique atmosphere,To draw the visitor in and “Talk”to it.


As Tadao Ando says, “A building site is a pond on a street and a city river. It is a house with a roof over the sky.”. “Water of Min River”. In the tide of the times, the first nine miles of the Vanke warehouse on the Yantai Mountain of Fuzhou are inhabited by the Earth and belong to it. With its own nutrients, the city is becoming an era coordinate linking nature and humanity…






委托方设计管理团队 :张兴丁、肖文清 、阮永锦、项海、孟晋







景观设计:DLC|地茂景观设计咨询(上海)有限公司、Lab D+H



Project Information——

Project Name:Fuzhou Vanke Yantai Mountain walking block commercial packaging

Project Location: Fuzhou, Fujian

Design Scope: About 670 linear meters

Client: Fuzhou Vanke

Client’s Design Management Team:Zhang Xingding、Xiao Wenqing、 Ruan Yongjin、 Xiang Hai、Meng Jin

Design Institute: Fun Connection Design

Chief Designer: Zhang Yaotian

Design Team: Luo Congyi、Xu Peixin

Graphic Design:Luo Congyi

Master Plan:China Academy of Urban Planning & Design、URBANUS ARCHITECTURE & DESIGN、VANKE URBAN RESEARCH

Architectural Design:URBANUS ARCHITECTURE & DESIGN、shanghai trii architect.inc、LACIME ARCHITECTS、HCD_Shanghai


Photographer:1988 Photography Workshop

Script Edition: Design Epoch