Changzhou Hanjiang Middle Road


“An old street reads a city”


With the Yangtze River in the north and Tai Lake in the south, Changzhou, as the capital of Zhongwu, has nurtured generations with its rich historical and cultural heritage. Hanjiang Road is located on the west side of Changzhou Dinosaur Park, from Jinling North Road in the west to Xianggang River Bridge in the east, a new practice of urban interface empowerment is taking place..

▲汉江路旧貌 Old appearance of Hanjiang Road


Hanjiang Road is a one-way ring road, the active line is accessible, the secondary line is to enhance the “Thickness”of the block, but the overall dynamic line is not balanced, in view of the special site conditions, adopted a variety of comprehensive transformation strategies:


Advance-retreat relationship of volume


With the rich elevation structure to establish the spatial volume of the progressive and hierarchical sense


The ambience of the space


Strengthen the space theme atmosphere with the form of different modelling store recruit and side recruit


The theme of the facade

以大量外摆及不同 DP 点打造 IP 化主题特色街区

With a large number of swing out and different DP point to create the characteristics of the theme of IP blocks


Volume advance and retreat


According to the use of the site, the volume relation of the building is constructed by different overlapping design methods, and the interior retreat is formed by adding the canopy frame, and the integrated space language is formed between the advance and retreat of the facade, enrich the overall block form.


Space Field


Visually unify the overall scale of the store, select unique vertical grid and horizontal stripe elements in the design of the logo; strengthen the street atmosphere with bright ornaments, and at the same time use light sources and lighting decorations to set off the atmosphere of the night scene, to balance the day and night fields.


Theme building

通过建立 IP、图腾等具有代表性的元素反复运用强化主体性,传递着积极乐观、开朗活力的街区特色;利用绿植、花箱等多样化外摆装饰、丰富立面,营造多样化主题空间。

Through the establishment of IP, Totem and other representative elements repeatedly used to strengthen the main body, transfer a positive and optimistic, cheerful and dynamic characteristics of the block; Create a variety of theme space.




“Cultural exchange enlivens streets.”

齐梁时期,不同文化的融合为常州发展提供了重要的契机,根植于城市的包容性、多样性得以验证。路是城市发展的动脉,我们希望藉由“一条路的变迁”记录“一场关于城市的赋新 实验”:通过视觉的强化记忆、沉浸式的互动体验,打造特色 IP 化的主题街道。

In the period of Qi and Liang dynasties, the integration of different cultures provided an important opportunity for the development of Changzhou, which was rooted in the inclusiveness and diversity of the city. Road is the artery of urban development. We hope to record “A new experiment about the city”by “The change of a road”: through visual reinforcement memory, immersive interactive experience, create the characteristic IP theme street.

明日皆诣阙谢恩,以见礼遇,大尊显故也 。


Tomorrow, all of us will be at Shayne’s Palace, where we will meet with courtesy and respect.

——”The book of Rites and records of the Later Han dynasty”


“Lei”and “Li”homophonic, in the Tang dynasty to wear “Fish Fu”to show the superiority and inferiority, and a symbol of the implication of good harvest, its common core lies in the hospitality of a way of expression. Taking vision as the breakthrough point, the carp and Taiji were recombined from the fusion of different cultures, and the unique “Family pattern”was refined, and the “Charm-elegance”three streets were concatenated, take the public space as the carrier to activate the space vitality truly.

01 风 | FENG


01 Feng

Reshaping the aesthetic space and meeting the city amorous feelings




Links to cities and customs,

To be a chronicler of the times,

Find the beauty behind the tall buildings.


In the eyes of the designers, the old street is not simply a commercial point, but a large-scale public space centered on people.

DP 点火车裹挟着时代痕迹 ,

那一抹鲜红瞬间唤醒儿时记忆 ,


The DP Train is an anachronism,

A flash of red awakens childhood memories,

Quietly began a mysterious “Adventure”journey.




Use pure color, highlight the store,

To stir up the senses and the imagination in an instant,

Interesting interaction and connection with the surrounding field.

02 韵 | YUN


02 Yun

East-west cultural integration, looking for the charm of the ancient city




Step into this city,

Make a wish under a paper umbrella and a lamp,

To discover the secrets of the great events of the Han and Tang dynasties.


The collision of elements brings a new bright spot for the space, through modern means to show its charm essence, cultural diversity brewing here, growth.

夜幕下,提灯祈福墙灯光辉映 ,

在明与暗的变幻中予人无限想象 ,


At night, the lantern lights the blessing wall,

In the changing of light and dark,

Architecture and crowd, virtual and real, balance and unity.


古韵油纸伞 ,


Millennium Jiangnan flavor,

Antique oil paper umbrella

Yandang belongs to the poetry of misty rain in the south of the Yangtze River.

03 雅 | YA


03 ya

The morning and dusk flow day and night, feeling the elegant mood

一场限定祭典 ,



A rite of passage,

A city flag,

The elegance of the pavement.

不同地域文化催生的 IP 主题,在建筑表皮演绎下,开启了一场文化融合、雅致情调的盛宴。

IP theme of different regional culture, under the interpretation of the building surface, opened a cultural integration, elegant atmosphere of the feast.

楼宇林立,人潮汹涌 ,灯光下熠熠闪光的店招,提振视觉的同时将味蕾唤醒。

The buildings, the crowds, the bright lights of the store, the visual at the same time to wake up the taste buds.


不同材质在空间中得以表达 ,


Lanterns, textures, skins.

Different materials are expressed in space,

It weakens the massiness of the building and makes the field light.


Back to the origin of history, through the use of modern design techniques of cultural integration, in the spirit of the place to explore the adaptive language of space, the old street in Changzhou Hanjiang Road to a new form of self-iteration and renewal. And when the precipitation down, we will eventually find in this new urban interface fu experiment, the historical culture and spiritual core is the continuous evolution of space, the cause of growth..







委托方项目团队 :张赫男、邓朋朋






Project Information——

Project Name:Hanjiang road commercial packaging

Project Location: Changzhou, Jiangsu

Design Scope: about 800 linear meters

Client: Seazen Innovation Centre

Design Institute: Fun Connection Design

Client’s Project Team:Zhang Henan、Deng Pengpeng

Chief Designer: Zhang Yaotian

Design Team: Luo Congyi、Wang Weilei

Graphic Design:Luo Congyi、Chen Ying

Deepening The Construction Unit:NEW MIRACLE CENTURY (Shanghai) Creative Building Technology Co.,Ltd.、Changzhou Orlanto Sign Co., Ltd

Photographer:Chi Jiahui、Zhang Ruiqi、Mu Yang